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    posted a message on Wyatt Cheng interview by Chinese fansite Cain's Corner
    Cain's Corner(d3cc) released an interview with Wyatt Cheng at Blizzcon, and I'm here to bring some highlights about this interview, because they mentioned about the Chinese server and PvP.


    China mainland Server

    Blizzard is still working with authorities on the censorship part, just like what they did with World of Warcraft. It takes time, but definitely they are trying to make mainland server launch. (Most Chinese players are now playing on US and Asia server, and they are always having connection/latency issues)

    Mainland server is coming SOON.


    • Wyatt Cheng said the team found out a good PvE game couldn't be a good PvP game. So they couldn't just make a PvP like they did on Blizzcon's demo 3 years ago.
        Because some skills and items made the game almost impossible to play well in PvP condition. Such as the wand make Wizard have unlimited teleport, and Witch Doctor's infinite DoT skills. These things are fun for PvP, but breaks PvP.

    • Seasons and leaderborad is an alternative way to compete. They will improve seasons and bring competition enviroment in Seasons as goal.

    Future Patch and Contents

    • A lot of new things are coming in 2.1.2, such as new class sets, new maps and new monsters as they released on Blizzcon panel.

    Length of Seasons

    • They haven't decide when the 1st season ends, but will notice the community 30 days before it ends.
    • Wyatt said he isn't making a promise, that is what they would like to do.
    • If the season is too long will get boring, and too short is making player feel not worthy to invest time on seasons.
    • Ideally, 2 - 5 months per season.
    • Some players thought seasonal legendary is lackluster, Wyatt said they will always bring new items and contents each season, so players would always have new builds and gameplay.

    Greater Rifts and Issues

    • As players complain about high ranked GR is very unfriendly to melee classes, Blizzard is going to adjust in next season. After 26 level of GR, monster's damage and health will be reduced.
    • As well as ancient legendary, they have 30% attributes boost than normal legendary so players could have more toughness to survive.
    • Conduit pylon is now the only way for Barbarians make a good record in leaderboard. Wyatt said they would like to buff other pylons rather than remove or nerf Conduit.

    Class Balance

    • Demon Hunters seems a bit overpower in GR, but Wyatt says Marauder set is their power source.
    • Rather than considering nerf DH, Blizzard would like to buff other class' set item to bring them into the same level.

    Blood Shred

    • 500 cap for Blood Shred is just enough for their opinion.
    • It is for prevent players have many runs between Kadala and the blacksmith/vendors.
    • Increase this cap would bring new problems, so they are not planning to do so.

    Two-Hand Weapons Boost

    • The damage boost for 2-hand weapons are good.
    • Blizzard is not going to buff one-hand weapons.
    • Wyatt said what makes a legendary out stand others, is the legendary affix. Some affixes may always better than others, but they would like to bring more legendary affixes to give players more choice.

    Legendary Gems
        • Blizzard have more ideas on gems.
        • They don't mind affix competition on amulets/rings.

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    posted a message on the blacking Chinese fansite? what‘s happening?
    it's turning to Diablo 2 theme now. now its some kind of teasing site.
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    posted a message on the blacking Chinese fansite? what‘s happening?
    The biggest D3 fansite in China - Cain's Corner(d.163.com) is turning to almost a black screen. and now with a page title of COMING SOON. is that a tease for something would happen this weekend?

    Other than it's dark vision everything else still in the site, like news or blue posts.

    UPDATE: a D2 style landing page!

    UPDATE: today is showing a RoS teasing page, and the door is about to fully opened. This remind me about D2 loading screen. Could this be something about China Region? China doesn't have its own D3 server for 2 years.

    Video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_CLT9jryA8&
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    posted a message on Interview with Brian Kindregan on GDC China 2013
    Quote from Wildthood

    I don't really think Malthael being much stronger than other Archangels makes much sense except for the fact that they need him as the main villain so he must be really strong. Imperius was said to be greatest warrior in all creation.

    probably because now Malthael is the Aspect of Death, so that made him stronger.

    Just like Tyrael, give up on one power, and gain another power. Malthael is no longer being Wisdom, and so he became death.
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    posted a message on Interview with Brian Kindregan on GDC China 2013
    This Monday I went to Shanghai to GDC China 2013, and had a chance with Brian Kindregan the Lead Writer of Blizzard for a nice interview.

