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    i was just watching BlizzCon2011 -diablo 3- Open Q&A Panel and this guy asked really good question about the rune storage issue at 19:00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OnYQ9UCSP8

    i right away thought of some sort of solution, at least this is an idea i will throw
    for each skill we could have a panel for rune choices, and we could actually store those runes in the panel- insuring we won't have to store it in our inventory.

    i just threw this idea into paint and here is what i got... this is just a first attempt at this so give it some thought and see if u can improve it


    So the idea is that each skill has its panel of rune storage and you can collect runes there. it would save alot of inventory space specially when switching runes for different types of runs (u will still need to be at Nephalem Altar)

    the other idea is that u need a leaser rank of the rune equipped in order to progress to higher rank. Lets say u found Rank 7 Alabaster Runestone, to equip it u must have Rank 1-6 already in your rune panel.

    after switching your skill, the panel switches to ur skill set, i.e. Blinding Flash will have its own panel with runes which u set into it.
    u can also freely remove runes, but the rune will permanently adjust to its skill set as it suppose to.

    the only problem would be selling such many runes in auction house... cuz for each skill u would have 35 different possibilities of rune modifiers...

    well...this is just first thing came to my mind after watching Q&A, give it some thought and throw in ur own ideas... we'll see how it goes

    something's wrong with image link
    here: http://img855.imageshack.us/img855/5445/runeidea1.png
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    i went over those equations, it seems this forum cut off my brackets... i will fix them and post correct link... some of +1 should be inside the brackets but they are outside
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    hey thanks so much for feedback... yeh i am kinda shy on conclusion and what all that wall of math means, but i been trying to figure out the base dps of each character

    so far i figured this:
    for each attack point u get 1 Damage Icrease percent, meaning 1 attack = 1% id
    for each precision point u get 0.0988-0.0989 % critical chance increase

    using this equation is meaningless if u dont equip weapon. i wish i could figure out base dmg bonus of each class
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    posted a message on SINGLE/DUAL WEAPON EQUATION
    i saw a thread about dual wielding and i did some math
    here are my calculation - i came up with the following equations
    <EDIT> some of brackets are cut off in this threat, i dont know how it happened, here is the formulas
    http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/5573/singledualwieldingequat.png <EDIT>
    DI - Damage Increase [%]
    APS- Attacks Per Second [hits/second]
    CHC- Critical Hit Chance [%]
    CHD- Critical Hit Damage [%]

    BADPS- Basic Attack Damage Per Second
    D - Damage [d1~d2]
    DPS- Damage Per Second
    CB- Critical Bonus
    DB- Damage Bonus

    keep only 2 decimal palces after each calculation (varies)
    for single wielding:
    D = [d1+d2]/2
    DPS = D•APS
    DB = DI/100+1
    CB = [CHC/100]•[CHD/100]+1

    BADPS = [DPS]•[DB]•(CB)
    for dual wielding (* for second weapon):
    Dw1 =[d1+d2]/2 (weapon 1)
    Dw2 =[d1*+d2*]/2 (weapon 2)
    D* =(Dw1+Dw2)/2 (average damage of both weapons combined)
    APS*=(APSw1+APSw2)•1.15/2 (average attack speed of both weapons increased by 15%)

    BADPS* = [DPS]*•[DB]•(CB)

    example used:

    DI = 32%
    CHC = 7.11%
    CHD = 100%

    Weapon 1 (axe): | Weapon 2 (sword):
    APs = 1.3 | APs = 1.4
    D(w1) = 11~12 | D(w1) = 10~11

    weapon 1:
    weapon 2:

    BADPS = [D•APS]•[DI/100+1]•([CHC/100]•[CHD/100]+1) <<<<<<<<<<<
    BADPS = [([d1+d2]/2)•APS]•[DI/100+1]•([CHC/100]•[CHD/100]+1)
    BADPS = [([11+12]/2)•1.3]•[32/100+1]•([7.11/100]•[100/100]+1)
    BADPS = [([11+12]/2)•1.3]•[32/100+1]•([7.11/100]•[100/100]+1)
    BADPS = [14.95]•[1.32]•(1.0711) = 21.137 or 21.37

    BADPS* = [DPS]*•[DB]•(CB)
    BADPS* = [D*•APS*]•[DB]•(CB)
    BADPS* = [(Dw1+Dw2)/2*•[(APSw1+APSw2)•1.15/2]*]*•[DB]•(CB) <<<<<<<
    BADPS* = [(11.5+10.5)/2*•[(1.3+1.4)•1.15/2]*]*•[1.32]•(1.0711)
    BADPS* = [[11•1.55]*•[1.32]]•(1.0711) = 22.50•1.0711 = 24.09

    dual wielding img:

    note1: if ur offhand is not a weapon(i.e. its a wizard or WD offhand) any bonus damageadd to weapon damage and calculate the average
    note2: spells/skills get attack bonus only from raw damage (attack speed doesnt effect this,unless it specifies)
    so use APS=1 to calculate how much dmg ur spell/skill will do
    so depending on 'u wana cast faster' 'u want hit faster' or 'u wanna smack hard' u choose from the above.
    btw those equations are completely useless if u dont understand how to use them
    plz correct any errors or if i am missing something thanks

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    posted a message on Petition to ban Skyrim
    heck, who tha hell came up with the work "troll" of the internet?
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    diablo 3- will digital download be available the same date its released? or i gota go and lane my ass up in a closeby futureshop and or walmart...?
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    Quote from proletaria

    Quote from TheAdziK

    Blizzard had nothing to do with DotA. They have full rights to that title only because Blizzard owns all maps for their game.

    Yes, but their maps, their engine, their game is what caused DOTA to exist in the first place. The genre wasn't their brain-child, but neither was RTS, ARPG, or MMORPG. I think you can see where i'm going with this. They laid the foundation to the game, so they're intimately familiar with the requisite platform. All they have to do is what they're good at: picking up a good, but unpolished genre from the pleb companies and turning it into a solid gold title worth the blizzard logo.
    basicaly u give away many rights just by using wc3 world editor to make ur map-such as dota, and blizz can own all of it...
    moba is growing very quickly right now and i cant wait to get my hands dirty with BlizzDota... * of-course i am more impatient for d3
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    Blizzard DOTA (coming soonish)

    excited? I SO FKIN AM!
    i wish u guys make a new forum section with all MOBA(multiplayer online battle arena) genera.

    who's in?
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    upload tif
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    posted a message on Beta Key Contest #3
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    posted a message on Force'd TO LoL?
    might be ur OS, or hardware issues, try rebooting ur pc and should be fine,...

    i been missing out on games lately cuz of school but trying my best to stay in
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    posted a message on Force'd TO LoL?
    So i hear Force is trying out LoL...

    i been playing it on and off for long time (since beta)
    and if u guys up for matchmaking and stuff lets hear it

    i personaly would love to play along side Force and some of 'YOU' (yes u) @league of legends

    just add me ingame

    ign TitanREW
    server NorthAmerican

    i know there been many threads of people inviting eachother, but now i see force trying to get into LoL- so i hope i get to play around with u guys
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    if i can get a better quality, i will post it... so far i only have this shity quality... wi will try my best to get better quality...
    i asked every1 i know, no1 has any idea what tune it is
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