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    Quote from Klusterboy

    you sir suck!

    i got my refund also back. 60€ for this shit wasnt worth. and yeah i played ~100h, was end act 3 inferno and sold my items and gold for 90€. so what now fanboys?
    Like so many others, I say good riddance, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    I proudly call myself a fan, so thanks for that. This game is better of without you, so now you can go play whatever game you like, and we get to play D3 without you dragging us all down.

    This game is a good step forward for ARPGs and the best out so far, and from here it will just get better. If you don't agree, InfidelMan and Klusterboy will show you the way to the door.
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    So, you don't like the game... hmmm.

    Nope, just can't see why, even if I try. I think people had unreasonable expectations when it came to D3, very, very very, very unreasonable. Yes the servers aren't up to scratch, and yes AH seems necessary, but the game is good, very good. In fact the foundation is a lot better than D2 without LoD ever was. They will sort out the servers, and they are already working on the items.

    If you plan to move on, then it would only be your loss. In a year's time, when they announce the brilliant additions coming with the upcoming expansion, you will see the rest of us playing our hearts out and enjoying it.
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    Noooo, you're enjoying it? How can this be...?

    Seriously though, this game is a lot of fun. If you actually take the time to see what these so-called 'fans' are moaning about, you'd see it goes along the lines of, "Inferno is too hard, I can't do everything on my first run through", "legendary items aren't the most epic gear ever, this game is fail", "AH ruined the game, even though you said we will have to farm the hell out of each act to progress to the next one, and that AH is an option where you can get gear for money, wah wah wah", "the story didn't go how I wanted it to go, so therefor I'm sure it must be lame"... I'm don't even go onto the official forums anymore, the stupidity over there is rampant.

    What insipid whining little spoiled brats don't seem to understand is, all these complaints are so, so, so very minor, it's barely even game breaking. The foundation of the game is insanely solid, and Blizzard is already working on a lot of the issues (valid issues, mind you) that the real fans have been asking about. Give the game time and it will far exceed the fun LoD brought to D2 back in the day.
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    posted a message on Worth being a legend
    There are far too many discussions going on about how legendary items aren't good and how sets just aren't on the level they should be on. While all those points are fine, I somehow feel that's not the point, that Blizzard don't really see the functional purpose that legendary items can actually fulfill.

    The point I'm trying to make is, these items are the stuff of legend. Izual once stormed hell with Azurewrath in hand, Tyrael stripped himself of his mighty armor and it fell with him to Sanctuary, Natalya grew into such a legend that her tools of death became sought after items by the demon hunter's themselves. That's the stigma these items carry.

    While these items should be good, that's not the point of these items, they miss their true potential. When I find a legendary item that works for me, I'd want to wear it for many levels, or at least a good chunk through Inferno. They should either work, or not work for you at all.

    I really think Blizzard should rethink legendary items and maybe even sets. What these items should accomplish is a profound strength in your heroes hands. Not just good stats, but really give your character something worthwhile. D2 went the route of adding unique specific affixes. While that is good, I feel it's just a first step. When you find a unique it should grant you a boon unlike any other, whether it's useful to your class or not is irrelevant. The point is, when you find one, you should look at it in awe.

    For heaven's sake, these items are supposed to be the stuff of legend. Why would Blizzard settle to make them okayish static items with random properties when they can clearly be so much more? Don't just bump their stats to crazy height, make them items worth a players attention.
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    posted a message on A realization about the game!
    Quote from ragemaw

    I don't think they wanted to remove the importance of Vitality. They wanted you to be able to alter your stats using your gear instead of the choices you made when you were still low lvl and didn't necessarily understand stat allocation.
    I'm still progressing through Inferno, but so far - as a wizard - I find the item stats I prefer most are Int and Vit, obviously. When I see Dex and Str on an item, I really don't care. Although you can reckon that this arrangement sets items apart, but so far it feels like Str and Dex on items are negligible. What I find important on items are Int to raise my damage and Vit for survival and the item's armor. Str on an item raises my overall armor by such a fraction that its not even worth looking at, the same goes for Dex as a dodge source. I'm already building Int, so my resist goes up with my damage, so why should I care about Str or Dex.

    I'd like it if these two stats could at least be raise to be a bit more prominent. For instance, if I find gloves with lower Int than the ones I'm carrying, but it has a good amount of Dex, I'd like to stop for a moment and wonder if the trade off of lowering my damage by a bit would be worth the good amount of dodge I'd be gaining. That's what I mean. A good Dex item should still be for the DH and monk, but I'd appreciate it if the stats rolled on items would at least carry some incentives for me to mull over, instead of me just looking for a few very valuable affixes that trumps all others.

    P.S. In no way am I trying to appear as if I'm whining. This is just a extra dynamic that I've noticed late game that I'd like to be present.
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    posted a message on Is anyone else tired of the complainers?
    Quote from Rhogog

    Quote from Azjenco

    My point still stands.
    Why would you occupy your time with something you dislike when you could busy yourself with something you like.
    Exactly my thought - people, attacking those that have issues with D3 could perfectly follow your advice.
    I like constructive criticism, you know, the sort people place thought behind. So far I've seen a predominance of idiotic statements being thrown around. "The story doesn't make sense, I don't understand it, so it sucks" coming from people who didn't listen to dialogues or payed attention. "Hell is too hard, make it easier for me so I can progress" when Blizzard clearly stated that Normal is the tutorial, nightmare is where the real game begins, hell is where you'll die a lot and need good gear and strategies, and inferno is supposed to be almost impossible."Itemization sucks, the items have too many randomization added to them" ... this argument leave me speechless ... I will agree though that legendary gear need a buff.

