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    Quote from maka

    I have to say, the empathy level on this forum has to be on an all-time low. The amount of times I've read "I don't use it, so I'm glad it's out" is staggering. No big surprise, though.
    It's especially funny when you read things like "MODS RUINED MY ONLINE BORDERLANDS EXPERIENCE!". So? What does that add to the discussion? Nobody's asking for mods in the main, bnet servers. What does this have to do with anything?
    And it's funny how people feel that when a company takes a stance on what's best for their product, people think they have a right to tell them what to do. Diablo 3 belongs to Blizzard, and yeah, they are making it for their fanbase, but ultimately they will create it anyway they see fit. That is 100% their right, isn't it?
    Who are we to dictate the usage to their intellectual property.
    I've never felt the urge to write to an author to let him know I demand changes to his work, just because I disagree.

    Really it's not so much a matter of empathy, more a case of apathy. This is Blizzard's choice and that's how it is.
    You know what, people cracked WoW and created 3rd party servers. Perhaps the same will happen with D3. Then people can create their own second rate, illicit content.
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    Quote from SFJake

    So your answer is essentially just "suck it up"? Right, because that makes for such a better world.

    I'm used to being the minority, by the way. And I'm not expecting to convert this whole forum. What, do you really think I'd have so much faith in humans?

    I frankly don't care about any of you that only see a "company making money" or "people enjoying a hobby". Gaming is an art and people are murdering everything grand about it, and nobody gives a fuck. And you expect me to shut up and leave?

    What about no.
    No, my answer is to go play or do something you enjoy. You know what, I loathe Sims with a profound hatred that I cannot explain, I actually gave it a try but playing it made me physically ill. There are three games now, each with around ten expansions, and it adds so very little overall. Now that's the world's best super money making scheme. Do you know how many times I've gone to Sims forums to inform its 'weak minded masses' of their stupidity... ZERO TIMES.

    Do you want to know why. Because they actually enjoy it. It's what gives them happiness on this tiny speck of gloom we like to call a planet. And I'll grant them that much, because it makes them happy. I'm not going to go tear down something they've found enjoyment in, just so I can make me feel better about my own little sad existence. No, I'd rather come here and share my anticipation with others who love Diablo.

    What's your excuse for being here? Since you intend to achieve nothing. You know you are fighting a battle you cant win. And you're spending your time with people you don't care about. This isn't V for Vendetta, there are no great evil corporations to destroy to save the downtrodden. This is the real world, and Blizzard isn't out to get us.

    And I like it how you call us blind. Like we are all newborns and never made any mistakes before, however, in your thousands of years of life you've seen it all and look down upon us mere mortals with amused disdain. Dream on. We know what is happening around us and what Blizzard is, and we know it and accept it. Some of us approve and embrace it.

    What exactly has Blizzard done to you to piss you off so much? Please, just let me know, I'm very curious.
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    posted a message on Bashiok post on runes/skills
    Quote from SFJake

    I'm going to flame you to hell if I try to answer you in any serious manner. You're telling me you put the blame of this on the gaming communities and all the amazing things they have done, all the progress it has allowed. You have no damn clue what you're attacking.
    I know the modding community have done some pretty amazing stuff, but are you serious? It's far more destructive for companies to take the chance these days. And saying that DRM and online-only gaming is not to be blamed on the community is just pure ignorance. Progress, maybe, but how many companies have had to shut down because of poor sales from amazing games, just because of hacked leaks? Games that will never have their sequels see the light of day because thereof.
    Imagine you create something, which so-called 'fans' then steal and release to the public, before you can do so. It's outrageous and disgusting. It's intellectual property theft.

    So, you threaten to flame someone to hell for pointing this out to you? I know you have a Rise Against avatar, but if you want to be part of the civilized, adult world and have a decent conversation, then you're gonna have to check that teenage, rebel attitude at the door.
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    posted a message on Prove to me that your God exists.
    Wow, this thread has grown very crude...

    At a stage I enjoyed some of the comments and now I come back, 4 pages later, and it's just insults and anger. I should have known though, these threads always go from bad to worse. I think everyone deserves to believe what he/she believes in. I LOVE the fact that our world is so diverse. It shows how deep a species we can be and how we long for individuality.

