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    I would like to have the grisworld set, but there is no pally so...

    Immortal king set would be nice haha, but THE think i'd like to see is Skullcap +1 all skill for lowbies :D.
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    Thanks for the info, this is a nice thing to hear !
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    Quote from Shebnumi

    Remember, B.net 2.0 has a different Warden than 1.0. B.net 2 came out in 2010. I not say D3 won't be hacked, I'm saying it's going to be harder to hack than D2.

    Hacks aren't going to work the same way either. Instead of hacking the game on someone's lone computer, the server will have to be hacked affecting the game for everyone. Remember, we don't know how much of the game will be on the server(Blizzard) and how much will be given to the client(gamer).

    This ^
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    Hello all !

    The beta isn't started yet.

    The guy from Cnet only received an email from blizzard to know HIS bnet account name, to get a futur invite.

    To clarify, no date for D3 beta yet. Per email: (from known Blizz source), "send us your Bnet account name and we'll flag for access." #cnet


    But if they are asking ''press'' for their bnet account, this is starting ''really soon''.
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