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    posted a message on Prove to me that your God exists.
    Quote from TwilightRealm

    I believe God exists from FAITH but because I believe my faith is more probable and rational than an atheistic view.

    The "atheistic view," is simply a semantic game. Rational thought is the standard for everyone, regardless of their religion or lack of it.

    Quote from TwilightRealm

    There are many arguments I could use to elaborate but I think an argument from morality is a great foundation.
    Then you should make them. Morality from divinity is invalid if you haven't established the divinity in the first place.

    Quote from TwilightRealm
    Why is something good or right compared to bad or wrong? What makes something good or right compared to bad or wrong?
    Before I give my explanation, I would like to hear some explanations from you guys.

    The social backbone of our species, and the mutual concern of most social animal like us, is the rule of universally preferably behavior and non-aggression against your fellows. Something is "wrong," if the actor would not prefer that his action be used against himself. Someone is "bad," if they habitually use violence (except in self-defense).

    The natural problem is that tribalism dilutes this social adhesive in large groups; however religion, being a form of tribalism itself, is not an answer to that problem unless you suggest the conversion or genocide of everyone not in that religion. I should also mention: religious schisms are inevitable, so even the aforementioned extremity (converting or killing everyone into your religion) is no promise of a uniform tribe.
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    posted a message on What methods do you use to study?
    As a professor who had to do plenty of studying along the way:

    The optimal "study," routine depends on the individual, so the absolutely most effective approach is going to be yours to figure out. Having said that, without knowing where your emphasis should be (visual, auditory, etc.) a regular schedule to your academic habits is the best environment to ensure that you find your best methods and keep up with coursework. Regular repetition is certainly key.

    I always recommend that students find out how long it takes them to read the requisite materials, go through the perfunctory "homework," (in the case of lecture classes like mine, this usually means spot-reading or marking passages for future essay assignments) and then tack on another 15-30mins to review what you have picked up (short-term memory) and compare that to your syllabus, which should give you an idea of what key terms and processes you are expected to know, cold. Doing this on a regular basis helps you recognize how well you are coming along.

    Some suggest a minimum time be allocated to each subject, but frankly I never found that to be productive. There will be subjects and situations where you simply "get it," out of the box. Other times you will find that twice through the material you're still not processing what is on the page. The key is simply to go through it regularly, examine how much closer you are to the desired proficiency level, and if you don't get it in one format, try another.

    I had a hell of a time memorizing new words in Latin back in my undergraduate days. I had a million and one paper note-cards lying around and would quiz myself three and four times a day during crunch time, but it never seemed to click. I did notice; however, that after discussing translation with classmates I actually retained more of the words. As it turned out I just needed to hear the words to really get that next level of memory going. I started reading my texts and translations aloud after that and the classes became much easier.

    Perhaps that was a bit of a tangent. Anyway, I hope it helps! Best of luck with your studies.
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    posted a message on Prove to me that your God exists.
    Quote from VasAnNox

    God is always here, when u r not lookin.

    The fact this is reminiscent of Santa Clause ought to indicate something to you.
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    posted a message on Leeching beasts.. useless?
    Quote from Indimix

    The reason why the developers want us to use the AH, is more than clear, and the reason why a shit ton of players stopped playing D3, is related. Feeling special?, not at all, I just "discovered" the reason behind the boredom that this game transformed into once I started using the AH, thats all, and is not my idea, or anything like it.

    I don't use the AH much either, but frankly it's not fair of you to criticize the first reply without making it clear before hand that you play by your own rules. It also makes you seem like a troll to use your own help thread to spout the oft-repeated "AH ruining D3," meme you have parroted elsewhere who knows how many times. Not only does that not help us provide you with feedback, but it essentially stops and derails the conversation you started.

    I don't know what to call this thread other than a coincidental, possibly elaborate trolling effort. If it isn't, you should seriously consider not asking for help if you're going to treat every response in this most asinine fashion.
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    posted a message on Getting loot from drops
    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    Long time reader, first time poster.


    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    The developers are stating that D3 is all about the thrill of the loot drop, but rarely does any good loot drop.

    Arguably true, although it depends on your definition of "good," loot. Do you mean it as in "good," enough to beat the game or "good," enough to farm act3 inferno (everyone's favorite benchmark)? Or perhaps some other litmus is required.

    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    I played for about 6 hours this weekend with no good drops, not even remotely good.

    I would advise against anecdotes of this kind unless you're attempting to parse a more statistically meaningful sample with personal experience.

    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    Then we are force to use the AH. If you wanted to play the game without the AH is would almost be impossible to beat the game

    Demonstrably false. The game is quite possibly to beat all the way through inferno without buying anything and it has been done now by a countless number of youtube jockeys and streamers alike.

