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    i dont need it but i want it ^.^ stats are everything when your gear is near perfect

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    I like transmogs, nothing wrong with not wanting to make your character looking like a cracked out mofo.

    I mean i can ask you the same question? What's the point of not wanting tmogs?

    Everyone likes different things, long as it doesn't mess with gameplay etc. I don't see a problem with it. And if you have fps drops from a tmog in d3 you need to upgrade some parts or get a new computer. Because this game takes almost nothing to run.

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    Quote from Demonmonger»

    Quote from HammerofNatsu»

    Quote from Psyborg»

    Quote from Hoaxcore»

    D3 is still the same shit

    This, and the D3 devs are doing everything to keep it shit. Fire them already...

    AARPGs are the same shit over and over again... D2 was the same shit over and over again... POE is the same shit over and over again. It's a game about killing demons and becoming stronger and stronger. Wtf do you want? LOL

    They could start with nerfing even harder the ridiculous Meta. They can either add diminishing returns to paragon or remove them completely. They could add reputations, with unlockable dungeons, gear, transmog, pets, etc.....

    Really, they could do a lot. See the box? Now look outside of it and around it once, a lot of potential!
    Easier said than done good sir. Designing new features and talking about new features are day and night.
    The meta is only ridiculous to people who want a thoughtless 3 dps, 1 support meta. Those people are the majority of the community obviously and we choose the meta, not blizzard. Just because the people who want to push, doesn't mean you have to copy what they do. Why do you do it if you don't like? And why is it that the people that complain about it don't even play the game? And if they do they just get rejected from groups because of their gear etc... you can't trick I carry public grifts for easy gem levels. I seen how a lot of the community plays. And that's fine but don't push your ideals on other people. lol :)

    Diminishing returns to paragon? Why not make a cap? Wouldn't that be easier?

    And tell me how are paragons a problem? They are a solution to a brick wall... what happens when you're all geared out? What's the end game? The progression? All geared out... perfectly... what do I do? I can't push anymore, i don't have added stats through paragons... gear is perfectly rolled. Guess I sit there staring at my monitor.

    Dungeons exist... they're rifts. lol and then you have the set dungeons too.

    Why do we need said things? A lot of the community contradicts themselves. WE don't know wtf we want. We don't understand what goes behind the thought processes of what a developer does. We know what we like when we experience it, and if we do well and make good progression we like the game. Issue is this type of game is not suited for new age kids on the block. All they care about is transmogs and other useless crap like pets and making things easier for they don't have to think about something or don't have to grind for it for like 3 months.

    Sounds like we just want to add a lot of pointless BS to the game... like an mmorpg. It's not an mmorpg, it's a dungeon crawler. Honestly IDGAF about transmogs and cutesy little pets. I want a good game... AARPG. Period. That's why I play d3, and quite possibly the very vocal part of the community will ruin the game because of complaints... and hopefully blizzard doesn't cave like they have so many times in the past. They have made the game playable after the atrocious thing that was launch and hopefully they choose to continue to do so.

    If they should add anything it's a higher level of difficulty throughout every phase of torment. Reimplement MP over the already existing TX. And mostly other QOL changes and if they choose to add new content that will be icing but I think a small percentile of people here and the disgusting officials forms just want to complain about something... for god sake's I seen people complain about progression orbs... I have never thought that was a hindrance at all. lol shows you the insanity.

    Blizzard makes little money from d3... I mean obviously they still make revenue. I bought Overwatch origins and legion just for cosmetic wings and I'm sure others have done this... but aside from that... what money? They make things to please us and we just spit in their faces. lmao
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    Quote from Psyborg»

    Quote from Hoaxcore»

    D3 is still the same shit

    This, and the D3 devs are doing everything to keep it shit. Fire them already...

    AARPGs are the same shit over and over again... D2 was the same shit over and over again... POE is the same shit over and over again. It's a game about killing demons and becoming stronger and stronger. Wtf do you want? LOL

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    Quote from taloncarry2»

    diablo 3 ros end sucks as always. Same thing pick a class gear it up and and try to get high on the leaderbored. even with seasons game is still boring. do greater rifts over and over again just for exp since the cube can gear you up easily. end game is always 1dps and 3 support pfft everytime. I reckon there should be more stuff to do for players, cause new maps are not going to help <_<. there should be a reason to grind not only for exp and gear but like new passive/skills you can unlock with paragon points. so you can create more builds and have something to grind for.

    You really don't understand what an aarpg is... you should play a different genre.
    Diablo has always revolved around gearing more efficiently and becoming an unstoppable demon slayer.
    And I personally enjoy the current meta, most dislike it but eh the enjoyment of the group meta is subjective.
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    Yeah? Take a look at the forums, they're filled with viable endgame builds.

    Sorry dude, you're downright retarded if you truly believe d3 has
    more content to offer. I'm not trying to sound like a fanboy, since i
    really love and prefer the gameplay of d3, but what you just wrote is
    freaking ridiculous.

    PoE has so much more diversity, content skills, just everything - only the combat is kinda meh sometimes.