    I recorded the interview, but due to my internet connection problem, I would try to upload the sound to share later. But before that, I summarized some key points about the interview, so you guys could have some information we got here. :P


    • Brian was originally the Lead Writer for Starcraft 2, and joined Diablo 3 team about a year ago, from then, he started to work on the opening cinematic of RoS, which we saw on GamesCom this year. Also, a lot of works about the lore of Crusaders.
    • We already knew that Crusaders was a group of elites from Zakarum paladins, and they went to east during paladins' crusade to the west. They are still pure and very original Zakarum order. So after they returned from the east, they saw their order become corrupted and fallen, they fight for save their faith and order. The remain of old fallen Zakarum order is just another coven to them.
    • There will be more conversations in RoS than D3C, they leave players with many questions in the beginning and players have to discover what's going on.
    • After Tyrael became Aspect of Wisdom, he was trying to make things right, but it ain't a easy job, because the angels are very struggling. Brian mentioned that because human beings could choose to become good or evil, so when they choose to be good, they are more noble than Angels. He is now a mortal, but he is still physically stronger than normal human.
    • Brian mentioned that Malthael is way stronger than any angel, even Tyrael still was an angel, Malthael could beat him and throw him out just like in the cinematic easily.
    • There was a lot of arguing during development of D3C about Cain should live or die between Bliz employees.
    • His favorite class in D2 is the necromancer and druid. But there is no other new class in RoS than the Crusader. And the necromancer in game that "fans are familiar with" is Zayl. (Yes, he called out that name. He said Zayl is a good character and they are starting to use him)
    • Brian plays Troll Shaman in WoW, that's why he wrote the story about troll's leader Vol'Jin.
    • Leah is not gonna come back in RoS at all, so is Cain.
    • The datamine is just a part of what they are doing, there are still more side-quests/events are coming in the final version.
    • Brian mentioned there was a meeting before he come to China for GDC, and there is might be a major change in storyline of RoS.
    • In the lore the demon hunter was come from a village in Westmarch, so she is not happy with what Malthael had done in the city.
    • Barbarian in D3C, was seeking for a honorable death in battle. But after he defeat the Prime Evil, he found that there are many thing worth to live.

    These are key points I thought you guys might be interesting with. So after I could upload the sound, you can hear about the full interview. :D
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    posted a message on Fan-made video - The secert of banner that you don't know
    This is a fan-made cartoon from d.163.com the Cain's Corner.

    And seems it's just the first episode of it.

    sorry that I can't use youtube in China (Even if I use GoAgent and I can hardly upload a byte of it)

    the advertisement of youku might be very annoying

    ENJOY and thanks for watching

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    posted a message on (translation) console team interviews by diablo3cc
    Hey, guys. Bloodface had post an update about the console version. And there is something new about the console version.

    Source http://d.163.com/13/0325/16/8QQV9L8M00314QEG.html

    After the Hearthstone interview, I found Josh Mosqueira was outside the media room, and as good as this chance is, I asked him a few questions and got something new.

    First is about the method of trading. Due to removal of Auction House in console version, what method for players to choose in terms of trading? How to replace the deletion of Auction house and the disadvantage of it?

    Josh: Yes, we are talking about some way to replace it, such as merchants and artisans.

    (Remark: So Josh's answer sounds like to enchant merchant/artisan on selling items, quality and variety of craft items. We have more chance to get useful high-end items from them. Such as these bundling items we craft in 1.07.)

    Second question is about storage. In console version, each character has 60 slots, and it could get expanded as the game progresses. I've seen that these item slots are divided into many different parts?

    Josh: Yes, each character has 60 item slots, and it's united as one. Same as the PC version the storage can be expanded.

    When I got 2 items and 10 potions, I see my item slot is showing as 12/60. Potion is still shown as a whole fold, but 10 potions take 10 slots already. Will you confirm this change? Because as a fold of potion is counted to 100 in PC version, this could be a problem for inventory.

    Josh: 1 potion take 1 slot. But we are adjusting, in order to change the mechanic of potion. There will be only 1 type of potion and it replenish your health by percentage. These details are still working on, so we might change it later.