    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    The percentage of a level 63 item is low and even when one drops it is about a 1 in 1000 that will remotely any good.

    This improves as you move up in act difficulty.

    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    I would like to put it out the D3 community ideas how to fix this problem.


    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    My first suggestion is to reduced all resistance required cause at this stage if armour drops it is normally pretty useless if it does not have resist all.

    10 armor ~ 1 All Resist. Armor is not useless and is, in-fact, grossly under-valued.

    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    Currently you need about 500 resist all to be viable at all, reducing this to about 100 would greatly increase the range of armour that is viable.

    Quite a few classes (if not all) are viable with glass cannon builds which have little or no resist benchmarks to meet or maintain. Furthermore, I don't think greatly reducing the damage of all monsters from act1 onward would be of much use when your intended goal is to improve the rate at which "good," (don't forget to define this) loot drops.


    I do agree that there is still a glut of what i'd call "completely useless shit," in the itemization mix. I don't think every item should be like some legendaries (nearly impossible to get a bad roll), but I do believe that finding hundreds of ilvl 63 items worth less than a decent ilvl 55 equivalent is patently absurd and happens far too much.
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    posted a message on The Astronomical Discussion Thread
    Quote from TheDemokin

    Quote from proletaria

    Quote from TheDemokin

    event A occurs, science applies knowledge of scientific laws and states that it was caused by B
    event A occurs, religion applies knowledge of holy laws and states that it was caused by C
    Certainly, a different method goes into both, however the similarity is in the fact that both attempt to explain the exact same phenomena based on their current knowledge and a system of beliefs.

    Science isn't a system of belief.

    To a certain degree, sure, but that is not relevant to the argument in that case.

    Although there appears to be more things going for the M-theory. If that holds up against many attempts to prove it incorrect, that might be a ground for a massive change in sciences and everything that we know.

    No, not to any degree. Your argument is completely invalid.
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    posted a message on Ultimate Random Chat Thread [URT] v4
    Grades are inflated and I wish I could tell you it were not systemic, but it most certainly is the case for most every secondary school and especially those with rather open acceptance policies. I refused to take part in the generous curving process in my career and it slowed the process of my becoming tenured in a very dramatic fashion. Administrators the country over (possibly the world over, but I've only worked in the US with a brief stint in the UK) have gone from academics to financially driven managers. School at some point in the 80s underwent a very obvious metamorphosis from process of enrichment to method of rubber-stamping socio-economic status. Wealthy kids get the inside-road to ivy league institutes and attain the highest stamp. Relatively poor first-generation college students in community schools attain the lowest stamp.

    So the education becomes more widely desired. Everyone wants that rubber stamp to riches. Public education accelerates the mythos that if everyone simply got more education then nobody would be poor. We would simply automate all the jobs we didn't want and the world would be populated by a bunch of highly intellectual engineers, doctors, and the like. Obviously utopia failed to emerge. What did emerge; however, by the 90s was a post-secondary system in high-gear flooding the job market with over-trained and under-evaluated individuals. There were not enough specialist jobs to give out and even if there were, nobody was going to hang the new bridge-building project over to an architect from DeVry who got his degree in a year over chatroom lecture.

    It's hard to say exactly how this process will reverse itself or simply evolve the education and job training systems we now take for granted into something more efficient (or less, parish the thought), but I will re-iterate that it is of the utmost importance to like what you do for a living. Chances are it will not pay dividends. Chances are you will not become rich. Chances are you will be quite poverty stricken at some point in your life. These are not simply hand-waiving claims, they are statistical and economical realities. The more one is willing to either hang onto their beloved niche and make it into a steady living, the better off they are.

    Never for a moment listen to the fatuous and self-serving employers who tell everyone going into college to become "flexible," and to attain all the wondrous serf-like traits that they so desire in a peasant employee. There is something to be said for a career change and there is certainly a comfortable safety in having a back-up plan or new experience, but simply chasing the almighty dollar from one hack job to the next is a means of gaining life-long depression, not wealth.

    Oh, and to hit on the specific point of writing. If indeed that is your passion, I would recommend you subscribe and submit regularly to some form of periodical. Print media may be a dying breed, but it is certainly a more effective way of being discovered for a paying job than is plastering your work across the internet by way of blog (although this has been the success of some). As the late, great Christopher Hitches would say; however, a writer is not one who simply likes or loves to write. A writer is one who simply cannot imagine life without writing. I wish you the best of luck in that career path, for it is fraught with much more uncertainty than most. I won't be the first or last to admit that it was my dream too to become a writer and I ended up with a teaching job to keep a roof over my head. ;)
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    posted a message on Really disappointed with D3 going normal to nightmare
    I assumed you were trolling when you brought this up before. All I can make of a serious reply to this is the following:

    1. I have self-geared all my characters but one and I don't play the character I actually spent gold in the AH on (my barb) anymore. The idea one is forced to utilize the AH is baseless in the extreme. It was not true before 1.0.4, and it certainly isn't true now.