    No there isn't... Do you know what we refer to when we say "viable end game?" Poe is about farming atziri and fucking maps anything else is just a build up to that state. Unlike you I'm not a fanboy. I played PoE extensively and wrote a review for it multiple times... one of my reviews happens to be on steam. The state of the game has always been the same as d3. They tune down a bunch of builds then the HC community plays them (SC talisman too) then they figure out which are the most optimal builds. Last season for example there was ONLY eight viable builds for the top players to push with... EIGHT.

    Diversity VS simplicity is a misconstrued argument about a game like Poe, and D2. Like you said all builds are presented on the forums as guides for people to use. Same thing with d2, is in poe. You're still pigeon holed into what builds are more optimal. That's not diversity, that's an illusion of diversity.

    That's why the original shit head dev (Jay Wilson) did not include an unnecessarily "diverse" system in d3, because he knew that was one of the many flaws in diablo 2. 95 percent of the community used net builds, while the very small community that did the math made the builds that we see online and use.

    But I can tell you're one of those lots of people that think they know it all without doing the research and have no ACTUAL experience with the reality of the end game. Video games is how I pass my time outside of work. I spend 7 hours+ a day on the weekdays and 10+ hours a day on the weekends when I have off from work. I've experienced BOTH the diablo franchise and path of exile.

    I gave POE a positive review, I've enjoyed both the games and they both have different things to offer (cons and pros). So before you fly off your chair into an unsightly, opinionated, half-assed, subjective post with little to no examples, while misinterpreting something; maybe you should think before you post.

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    posted a message on Mod Application Thread - 2016

    Game Experience:

    Have played since launch, and is my current game (don't play anything else).

    Experienced and knowledgeable on most meta builds.

    Understanding of optimizing builds and using alternative gear set ups depending on the scenario.

    History with online communities:

    My first online community I was involved with was when I was 10, which was Gaia online (pretty geeky but was a blast). Most of my threads were about anime, sci-fi and jrpgs (think ff7). I was active on the forums until the age of 16.

    When I started to play Everquest I was involved with some bad theory crafting posts. Played Everquest until I moved on to World of Warcraft and thus active on the world of Warcraft forums. Played the game and remained active in the community until my departure of World of Warcraft which was after I beta tested warlords of Draenor (hated warrior changes). Most posts were about balance changes, spec theory (theory crafting) regarding the class: warrior.

    Moved to League of Legends which I played for about a year when I was reintroduced to Diablo 3 (HATED D3 launch). Was not much involved with the community site as it was toxic.

    Started to play seasons in D3 was semi-active in the community until I completely walked away last year. The forums on the d3 site are plain toxic and horrible and no meaningful discussion comes out of that joke of a community.

    Team Experience:

    I apply with some team experience. I started to really get into with World of Warcraft. I started as a member of ONITALL (largest guild on Nordrassil) in wrath of the lich king. Started to gather mats and craft gear, afterwards depositing it in gbank. From there I started to communicating with some officers and became buddies with the guild leader. I was involved with some major guild events (pvp tournaments, Orgrimmar city raids, Stormwind marches), 5 or so months later I formed a raid group and was promoted to raid leader, nearly a year later was appointed one of the officers, I left ONITALL at the end of Cataclysm and went to the Horde.

    Notable experience was in Area-52 where I joined the semi-hardcore raiding group, unrelenting chaos. I was a warrior dps main/off tank:3 for their main 10 man group and had a noticeable voice in boss strategy and helping other raid members maximize their damage and explained to the tanks how they should tank certain bosses (Heroic Shamans as an example).

    Outside of video games I work as a pipe layer for a construction company. I am involved with grade work, shooting grade, laying concrete, metal, conduit pipe etc. I am with a 4 man crew and involved with a lot of the math that goes into laying pipe. Aside from skill craft experience, one must know how to operate with the crew. Communication is key regarding safety, planning and other various parts of the job.


    I work from 7am-5:30pm and arrive home at 6pm. Rest of time is involved looking around diablofans and playing d3, sometimes watching an episode of some anime I like. My availability from mon-Thurs is 6ishpm-11:30pm (which would be times I would be active on the forums).

    Fri I get out early at 4pm EST and arrive home around 5ish. I would be available from 5pm-midnight.

    Sat and Sun I usually have off, the only exception would be Sat, sometimes I work but it very rarely happens. I act as a sound guy for a small business on Sat but only for two hours, and Sun I work as a sound technician from 11:30am-2pm. Rest of the day I'm free.

    If the diablo 3 moderators etc. need more information please contact me through P.M

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    posted a message on Illusion of diversity

    Notice: a bit of reading. No TLDR

    A lot of the player base point out the lack of diversity in diablo 3 (though I feel like the game offers quite a bit of choice between builds, not in the sense of truly pushing higher grifts but in the sense of having a multitude of builds to farm TX and medium grifts (60 upwards to maybe 75).

    Now the argument in place is that current games like PoE offer more content (excluding D2 for now) regarding builds.

    But is the diversity with games like PoE an illusion. There is a idea that came to mind to me when I further investigated the end game of PoE and the end game of diablo 3. An I came up with the term illusion of diversity (to my surprise is already an actual concept).

