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    As we all know, Diablo 3 has suffered a large amount of content cuts over the last year or so, mostly due to time constraints, or Blizzard feeling some system not living up to it's potential. Some of these have been harrowing to see go through the chopping block.
    Since Blizzard feels they aren't living up to their standards, it leaves me with a strange notion of figuring out where the problem lies. Some of these systems appeared very flesh out and rather promising.
    So I figured I'd bring this subject here. Why do you think these systems were inevitably cut, and what would you like to see when they do eventually bring them back in the future.

    1. Charms and the Talisman. The major problem surrounding charms in D2 was rectified by the inclusion of the talisman in D3. I really liked the idea of the talisman, I was really looking forward to see what they'd do with it, but I get why they scrapped it. It was just a redundant item, it's just an item with stats, like any other.
    That's why I thought it would be great if they'd have a seperate stack of bonuses removed from thjose you can get from your normal items. Something like, maybe, they remove class skill bonuses from normal items, but only implement them on charms. SOmething like that.

    2. The Mystic. The sadest day in D3 development for me was when the Mystic received the axe. To be perfectly frank, I wouldn't change a thing. Bash said the reason they removed the Mystic was because they serve the same function as gems. That couldn't have been further from the truth. There are a total of four gems, which function as normal items that drop randomly. There were more than 300 mystic recipes, and you have full control on adding enchants whenever you want.
    I would like them to return the Mystic the same state they left her in.

    3. Siegebreaker Assault Beast and boss kill animations. These two were both cut due to time constraints. It can't be argued that these wouldn't have added anything to the game. Small personalized animations have that added effect of making a player feel engaged, it's a gratifying experience that makes small things count while playing.
    I'd like to see these added in the future. And as for the Siegbreaker, well, no boss in D2 came close to his scale and being the first boss we saw back when we were introduced to D3, I think he deserves his due.

    4. PvP. Yes, this is where Blizzard completely peeved of a large number of their fanbase. That said, Pvp will definitely be included in D3 sometime after release. I'm only wondering how they will expand on it, what modes will they add over time. To be honest, PvP in D3 has a lot of potential. Think about it. King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, or even FFA would go a long way to make it insanely fun.
    Another fun mode I've thought about would be a sort of a horde mode, where enemies keep on spawning, but players can alos kill each other. While the player with the highest score wins, throughout the growing hordes they still need one another in order to survive.

    Lastly, this is not a let's bash Blizzard thread, take that nonsense elsewhere. My intention is to start a constructive environment where you can discuss your feelings on this subject or say where you'd like the development on these issues to go.
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    Quote from karsen88

    lmao is this a serious post?

    You seriously think a small cut of every auction sold is going to be a negligible amount and it's all really "for the players"? If at all possible I'd like to have some of whatever you are smoking.
    Oh boy, another one of those 'the evil corporations are out to get me, man' posts. Sigh.

    Firstly, if Blizzard was really intent upon making good money off of the RMAH, they would have applied a much different stance to this service. If they were smart in that regard, they would have added special 'RMAH only' items into the mix. They would have been more involved, making small deals or adding specials on certain days. They would even have gone so far as taking percentage cuts from posters, but they're not.
    Adding a nominal fee to a player operated service is not a very smart business move to make big bucks.

    Secondly, their reasons for creating the RMAH is sound, very sound. They don't wish for third party traders to come into the game, scamming players, or get a foothold in the game to spread bots or malicious content. They want this to be a safe, easy and secure environment for players to trade in. Let's be honest, in D1 trading was terrible and in D2 trading was limited.

    Lastly, the proof why they believe in this service: the set cut. Yes, they are taking a cut, that's fair, if you don't agree, then ask yourself why any other auction/pay service takes any cut at all. Now the reason for taking a set cut is actually brilliant. I think it's $1.25 (insane, I know!!) in the beta. Now, pause and think about it. If a menial item drops, and you rush on over to throw it onto the RMAH, thinking 'yay! money', but find that if you post it for $2 or $3 dollars, you wont really make a whole lot, you'll probably leave it. That's the point, it's fruitless to go throw everything you find on there.
    This practice would only make real sense if you'd place high level legendaries on, you know, items actually worth something. If there wasn't a set amount taken, then everyone will want to find their riches, and there will be a tidal wave of crap thrown onto the RMAH daily.

    So, no thank you, you can enjoy your pot all on your own. Leave the thinking to those of us with sound minds.
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    To anyone hot headed enough to think Inferno will take a week or two:

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    • Previously, Inferno difficulty was mlvl 61 across all of Inferno, and now it starts at mlvl 61 and ramps up quickly in Act I and ends somewhere around 65 (?) in Act IV. We've only increased the difficulty.

    Yeah, good luck.
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    I think a lot of people are running into this wall called Inferno, carrying the preconception that they're the Juggernaut. I also think a lot of people are in for a rude awakening.
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    Well, here's some interesting reading:

    And yes, their tools may seem primitive, however, their ingenuity was beyond measure. In fact, they started the inclined plane method. The Egyptians are an inspiration in many ways and can still learn from them even today.