    2. Finding a skill combination that works for -nightmare- is less than difficult. Basically everything works assuming you are up to the appropriate level for the zone/difficulty you are in.

    3. Post-patch there are few major departure from Diablo 2 gameplay at all in Diablo 3. The systemic changes to skills and the AH were quality of life fixes which allow you to spend -less- time trying a new build or trading for some other item you want, if you choose to do so. The small differences in gameplay don't really manifest until inferno mode and, once again, I think the patch has gone a long way to rendering this stair-step less than dramatic.

    4. Demon hunters kite. You don't seem to like this approach, so play another class. Witch doctors have pets that can tank for you. Barbarians can simply wade in and take the punishment. Monks have a variety of skills to prevent themselves from taking damage while in melee range. I suggest one of those three.
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    posted a message on my 104 build
    Quote from RSnooks

    I just dont see Manitou being worth it due to the tiny range it range it still has. If someone comes close enough to me for Manitou to actually start attacking... i usually run to prevent being killed in 2-3 hits.

    Having dogs and garg tank while you enter the fray with sw/sh more or less guarantees you'll be in range to begin with. At that point you have to decide if you can safely remain there. In the worst case, you have to run off and juke back in to apply full dps. It's actually far less of a range commitment than bears (albeit for less burst damage).

    Quote from vo1os

    Most part of this game is AoE-killing. Othe part is elite burst-killing.

    -Low burst damage, especially AOE

    IMO build sucks.

    Fair point, but if you can't burst things down you have to find another means of dealing with them. This build allows you to kite like no other between the lives of your summons. With 30k dps I was clearing act3 with no deaths at all and very poor defensive stats. I don't think other builds can rival this, at least not that i've discovered, economical approach. The gear benchmark for mana spenders is quite high if you want to burst anything down before your mana pool empties.

    Having spent most of my time utilizing some kind of bear build I can confirm that with <30k dps, it simply will not wash in act3 without heaps of defensive stats, LoH, or other expensive stats that I lack. Far be it from me to debate whether or not one should even be farming act3 with these lowly stats, but using the above build it is not just possible, but quite easy to do. I think it is important to recognize this option since the chagrin of many players is their inability to simply survive and make some progress into act3/4. Obviously it takes more to go in and farm it with a respectable pace, but that was never a claim I made.

    This argument is akin to saying that bicycles suck because automobiles get you from point a to point b much more quickly. In some sense, it is true, but that ignores the efficiency of not needing fuel, the price differential between the two means of transport, and the fact that savings from the bike could actually lead the person to car ownership in a more expedient manner.
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    posted a message on AH prices out of control
    Quote from fadeddeath

    Just an idea but I think it's time to put a stop to outrageous pricing on the gold AH. It's just out of hand. I've seen new legendary items up for 2 Billion gold. First of all, that won't sell because nobody that plays the game in a legit fashion could afford it. Second of all, the person that can afford it most likely doesn't need it. EPEEN is no excuse.

    It pains me to point out something so obvious, but disallowing people to set their own price essentially nullifies the AH as a system for exchange. If you cap the gold amount people are allowed to ask for, trade channels again reign supreme and the price will not change for the better due to the fact that the amount of goods which can be easily exchanged is much smaller by that method.

    Quote from fadeddeath

    The average player may go to the auction house after saving up gold and buy a new weapon for 10-15 Million because it increases DPS by 2000 or add a good amount of LoH but listing a weapon for 100 Million + just because it has a socket and 40% crit dmg is ridiculous. The gap between good items and great items is way too large.

    And you are soon to see it plummet by the forces of supply and demand. Currently, there are a TON of legendary items hitting the AH and many of them are almost impossible to get "worthless," rolls on in relationship to their stats. People buying them for hundreds of millions today are getting first dibs, sure, but rest assured that in a few weeks those items are going to be worth a fraction of that simply because most players will already have that item or an equivalent. The same could not be said pre-patch with the incredible scarcity and uncertainty of high-roll rares; however, this patch has changed much about the commonality of "good," items.

    Quote from fadeddeath

    I propose that we should come together and start listing items at lower prices as a whole to bring the market down. I personally have already cleared Inferno on my Monk and leveled all 5 classes to 60 so I'm not in any rush to buy many upgrades but I know that there are a lot of people out there that need upgrades to clear inferno.