    An illusion of diversity is the correlation of diversity that the average player may perceive as "choice" (how many builds can I play?) regarding the context of abilities and the mathematical aspect of how damage output may work and what to do to optimize the variations of the effects of whatever spells may exist (that relate to weapon and gear effects, set bonuses etc). In other words you want the most optimal build to perform whatever task it is designed for (relations of fun is a perception of the player). Other aspects are involved with multiplicative damage and additive damage regarding D3's numbers.

    In PoE a lot of builds exist but as you start cranking the difficulty and getting to the end game content (farming atziri and doing group maps) you start seeing that builds start becoming way less diverse. Obviously you want the optimization that a good build offers to your respective class and what groups really want (and how fun you perceive it as).

    This post was made from LiquidSG a hardcore talisman player in PoE

    I agree, the diversity is immense but once you start taking medium-high
    level maps into consideration that diversity is severely slashed. And
    it's not that builds aren't "viable", but they start to fall so far
    behind that there's very little justification in using them for anything
    else than the people who hop in for half an hour or two at most. They
    are just not competitive enough.

    This same problem applies to leveling, although not as much. Every 6
    months or so, leveling "meta" changes - freezing pulse+ground slam and
    cleave/searing bond+fire trap+searing touch/flame
    totem+firestorm+cyclone. It's not that other skills are bad, but they
    are so much slower in clear speed than the flavour of the meta that for
    anyone who is not super casually playing it makes no sense to not use
    them. This makes making new characters a painful experience to those who
    have hundreds or thousands of hours and many characters under their
    belts. I find it hard to reroll after second rip now, because I want to
    get back to mapping ASAP, and the best way to do that is FT yet again.

    Some nerfs from months/years ago should be reversed, imo. Also, Dominating Blow needs to be fixed.

    From his first paragraph we interpret the same concepts in d3. Tons of builds exist and are viable but once we start talking about pushing, optimally farming etc, then those builds become obsolete for a player and you're pigeon holed into one of the optimized builds that the best players use no matter of the illusion that a player is presented. Content is large in the eyes of the player which is a good market that many companies use (soda companies for example).
    What d3 did was simplify the ability system and forced you to use more abilities on your bar opposed to just spamming one or two abilities like PoE and d2, this has to do with design regarding the variations of choice that may exist in games with a more complex system of abilities and passives but that very system will still produce the same results but with a lesser degree of how many abilities you use to optimize damage (or toughness).
    I have a few more posts I will make one also regarding the lack of trading in D3 and why it isn't needed. In PoE it's absolutely required to have a trading system in place, if not you would have a very, very hard time getting any gear you actually need.
    If you have a non-sheep comment you would like to add to the thread please do so, but I won't bother replying to average observations made about a game's "end game" etc.. players who have lots of time in d3 and PoE are highly welcome to add to the conversation.

    If you're a casual player of PoE, D3, or just want to read about this lack of diversity (that is still called diversity when you look at lower difficulties in PoE, that's what is stated in the reddit thread) here is a thread made 4 or so months back.
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    Quote from DrFreaky»

    If u look at a game like POE the reason why that game is so good is because their are no sets every item has a use even the normal items. The reason for this is because their are no sets. The LON set was good but it is not what we needed we need to have legendary's buffed so their are more build options and we are not locked into one build in POE you can make almost anything work and that is because there is nothing that just buffs one ability like sets. So if Diablo makes ability's better and makes legendary's better then we might have more build paths.

    IT's an illusion... the best items work in a way that they synergize well. if you play firestorm witch you STILL have to acquire the proper items to maximize damage output. With firestorm you have to have the three dragons and you have to have moonsorrow, you have to have the gem skills: curse on hit, herald of thunder and warlords mark. And next question is will this work with atziri and map farms?

    You cannot make everything work on higher difficulties. it's not efficient... casual players feel like they have all these options but with real content (meaning the true goal of the game) you need certain builds and items, just like in d3. The difference between the two is that Diablo 3 strips the pointless complexity of the tree and forces you to use more than one ability with some auras up. Poe's combat is very simple but what makes it appear complicated is the skill system and the talent trees.
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    posted a message on Next Patch or Game Suggestions.
    Quote from Demonmonger»

    Quote from HammerofNatsu»

    Quote from Demonmonger»

    Bottom line, they need to DO A LOT if they want many players to keep playing.

    Grim Dawn is everything it was spoken to be, the game is damn near perfect. It is from a smallish developer, yet has 10x more content in it than D3. That makes no sense to me.

    Blizz just needs to get their damn act together and start making good games again, instead of making games for money alone. BELIEVE THAT!!!!!

    Then play grim dawn and stop wasting your time in a Diablo forum. Makes you look stupid.

    Nah, it means I care about the damn game, likely more than you, and wish Blizz would stop being lazy and give us the game we deserve! But hey, its all good :)
    tell us of some examples of how the game can improve because i play d3 the majority of the time and i can tell you that it's in a pretty good spot right now. Same arguments from people who barely even play the game...
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