    You know, I would love to live in a world where I can tell people what I believe in and they tell me what they believe in, we weigh the merits and see the good in what we each believe in. We can learn from one another, and that is why we live on this planet, to learn and grow as individuals and as a species.
    We have long way to go as a species.
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    posted a message on I think the KFC delivery guy has a crush on me
    Quote from Groanan

    Quote from _Salvation

    Lol@you take some mindless examples literally and as proof of my ideals and opinions, by the way. Lol@you thinking about this on your way to school, what the fuck? Having kids is a dream for some people. If everyone were to follow your advice, it would be a sad day for humanity.

    Why would you mention super models if you didn't think they were the ideal women?
    You brought it up under the pretext that unless I was married to one, I couldn't pity you, as if the fact that you think KFC is yummy isn't enough reason for my pity.

    Having kids is a pretty low-grade dream, it is not like getting pregnant is difficult (and there is always adoption).

    People in civilized nations, where the economy has already boomed and settled down, have less kids.
    Kids are sorta a thing for poor people and fundamentalist religious nuts.

    It is not like pregnancy does great things for a woman's body either.

    Humanity of course would never fully go for the "lets not have children" plan, so there will always be kids.

    But caring for "humanity" is pretty bizarre, unless you believe in reincarnation, or you believe that mankind will eventually escape the Earth and live amongst the stars, what is the point about caring about the future of the human race? Eventually this planet will be inhabitable.

    Resources being as bare as they are, the less kids everyone has the better.

    You really think the coleslaw is individually packaged for your freshness? I imagine they have 5 gallon buckets.

    But what are you doing ordering a normal size thing of coleslaw anyway? It is freaking watery cabbage mixed with mayonnaise.
    That's very true.
    We're living on a planet with very limited resources and we just keep on multiplying. The rich have few kids, while the poor just keep on piling them up for display. I don't quite get the logic of it. And people just keep on get more and more, while the planet is draining by the day. We are not really providing for the future, humanity is slowly suffocating itself.

    I do agree, life is something that needs to be cherished, but people are no longer doing that.
    They call it the miracle of life, but with 6.9 billion people it's growing to become more of an epidemic.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Has Officially Been Pushed Back

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    The upside of today’s announcement is that we will be running the beta test longer than we initially planned, which will allow us to invite more of you who have opted in.
    That's a terrible upside.
    I've watched all of the Let's Play Force playthroughs, as well as a few others before that and I don't want to see any more of the start of Act 1, I want to save it now for when I play the full game. That, and it gets more and more aggravating each time, because the anticipation is killing me.

    I can only imagine how it must be for the beta testers. They keep experiencing the game, but only until Leoric. So close, yet so far. Now they will have to wait three more months before the can continue. For three more months they can watch Leoric die and see that soul crushing 'Congratulations' screen.

    'Here, have a lick of this brilliant new peppermint fudge, cookie ice cream desert with warm chocolate moose topping. Only a lick, no more for you, you will have to wait a few months to get the whole thing.'
    No thank you, I'd rather not play the beta, Blizzard, you sadists.
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    posted a message on I found this on youtube today...
    Quote from Leonx66

    But its on a channel made for entertainment with a made up character. Do you take the "news" shows on comedy central like informative/serious news too?
    Entertainment, maybe, but youtube is not comedy central and this is not the news, so making that comparison is nonsensical. A lot of diablo players are following the beta at present and many of those people are basing what they see on the beta videos to decide whether they should or shouldn't buy this game.
    So, some people who played diablo 2 would want to know if they'd wish to purchase 3, thus they go onto youtube to watch an informed video by a competent player. They'd run into this crap and this might throw them off. Yes, his incompetence is offensive to fans and harmful to the game.
    Support this idiot if you like, but don't delude yourself. He is supposed to use the beta for the betterment of the game, not to do it needless harm.
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    posted a message on Removal skill points question
    Quote from SentouTsurugi

    Lol this is getting long. But the way you're explaining it, i have to disagree with, because at least in theSkaBoss's argument he acknowledged that there will be builds using max and underleveled builds, he just said that we're more prone to forget our underleveled skills. I got 15 from a thread in bnet which is probably buried away long ago. they were hinting in JW's interview on skill pts that they tried to limit the "respec to higher skills" by limiting how many points you can have in one skill per difficulty. i think the numbers were 5=normal, 10=nightmare, 15=hell. Apparently that system didn't work out all too well, so they removed it completely.
    He was referring to psychology and I'm referring to the benefits of different designs, but mine is invalid? Oookay. You're making it sound like there is one valid explanation.
    My argument is that a point system inherently favors focused builds, while with D3 they are going for a more loose fitting build system. And this will make for a tighter late game, I might add.
    In the end they removed the skill points because even the escalating caps didn't work out, and that has to tell you something.