    Feel free to do so, but realize that you are not actually driving down costs down a meaningful amount by this method. Unless you have a large enough sack of coin to re-list (and I hope you're feeling charitable because this is basically giving gold away) a large quantity of a given item, the price will trend back to equilibrium.

    Quote from fadeddeath

    Also since I list my items at much lower prices, they sell super fast and I make a good deal of gold anyway. I know that if more people lower their prices to a reasonable level I will make less gold per item that I sell but in turn the items I buy will be less expensive so I won't need as much gold. I also know that Gems aren't going to come down since they are expensive to make but every other item should.

    You are, of course, correct in estimating that competetive pricing works wonders for sales; however, that is simply because (as I stated above) the price of all these goods are trending down faster than unrealistic sellers are setting obnoxiously high price listings. If you undercut by less than 10% today with most items, the odds of making a sale are slim. I would certainly advise anyone who wishes to make gold that they use a 20% rule of thumb unless they are quite sure their item is of a rarity which could becalm the overall market force.

    Quote from fadeddeath

    All prices in the AH are relative to similar quality items in the AH but what people don't realize is that if an item were priced way too high, it will remain in the AH unsold. Then when someone finds an item and searches the AH for an item of similar quality and says "HOLY $#!T That one is selling for 100M, I'm going to be rich!", what they don't realize is that it is still in the AH for a reason. At this point yo now have multiple items of similar quality in the AH in this range which causes people to think that everything of this quality is worth this much.

    This scenario presumes that said item is actually rare enough to only have two present on the AH. For the vast majority of cases this is untrue. In those cases; however, and if those items are highly sought after, it is quite sensible that they command the highest price someone is willing to pay. In the case of most items, there will simply be two astronomically high listings followed by a rather dramatic stair-step down until sales begin to take place. Remember that AH slots are not unlimited and every minute one allows an item to sit at a high price there is a chance that one of millions of other players will find the same item (or quite similar) and undercut. The incentive is certainly not (in most cases) to list too high, but rather to list just low enough to entice a buyer.

    Quote from fadeddeath

    Now in the next game they find something with similar stats just lower values of it. They end up thinking, "If my Godly one is selling for 100M then this one must sell for at least 50M..." This makes lesser quality items get listed for much more. Since people used the Ferrari as an example, we can use that here if this were a real life situation.

    As item quality drops, rarity decreases, and competition increases. There is no merit in this comparison because if you are basing your listing on an item with far greater stats, you're making a poor judgment call. So what if you list your cracked sash for 50m? Others may follow suit if they like, but ultimately the buyers will not take the bait until the price is closer to what they are willing to pay.

    Quote from fadeddeath

    The 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia goes for $229,825 starting MSRP. It has a Verified 0-60 time of 3.3 sec
    The 2012 Nissan GT-R Primium goes for $89,950 starting MSRP and has a Verified 0-60 time of 2.8 sec.

    Brand recognition doesn't translate very well into the game; not the best example you could have come up with.

    Quote from fadeddeath

    The Nissan has a better 0-60 time and better gas mileage if that's what your into. It also has much higher torque rating at a lower RPM. All in all it outperforms the Ferrari. Now in a real life economy they don't price it to match or price it higher than the Ferrari even though it performs better.

    In the real world there is a prestige associated with ownership of a ferarri which does not come with more generic brands. This does not exist in the game. Unique items are far too common to command that kind of mark-up. The only items in the game which would even broach this level of recognition elevation are literal "perfect," rolls which have the absolute highest possible stats in the most ideal affixes. I would certainly assume that, should some of those items come along, you could expect to pay billions of gold just to gain a few stat points, assuming you were upgrading from an all-but-perfect item already.

    The problem is, the crux of your argument does not hedge on the limited number of absolutely perfect items, but the cost of "good," items of a middling variety, presumably good enough to farm act3/4 comfortably. As I stated from the get-go, these items are absolutely booming in supply now. They are not the ferarri from your example, but rather a model T ford. Pre-patch the "good," items (using act3 as a benchmark) were like the pre-assembly-line automobiles: hard to acquire, relatively rare, and sufficiently expensive to keep most players from buying. Post-patch they are now the mass-produced machines we nearly all take for granted today: not very hard to come by and the continuous competition (with even fewer consumers relative to producers than in the real world) all the while there to keep the price trending down.

    TL;DR: The suggestion to effectively disable the AH is short-sighted and the suggestion to attempt a market manipulation (in reverse) is similarly ill-conceived. I wish you the best of luck if you choose to take this on yourself, please feel free to sell your discounted goods around the 9-10pm eastern standard time period. I would be more than happy to render my bidding hand to your generous cause.
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