    If people place some thought and reasoning behind what they actually want from the game, then Blizzard would maybe help improve the game, rather than sifting through piles of trash statements and overlooking the valid points.

    Quote from maka

    The bottom line is this: we are now limited to playing when Blizzard wants us to, and not when we want to. And why? Because some people got into some shady deals and got scammed, and because Blizzard couldn't police their servers well enough to detect bots? Screw that.
    Doesn't this just reflect life? A few selfish pricks always need to go out of their way to ruin everything for the rest.
    Yes, you can say it didn't affect you. Likewise, I can say I don't PvP in Diablo, so I feel they shouldn't add it and rather just focus on PvE and make the game better for me. Now that would be selfish, wouldn't it?

    Some of the issues with D2 online was really far reaching. My short online D2 career never took off because of all this crap. I really wanted to participate, but eventually I chose against it, for the reasons people state it sucked where just that overwhelming. You can say it however you like, but Diablo is a co-op experience, first and foremost, and in this day and age internet play is growing to overtake LAN in a major way. Online features in gaming has blossomed, and this was the obvious direction to take D3 in.

    I understand a lot of your points, really I do. To an extent I agree that D3 should be LoD+, a sequel should by all right be superior to its predecessor and its expanded content. However, D2 didn't have skill rune effects, nor did it have a large crafting component through the use of salvaged materials, or even randomly generated events, even it's economy sucked and needed to be restructured from the ground up.
    What I'm trying to say is, D3 isn't merely building on D2 LOD, it's also taking many new features and trying to incorporate it into the established format of the Diablo games. They couldn't exactly go balls to the walls and make an intricate crafting system, or give each class insane skill layouts with hundreds of skills through numerous customizable rune effects. This isn't D2.5 or LOD+ where old systems were expanded. This is D3, an entirely new game with entirely new systems. Just wait and see what they do with the expansions. I'm sure you'll be impressed to find just how much they can improve and expand on the new features they've created.

    Quote from brx

    You are lucky you did not loved d2, nor you can see the crap d3 is stuffed with. Just enjoy the game and don't make the situation more sad that it is PLEASE.
    Actually, I loved D2. I loved it so much in fact that I saw the glaring flaws that hampered the game. Sorry you can't see that crap that weighed that game down, and the fact that your jaded nostalgia is holding you back from experiencing a good game that can stand on its own.

    D3 isn't trying to stand strong on D2's back. In fact D2 was a huge step away from D1, almost vastly so. Its time people see D3 is a big step away from D2, very much like D2's departure from D1.
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    posted a message on Too Much Randomization In Loot
    So, you want random items, but the stats on them should randomly be what you desire them to have...

    I like it this way, it give items flavor. What I find odd though is that you don't think need any Int or Dex on barb items...
    You still need the dodge and resist I'd say. If a mighty item drops with +200 Str and 150 Int/Dex, would you rather prefer it not having that extra defence, or what?
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    posted a message on Did Blizzard kill D3 replay value with level cap and character progression?
    Quote from Mizerooskie

    This was a major lack of foresight on Blizzard's part, IMO, and frankly pisses me off, as it destroys one of the core aspects of the game...
    So, D2 had a lot of builds because you were forced to start over, but D3 doesn't because you can change. I'm sorry but this is the stupidest logic people have shown since Blizzard introduced this system. Can you play with all skills active all the time? No, so my logic would say no, your character aren't the same as mine. Unless you change your skills to those of every wizard that joins your game, but that's idiotic.

    I don't know how you play, but I constantly refine my skills, testing and contemplating, and I've found many good combos, even some that don't really work for me. My one friend also plays a wizard and I cant think of a time when we were trying the same skills. In this game you're welcome to trade out your style to try something new, it's what makes the game great. According to what you're saying, you need to be shoehorned into a corner to make the game replayable and enjoyable?

    Well, that's sad to hear. Not for Blizzard, or for me, sad for you. My wizard is almost level 60 and going strong in Hell, strongish. And I'm going to be making another wizard, sure as hell. I'll have the benefits of being able to craft good items, and to aply everything I've learned during my first playthrough. You can bet it will be fun and exciting. The constraints games use to employ to enforce 'replayability' or 'customization' is a bit archaic, and it's very refreshing to play a game that's thinking outside the box, to try something new. If you want to limit yourself through mentally constructed limitations (i.e. I can change my skills, so I can't replay), then that's all on you.

    And then there's the level 60 cap. Completely asinine...
    Do you know what I think is asinine? Placing an arbitrary, nigh unreachable number out there, just for the sake of keeping players playing. If there was content at level 99, sure, but there wasn't. I never had any 99s. Yeah, you can turn it around and say it's all one me, though the reason I had no 99s was because they had nothing to do, except for repeating old content a bit easier. You can't refer to that as an effective endgame. Inferno is a wall of constant improvement and challenge, while D2 had an open field for faffing about.

    I prefer the new systems. It's all an improvement over the issues I had with D2. I supported the changes since they were announced, and I'm glad to say I'm sticking by them. Well, these are my thoughts, people do differ, so its unfortunate that some people out there are unhappy with the game, but oh well, that's life for you.
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    posted a message on (Recap) Diablo III - Followers
    Quote from WasiKaBooM

    I would play the scoundrel in a heartbeat if he was playable. That mustache is too awesome.
    Hola Senor, I am here to shave the grass.

    ... It's the first thing that came to mind when you said that.
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    posted a message on First to Level 60: Pointless
    I totally agree, no one will remember if I achieved world/country/friend first level 60. However, I will definitely remember the first week I spent, taking my time, savoring the beauty of this game. And that's all that matters to me.
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