    Yes, i suppose something that is absolute about skill system is that if you want to use more skills, you must sacrifice some points somewhere else. ie not be given everything to the max. It's highly subjective, i tend to like that model more because it allows for more tougher choices..like "hmm where will i take out points and if i wanted to increase this skill". It's already clear to me that you prefer the other one where you get all skills. where as in the current system, the only real analogous situation is. hm i have a lv 7 rune, which skill shall i put it in. Do note that the lv 7 rune situation also will exist in both my system and the current one.
    Alright, again with the level 7 rune. What you are forgetting is that there are at least 22 skills and 5 different runes, which means there are effectively 110 skill choices open to you. Yeah, runes change it that much.

    Perhaps that's where we disagree the most. I think they will complement each other. If they do, it just means that blizzard made a really good game. If you don't think my example with temporal flux (with arcane skills) and slow time is not complementing then i'm not sure how i can convince you otherwise. Complementing skills do not equate to pure damage.
    No, because let's say you are fighting a boss with 12'000 HP, for your level 7 MM it would take at least 42 shots to take him down, while a level 15 MM would take at least 20. That is the huge difference. Your character will be damn frustrating to play, because his output will lag behind. Let's say a group of skeletons with 1'000 HP attack you, with level 15 MM you will kill them in 2 shots while level 7 will take 4 shots, meaning you will keep running out of arcane power way too fast. And MM is supposed to be your crowd control skill, but 4 shots would require way too much firing against say 15 skeletons. With a level 7 MM by the time you kill 6, you'd be out of arcane power.

    Even with just a few points, a skill will be lacking. In your example, you said you put 1 point in hydra, alright, but let's say level 1 hydra does 8-12 damage. How effective will that be against enemies with 10'000+ HP. Yes, it's to slow, but it will still be an arcane power cost sink, which you will feel when you cast it. And that is what it suffered from, some skills you maxed (MM and Torrent), while others weren't useful to max like teleport. Doesn't that tell you something, what's even the point of giving such skills levels if they aren't viable later on. Options only go so far, if they aren't useful beyond a point.
    And you know you only used to get 1 skill point every second level, which meant a max of 30 skill points, right?

    Oh, and I doubt slow will be stacking, it would probably boil down to a 33% flat movement speed.

    not sure what you mean by squeeze between builds.
    See my comment above. Most people don't enjoy struggling like that. People will try to force the maximum efficiency out of their builds to get it 100% right. Many people don't even like to do that, which is why they go to guides to look at what builds work, and then spend the allotted amount of points where needed.

    Okay, they brought in some new ideas, and I agree with you. But it doesn't change the fact that diablo = item reliant series, therefore if D3 is item reliant, it makes it truly a successor to d2 in my eyes. Which, i'll reiterate is not necessarily a completely bad thing. That was the only thing i was saying, and if you agree with my statement here, then you agree with my previous statement.
    I'm not sure which statement, but yeah, D3 (any Diablo for that matter) is item based. They've even changed it that most skills now rely on your weapons for their damage.

    I'm not fighting that hard. i'm just saying your argument with respec is silly. There is no monetary slap on the wrist even with the current system (as far as we know) and it's easily true for skill system.

    I gave you a silly example because you gave me a silly example with your character having to run all the way back to town just to pay 1 gold then respec....

    I guess I like limits, skill points limits you, and forces you to choose what to max, what to not max and still have it be useful. It doesn't mean that it's a system that forces you to use 2 skills only, it just means that if you make a 2 skill build, that works, then good for you.
    It's not really a silly example. When you wanted to respec, you needed to go to an NPC in the town. That was a huge time waster, just to see if you like a new skill or not. And I'm glad there is no monetary restraint on the current system. I don't like being punished by a game, it's not fun, that's why the monsters are there. I'd rather feel challenged and struggle with a boss than struggle with the game mechanics, and respec and points feels like restraints. It punishes you for mistakes and hinders your speed and progress.
    I wont lie to you, I've enjoyed skill point systems, but times go on and to be honest, I like Sacred's skill system a lot more than Diablo or Titan Quest's skill system.

    And you're wrong; that is not what i'm proposing. I understand very well that current system = auto-skill. It doesn't have a focus, there isn't something that tells a person "hey i made a blizzard wizard (lol.)" where this wizard utilizes blizzard like a boss, and HOW they use it like a boss is determined by their OTHER skills that complement this combination. Like I said earlier, if you disagree that underleveled and max leveled skills cannot complement each other, like my slow time + temporal flux (with arcane skills) combo, it would be very difficult to even see eye to eye. By definition a combination is something that works well together, complements each other.