    (Remark: Just like the buff globe we mentioned previously, but it sounds a cool idea even it is in PC version)
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    posted a message on (translation) console team interviews by diablo3cc
    source http://d.163.com/13/...IE00314LEB.html

    the site owner Bloodface is at PAX East now, so he had a chance to interviewed two main members of the console team: Julia Humphreys and Josh Mosqueira.

    Sorry for my bad English grammar, I never good on it when I was learning English. But I think I supposed hit all points.

    Q: I saw a question from other media at yesterday, and the auction house is removed in console version, so I'd like to confirm that if you removed the entire AH or just the RMT part? If it is completely removed, players can trade with others face-to-face in-game only. Will there be another way to improve later?

    Julia Humphreys: Yes, the Auction House is removed from the console version completely.

    Q: I got two Legendary items in my play, the effect is same with PC version such as the light ray and marker on minimap. So I'd like to know will the console keep the same version as the PC version goes? For example some patches would not just change numbers, but add some new systems (such as duel), so how will the console version catch up with PC version?

    Julia: the console version will be based on 1.07 of the PC version(*). Keep up the patches is important, we want to hear from the community, and make the game better. At the same time, what we could do is reduce the time and keep up the patches as soon as possible, but we can't ensured to be exact same, sometimes it depends.

    (Remark: This is an important question, because we all knew that 1.08 is coming, so d3 console should be out soon. Afterward Bloodface asked the translator from Blizzard about this question, and he confirmed on this)

    Q: Would d3 console version get the wings from CE as PC, or PC/console achievement things? For an example, I buy a console version and I could get something on Battle.net for PC version.

    Julia: Because the technical issues there will be no cross platform gameplay. Also we changed some skill/drop rate on console version, so definitely can't be cross platform play, or that would be going wrong.

    (Remark: In this question Julia confirmed that console version is increased in drop rate. And during BF's gameplay, he already noticed that.)

    Q: Console version have off-line mode, could the off-line mode characters be used online?

    Julia: Yes.

    Q: In demo of PAX east, we can try DH or Barbarian, why are these two characters? Because they have some control moves are special? or development progress? or the team want to share something with players?

    Josh Mosqueira: First, we are sure that all the characters are done. The reason we chose these two classes is that they are both classic and typical melee and ranged class. Most the players could find their favorite to choose from.

    Q:In the lastest version of gameplay video of console version, we saw Belial had some minions. This was not happening in PC version, so what else does the console version change?

    Josh: Yes, we made something different in terms of combat. We hope the boss fight should be more familiar to console gamers, to do that we need to add some new elements.

    Q: I found something new in dungeon (this didn't show up on the big maps), that there is a yellow colored globe which looks like a health globe, when hero touches it (This yellow globe will disappear in 2 minutes) will receive a buff for about 10 seconds. Is this a new thing? Or this also will show up in PC 1.08 in the future but already in the console version?

    (Remark: When BF play the demo first time, this yellow globe got his attention, so he played about 3 times for test, because the play has limited time. This globe seems can be found in dungeon only, with a very rare drop rate, each run of a dungeon you may get 3 or 4 globes. It will provide the buff you got from shine, such as +exp, +dmg etc. But the time is very short, just 10 secs. If you don't pick it up quickly it will disappear in 2 minutes which is hard to be used properly.)


    Josh: Yes, this is an unique new thing on console. Because there is no Auction House in console version, so players will have some issue in terms of level up and method to acquire items, so we must provide something new to balance it. This change will help you during your gameplay. Also they provide the buff instantly is because we don't want player to return to the town very often to pickup this globes from their chest, which is damage your gameplay experience.

    As well as we increased the drop rate and quality of items, redesigned some skills and their usage. We hope the console version could provide the feature of a gaming console and fun.

    Controller Guide

    Q: The demo is in Act3, so what I thought is, PC version is always talk about the mob density of this area, so does this adjust is because the performance of the console? For an example, there are many mobs in Act3, so will that effect your game performance?

    Josh: It's different. Console version and PC version are different in terms of control. What we cared is not how many mobs there, is the pace of the game. Mob density is one of the face that affect the pace. In PC version, more mobs would provide you a better experience, you just click your mouse on demons and then you can enjoy the slaughter. But in console version, too many mobs would make your game experience in a different way, like you would tired out your thumb if you press too much on buttons.