    I apologize if I insulted you, I know it was your opinion and that's good. To me science is everything, I value it in high regard and technology is a great source of pride to me, it stands as milestones in our existence. And in many ways its like a form of art, it evolves along with us and reflects our mindsets in the span of time. Since I value it so much, and follow it so vigorously, it just feels wrong when people attribute milestones like the pyramids and computer technology to aliens.
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    Quote from FreddyBenson

    There is alot of eveidence that our ancestors worshiped gods that came down from the skies
    the ancient Egyptians built the great pyramid over a 20 year period with just the basic tools ( IMO i dont think so)
    There is nothing I loathe with more passionately than people making such idiotic remarks. This comment diminishes, no, spits in the face of one of the greatest human achievements, ever. It amazes me just how ignorant people can be in this day and age, thinking just because our technology is so awesome, surely those primitives couldn't have accomplished anything worthwhile.

    You know, I watched a program on History Channel a while back, it was about modern blacksmithing. A guy who has been a blacksmith for the largest part of his life, and was clearly good at it, stated how far behind we are in this field. Because people were so competitive and secretive about their techniques, they only bestowed their knowledge from father to son, and so generations of advanced techniques were lost. Either that or aliens came down and built melee weaponry during the medieval age.

    No, the pyramids were built by slaves who lived on site, and worked themselves to death for the glory of their gods and pharaoh. They did it in the name of devotion. So why was it so perfect? Well, they had a lot of practice, Egypt contains more than a hundred pyramids, and had some brilliant engineers at their disposal. Today there are quite a few hypotheses as to how they actually achieved everything they did. If scholars threw their arms in the air and had no clue as to how the Egyptians accomplished such feats, then fine, aliens it is. However, archeologists and engineers have some pretty good ideas on how it could have been accomplished with the techniques they had, and theories in the science community stand as very solid notions for proof.

    I'm sorry for going off like that, but when people jump to supernatural conclusions just because they themselves don't understand all of the fact supporting an issue, then it really annoys me.

    As for the topic. Yes, I know for a fact there are life beyond Earth. They found microbial life on Mars, which is already proof that life existed elsewhere. As for other planets, well, life doesn't need Earth environments to prosper. Hell, there are some life forms on Earth that survive hostile environments, like acidic and sulfurous systems. They have already scope Earth-like planets, which means Earth-like life forms may exists, but then there can also be many other life forms, there could even be non-carbon based life forms.

    As for if we've ever encountered intelligent alien life. I highly doubt it. Why would species have any interest in us. If they posses FTL travel, then they must be highly intelligent, and possibly on a higher plane of understanding. Just look at what we project into the universe, Independence Day, War of the Worlds, Skyline, Battle: Los Angeles, to name a specific few. We must seem so incredibly paranoid and war driven, why would they have interest in us.
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    Quote from rozmata

    You ask why, it's simple. We have early, mid and late of the year. 3 months each. So early is up to end of April. Why do you think Blizzard don't like give release dates.
    That last sentence is the operative statement. A date means a dedicated promise, while early or Q2 is more of a flimsy indicator. Two reasons why I don't think it'll be April.
    1. While the release window was initially Early 2012, the fact that they've now made it Q2 and stated 'they've just decided they'd need until Q2 this week' means something has changed, or else they would have stuck to Early 2012 or even called for an April release.
    2. Blizzard usually announces their release dates two months in advance, which means they only have two and a half weeks left to announce the date. Since they've said the rune and other systems update, Diablo 3 web site item lists and large beta patch are all still forthcoming before a release date, so I doubt they'll rush through all of that in the next two weeks.

    You said if they postpone the date, Blizzard will be liars. But they've changed the release window from early to a Q2 timeframe, so technically they did postpone the date.

    Quote from falcompsx

    June, at the absolute soonest. May would require a miracle. April is impossible.
    I don't know, May doesn't sound outright ludicrous. If they announce the system changes in the next two weeks, and then roll out the next big beta patch afterwards. Release date would soon follow. They did say they were tightening a few last systems, and since they will be announcing runes and many changes soon, then this should be the last things they were working on. A March release announcement sounds possible.
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    May feels about right to me.
    I speculate that next week and the week thereafter we will see news on the updated systems and the next big beta patch. During the first or second week of March we will get the release date, and two months later we will have the game. Yes, May, I'm positively certain about it.
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    Quote from rawerpower

    Would D3 players get WoW for free too ? Just saying ...
    A better question would be: Do you really want WoW for free?
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    Quote from Aerisot

    You also get gurenteed access to the MoP beta...people need to sop complaining...it's starting to get old.
    Ever since Blizzard announced this, people have complained, called it an evil method for them to steal their money. Back then I didn't get why people moaned, and today I still don't get it.

    It's like signing a deal with Audi to pay off one car, and part of the deal is to get the latest model when it's released. How are people being shammed if they get what they're paying for? And how is Blizzard stealing from them when they're getting something for free? Best of all is, this isn't being forced onto anyone, it's an option for WoW players who also want to get D3, or WoW players who are on the fence about D3. This is obviously a marketing strategy, but if this blows your mind then clearly you've never turned on a television before, because add breaks are filled with marketing deals to get people to buy more while paying less.

    It never fails to surprise me just how eager people are to start complaining about anything and everything, even when it's a good thing, or something that doesn't affect them. Somehow they'd still act as if it's the worst possible ailment that the universe has conjured up just to personally ruin their existence.
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