    I don't really care for the fee, but the fee would make it less casual and a little more challenging imo. I don't care for the unlocking much, i'm lenient and it works both ways for me. what i dislike greatly is auto-skill: your skill levels with you. (and auto-stat but i can let that one slide so lets not discuss about stats)
    Oh, thought I understood you for a second, my bad.
    Just want to know. Have you played Guild Wars, or a card game called Magic the Gathering. Well, the current skill system is a lot like that. You now have a hand of 6 cards and a side board of 16 skills (cards if you will), and your potential deck size is 110 skills (cards) with which you can optimize your build.
    The old skill system was more of a racing game (for numbers), while the new one is more of a card game.

    Once again, removing a fee makes it casual? How exaclty? Hmmm, funny how skills are lately associated with difficulty and not the damn hard monsters. Like I said, I'd rather have a flowing system and struggle against difficult enemies than struggle with the skill system that's fight back against me every step of the way.

    Except your examples don't make sense to me. I addressed this in the earlier part of this post so just scroll up if you forgot. To me, this is your argument:

    -respecing is lame, a punishing feature
    -we're going to have plenty of combinations with runes and other new d3 features anyway
    -people are forced to use 3-4 skill builds, always, period, otherwise they will be gimped
    -character builds will be balanced now that skills will be balanced and level with you. By balanced you also mean, not one skill spammy as well because they're forced to take 6 skills at lv 30+

    To reiterate for the 3rd time. I think that min skills/max skills will complement each other, you will have to find the right skill point amount in each skill to maximize this complement and your build. If we cannot agree here, then I don't think we can agree anywhere pertaining to skill pt removal.
    I don't know how to help you there, I'm growing more verbose by the second, and I'm feeling long winded to explain how it logically fits together.
    -No, respec work under certain context's, but in the system of D3 it feels redundant.
    -We will have more options with only runes and escalating skills. People have gone over these points before. No limitations=more opportunities.
    -That's the gist of it. Like my above examples with the skeletons, maxed skills=better efficiency, while with other skills more points becomes redundant. And that is not options it is carrot on a stick play. Carrot or stick?
    -Actually all skills are now spammy. And that's better, because the more skills you try out, the more options you have.

    To reiterate my point. min skills become obscure and inefficient. And skill point system allow for only so many good builds, it's not a design flaw, that is just the strength of the system and how it works.
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    posted a message on Why so casual?
    Quote from Diisfunk

    uhh... it doesn't need to affect PvE

    skills can have a PvE and PvP content

    and don't tell me that's too confusing or hard because it's not
    Sigh, look at WoW, look at how difficult it is to balance between the different classes in PvP and PvE. Look how long it took D2 to get to a relative balanced state.
    Now, Diablo 3 has 20+ skills, spread out between the five classes and each skill has 5 different configurations worth of runes. And you want them to design all of that twice through, even though expansions are still incoming, which would also require balance design of its own.
    It's a nightmare.

    Quote from Diisfunk

    D2 12 years old

    failed logic <_<

    Diablo 3 is the successor to Diablo 2, if you haven't figured it out yet. And Diablo 2 is a PvP lite game, focusing on story telling, which would make sense that it's sequel follow in the same footsteps.

    Failed logic on your part.
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    posted a message on You mad brah?
    Not sure why you're mad.
    Diablo 2 didn't have traits, or skill runes, or crafting for that matter. Stats also doesn't really grant as much freedom as you think it does. Think about it. You pump strength to get armor, and then you just push what's needed based on your class, i.e. some mana for casters, a lot of dex for non caster, a lot of vitality, etc.
    Blizzard has stated this fact before.
    In Diablo 3 you get to add traits to your character, which modifies a huge part of how you'll play. You will also get 5 runes to mix and match so you can change your desired skills the best way you want.
    Also, items play a huge part in Diablo and in D3 you will be able to craft the items you want. There are more levels of gems that you can now add sockets, remove, and upgrade with artisans. And you can also enchant your items. Gold is now a lot more important than it ever was in D2, which adds so much more variety and important choices.

    If you sit and think about it, D3 has a lot more options than you'd expect from face value. And I'm glad they removed the simple, one sided mechanic that the stat points brought to the game.
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