    Q: Does console version have something like armory/profile or similar app? Players can find out their heroes' detail, and post this on forum or other community sites. This is very important to Blizzard gamers, also it is a important method for players' interact.

    Julia: This is a good question, I'd like to see armory an armory to find out what's new. We don't have anything to tell or any plans, but we are interesting in this and will consider it.

    Q: From current build and information, as well as coummnuity's attention and comments, it's not quiet ideal. There are many reasons, such as most gamers are using PC but not console. From another view to talk about is, we are not seeing much lightspot in the game. From these few hours demo play, as a hardcore player's view, I gave 60/100 to the console version, because it is Diablo3. However, I didn't find a reason to purchase a console and buy the game, then invest time to play it. We all knew that have a hero with decent gears and high paragon levels is not so easy without time.

    Josh: The reason is because we thought most console gamers never played Diablo, and most console gamers dislike PC games. We'd like them to try out our game.

    For these who already owned the PC version, we are not asking them to buy another Diablo 3 to play. We'd like the game have different perform on each platform.

    (Remark: Time is short, some important questions hadn't ask. But for these they answered, we are clearly see Blizzard's plan and positioning of the console version. It's not a power-up version to get rid of PC version, it is a completement for Diablo series or Diablo 3, Blizzard would like to see gamers on other platform would have a chance to try out the game. And most of its features are based on the console and its gamers. We don't have to worry about conflicts between two platforms, you can always find someone to play with you on each platform.

    As the PAX goes on, more information would be released soon, as a Diablo gamer, have more ways to play with friends are always a good thing. Now we are looking forward when the game is out!)
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    posted a message on So whats the point in playing anymore? (constructive no flame please)
    well i simply like to play the game, and i'm not playing very good in hardcore

    so after i suffered a character i will restart another one
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    posted a message on Durpiest Deaths
    my wizard. I played to act2 which the enchantress just join me.

    I didnt notice the check point was in front of the bridge, so i alt+tab out the game to view internet and chat with my friends

    I also didn't turn on play sound at background. so after about 5 minutes i returned to the game

    and i saw three champion bees around me... along with my corpse lol
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    posted a message on Shouldn't they allow us to copy our characters into the console version?
    it's not on the same platform, as it is using PSN, and should be considered as a new game since there is no cross play
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    posted a message on Who says the game was not made for consoles?
    well, after watching the video and a friend of mine tried the console version out, and found it is a pretty decent game play experience.

    from my view the game is some how much more fun than pc version.
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    posted a message on Will monster level 10 runs worth it ?
    I think Lv10 is better for lvl up new characters, and for farm effeciency lv0-5 would be good.

    Unless you got a good party.
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    posted a message on Gear Guru - the free DPS/EHP calculator for Android
    I'd like to try it out, unfortunately I get this error : This app is incompatible with your China Unicom Sony Ericsson R800i. This item cannot be installed in your device's country.

    This cellphone is using Android 2.3, but seems it has region lock or something
    If you could update this, it would be great indeed.
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    posted a message on Passive skills order glitch, mind ur skill order for a while
    Player killingu in China's diablo fansite diablo3cc (Cain's Corner) found this bug, and it might be a problem for ppl who r testing their builds.

    link here http://d.163.com/12/0529/14/82M95K2H00314LE4.html

    Look at this pic first

    passive skills in 1st and 2nd tiers, could be placed in any skill slot.
    passive skills in 3rd tier, MUST be placed in slot 2 and 3 ONLY to make them work.
    and passive skills in 4th tier, MUST be placed in slot 3 ONLY to make them work.

    for example:

    if u place your passive skills in this order from left to right : Galvanizing Ward, Proidgy and Temporal Flux.

    because the Galavanizing Ward is in 3rd tier, and it will not work in if you put it in 1st slot.

    But if you place them in this order

    Proidgy, Galvanizing Ward and Temporal Flux, everything works fine.

    When ppl are trying to find a build, and they might not care about the passive skill order, and if this its not design intended, then the passive skills might fail and they would think about their build dont work.

    I've already report this to battle.net bug report, and bloodface reported this to BlizzChina's QA for further test. before this glitch is fixed, ppl should check their passive skill order for a while i think :)
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