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    posted a message on The [Non-Constructive/Conspiratorial] Rant Posts: What do you think?
    It works very well here and on many other sites. Thanks for the concern though.
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    posted a message on Introducing the Paragon System
    Quote from Keitaruz

    What I want to know is, does a +experience gem in your helm affect paragon xp?

    I would assume it does. Hopefully it does.

    I really like this change overall. Sorta sucks because I put in a lot of time and its not going to retroactively level me but I feel like in the long run this was the right choice. Finding gear that allowed good survivability, dps, and MF was a real pain in the butt.
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    You guys may very well be right, I just find it far more likely someone did this as a troll. It all adds up.

    Where do you see me trying to cover things up? I would just delete the thread if that was the case. I'm just explaining what I think happened like you guys are explaining what you think happened. I find it more likely that the scenario I put forth happened than believing people I never met all happened to click the link and it was Jay's real page.

    I think that's a logical reaction. If I told you... President Obama made a facebook comment slandering Jews but he deleted the comment and I assured you the link was actually his would you believe me if it didn't make sense to you? Of course not.

    You guys are free to believe what you want, no one is disputing that.

    And if what was posted was actually him, shame on him and he should know better. That's in pretty bad taste.
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    Pretty sure you all got fooled by a troll.

    If you go check the comments: https://www.facebook.com/chris.haga.9

    The the comment is gone, which may look suspicious until you think about it. You can literally make another account, name it Jay Wilson and have the exact same picture and say what you want. Also if you notice in the likes, a lot of them are liked by "Jay Wilson Eats Toomuch" Which was probably the troll that had his name as Jay Wilson.

    It's pretty common. Usually I see it in the form of...

    Person A: I love puppies
    Person B: ^ is a moron
    Person C: ^ Is a dumbass

    Then person B removes his comment. and it looks like person C just called person A a dumbass. In any event I highly doubt it's true, and not "oh well you're a moderator you have to say that." No. I could say yeah he's a diick and jump the bandwagon but it seems pretty clear to me someone was trolling, and it was successful.

    Also notice how "Jay Wilson Eats TooMuch" has no friends, is a new account, and is now trying to "point out what happened" after he liked the comment "Jay Wilson" supposedly left. So he was so against what was said he liked the comments? Oh he also happened to change his name from "Jay Wilson".


    Here is Jay's real page:

    You just got trolled.


    Edit: The amount of people willing to just believe this without looking more is astonishing. You think Jay would actually post something like that? He'd be fired almost immediately.
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    posted a message on Diablo III is dead.
    I you realize games can't die. They're not alive to begin with. (+1 cookie for anyone that sees the secret message there.)

    Anyways, you guys had your fun and warnings. There is no bias towards "Pro D3 Trolls" etc. You can ask quite a few of the people defending D3, I've gave them infractions too at some point. This is just a messy situation where no one benefits and I hope we can all learn from this a little and walk away.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 was created as a marketing tool for World of Warcraft
    These forums are a place for civil, constructive, discussion whether positive or negative. This is backed by no factual evidence and is only stirring the pot. This does not promote a civil atmosphere.

    Closed to stop any further flaming.
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    posted a message on Ultimate Random Chat Thread [URT] v4
    My suggestion would be to get a desktop >_>

    That doesn't sound like a bad computer though.
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    posted a message on Ultimate Random Chat Thread [URT] v4
    Well... I can see how the general idea of the words is fine and dandy, but I went out of my way to turn it into innuendo and people still gobbled it up. I actually ended up getting more likes later on until finally I had to just come out and post this picture.

    Before people more people started to realize and actually read the words instead of just trying to interpret the meaning.
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    posted a message on One of the best written words about D3
    I'm gonna be honest I stopped about halfway through because well it's just too long to read, there is an over abundance of punctuation for no apparent reason, and it's pretty much all subjective and just seeps hate and anger.

    I just started skimming after about halfway down.

    This is what I got from it:

    1: Right away taking a jab at the game.
    2: Accusing Blizzard of being nothing but greedy.
    3: Calling Blizzard childish.
    4:A little bit of praise for the game, five specific areas.
    5: More subjective opinions and hate.
    6: A list of what he wants personally.
    7: Some mocking of the game and developers.
    8: More hate.
    9: More opinions based in hate.

    No constructive, civil, discussion can come from this post.

    I'm going to close this now before the inevitable hell storm of arguing and trolling (which I'm sure has started even as I type this up) hits.
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    posted a message on Moderator Wrongly removes my thread
    This is not what we discussed and is indeed against forum rules so I will be closing this and removing private conversations brought into public. If you wish to have a second opinion about the subject you can talk to another staff member. Try maybe Bibi, or Molster. It clearly states do not discuss moderation in public because it will do no good.

    Since you decided to make it public though I will respond in part to some things you brought up. Your first post was you endorsing yourself and your own site, which I wasn't comfortable with because it came off as very self promoting. I continued to look into what you do though, and I found that your sight offers some sort of subscription plan.

    I'm not going to allow someone who's first post is to advertise themselves and their site offers some sort of nondescript subscription plan, a way to make money off of the users, to promote themselves. I'm not familiar with you, I'm not familiar with how you handle your business, there is no reason I should believe what you're doing or offering is legit.

    I expressed my concerns (that you didn't even try to resolve) that you could be simply fishing for peoples emails through your site, trying to profiteer from whatever your subscription offers, or you could just be trying to get views for ad revenue. You have no credibility with me or on these forums because you haven't posted here besides once to coax people into views and pique their interest about how you're "Making 5000$ a month." as the video stated, frankly it sounds like an AH guide which we do not allow here.

    In order for me to be abusing my power that would imply I have anything to gain from it, which I do not.

    I could also take quotes out of context about how I'm "not doing my job right." or how I'm a "bitter moderator" but I'm not going to get into a petty argument in front of the members, and frankly I feel like I've been more than patient and kind enough If you simply want to be a part of the community why do you have to start out with a self advertisement? Why didn't you take the time to meet some of the users, show that you're a credible, upstanding, member of the forums before you dove in?

    I will now close this thread and if you want a second opinion on my actions, the public forum is not a place to air your dirty laundry.

    Try contacting Molster or Boubouille if you want to see if they'll allow your post.
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