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    It's a mixture of a lot of things for me. I think more drops would be nice, not necessarily BETTER drops but just that feeling of getting legendaries seems to be a lot less than uniques/sets in D2. That for me would help a lot, more legendaries all around.

    Besides that PvP coming is nice and Pandemonium type events aren't bad.

    What I don't want is some sort of "raid" or "dungeon" system where it basically is so hard you can't solo it and is going to require more people and then the loot that drops is exclusive to that boss at least nothing more than an item or two.

    We had the Standard of Heroes and the Annihilus Charm and that was basically it. I'm fine with earning achievements from it, or banner sigils or patterns, but I don't want it to get out of hand like raiding in WoW.
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    I can see that. I am loving Diablo 3 but I'm also realizing I don't have the time to devote to just grinding items like mad anymore, which sort of diminishes the fun of the genre. So I still play it quite a bit but a lot of my time ends up going elsewhere like work, and family.
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    Well you made this public so I'll address it here.

    You started a thread, and when it spiraled quickly out of hand you let loose calling everyone " life-hating, pathetic narcissists" "overgrown babies" "scrubs" and "entitled liberals". So yeah I closed it and yeah I gave you a infraction for it.

    This seems to all stem from your either inability or your own choosing not to read the guidelines which are at the top of every forum section.

    Some of the things you would find inside if you read them:

    If you find a post that is inappropriate, report it and they will look into it as quickly as possible. Do not involve yourself. It's simple and keeps you out of flame wars and out of trouble.

    In this case it means don't try to fight fire with even hotter fire. If you think someone is flaming or trolling you, report it don't just feel free to hop on into the flames as well.

    Another useful part would have been here:
    Do not, under any circumstances, publicly discuss moderation about threads, members, social groups, visitor messages, albums, and/or blogs in any public venue. PM Daemaro if you feel you have been unfairly treated.

    I'm not unreasonable and I give people multiple chances to clear their names, plead their cases, or just generally behave more calm and rational.

    This is just a infraction anyways you're not banned, you're not being kept from posting. It's just a reminder to play nice with others.

    Lastly and probably most importantly is this was not your first run in. You were infracted a while back for PURPOSELY spoiling a story for someone, and have had several other occurrences that just slid by because we're forgiving and prefer to have faith that people will learn to get along with each other in a civil manner.

    If anyone has any concerns about moderation on the site, feel free to PM me about it, don't discuss it in public forums because it just becomes a spectacle for everyone and nothing really gets resolved.
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    Quote from Aerisot

    He did not "fall" from the heavens, he was kicked out after taking off his wings..after having a pissing argument with imperius whom he already knew was high tempered, watch the cinematic again, he is surprised when the strange tenticals come out and drag him into the ground, he even struggles against him.

    He chose to become mortal we saw that. I imagine he knew he wasn't going to be able to just keep strolling around as a mortal in the High Heavens, or else why would he have even done it. He wanted to come help Humanity.

    His character is just so badly developed compared to how he was in D2, In the Act 2 cinematic he shows Leah what happened to him, in the Act 3 cinematic he pulls Leah out of her dream like state while Azmodan was talking to her, and in Act 4 he reclaims his spot as part of the council only this time as a mortal and as Wisdom...What? He actually doesn't do anything, During the Diablo fight he is standing outside.

    His character in D2, awesome for the time because not many games had memorable characters, looked cool, but he was about as deep and developed as a rock. The Sinwar helped show us a lot of other facets to his character other than "righteous angel guy". D3 showed us more of his caring side.

    The only kickass thing he does was break the gate him which seigebreaker is behind...Oh but I forgot...right after he does that, he runs behind you like a coward -_-

    You're right. He should have just stood there and died I guess, that would have been more badass. Not to mention game mechanics.

    Also, I didn't want to mention that he was a sulking crybaby in Act 4 until you find him again, but he was.

    He is mortal and a living being, he's entitled to feelings. Even angels and demons have emotion. This was the first time in thousands of years that the High Heavens had ever been breeched, lots of his old brethren have been killed, Malthael has already gone missing, Imperius who he used to be close to is angry at him and Auriel is captured and possibly dead.

    Another thing that bugs me, If he is now mortal and can die, how exactly did he survive falling form heaven in a flaming meteor through the roof and 5 stories into the cathedral and then laying in blue flames until your hero taps him on the shoulder?

    The wings shielded him from the fall with the last of their power? Maybe Eldruin did something to protect him and that's why it shattered? Maybe he's mortal but still a lot more durable than a human so a fall wouldn't kill him?

    I thought overall it was a pretty decent story. Leah I didn't like, they tried to hard with her, but they took the story of the Diablo series which it really didn't even have much of one in the game timeline and it fleshed it out a lot more. It gave us a lot more on the angels, a lot of plot devices, backstory, and set up future events to continue.

    Besides, what does ANY of that have to do with how badass a tattoo looks still?
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    Well the threads that contain people complaining about the game are well... about the game.

    This thread is directed at users of the forum which really doesn't have much to do with Diablo 3.

    That being said I'm going to close this, it's a bit inflammatory and in the wrong section too.

    Why not make a post about why you like Diablo 3 and what things you look forward to in its future. :)
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    Quote from Gheed2010

    808 days, 760 of which were based on hype, espn commercials, and the legacy of previous titles...

    What happened when people actually played it?

    There's QQing, and then there are http://finance.yahoo...urce=undefined; facts.

    I'm curious, what is this fact?

    The fact that stocks sell higher when there is hype? Or that once the hype is down they lower again?

    Just like when Cataclysm released they went up then fell in the 1 month 11 days after?


    Or WOTLK


    Or BC


    Did any of that stop WoW from being a successful game? No. Not to mention the many other factors that come into stocks rising and falling.
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    I'm personally playing pretty casually until the economy evens out more than I may work on getting some gold and getting geared better.

    I wouldn't call the small percent of people who use xfire though a actual testimony to the overall amount of people playing.
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    From now on price check topic should be made in the appropriate trading section of your region. Some people have been using the class forums as a way to make people aware of their items to sell them rather than pure price checking. Your thread will likely get more accurate results in the trade section anyways.

    A good example would be to post in the US Trading section "[Price Check] One Hander - 400LoH, 130 dex, socket" for a weapon on the US realms.

    Or price checking a item for EU Hardcore Trading "[Price Check] Wizard Offhand - 94-338dmg, 60int, socket"

    If you post in the class section and we cannot determine which region or gamemode section it belongs in we will likely just lock it instead of moving it.
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    This is just a list I compiled of all the best items from each section. Most are ilvl63 but some of the class specific only seem to go up to ilvl62. Me and my friends use this in Inferno so we don't waste time picking up lower level rare when the inventory is full, or to make sure a high level rare catches our eye to make sure we grab it.

    Most people might not find this useful but we've got some use from it and have the majority of them memorized now.

    • Helmet - Archon Crown
    • Spirit Stone - Star Crown
    • Voodoo Mask - Deva
    • Wizard Hat - Elder Hat
    • Shoulders - Archon Spaulders
    Chest Armor
    • Armor - Archon Armor
    • Cloak - Dread Cloak
    • Wrists - Razorspikes
    • Gloves - Archon Gauntlets
    • Belt - High Scabbard
    • Mighty Belt - Grand Chain
    • Pants - Archon Faulds
    • Boots - Archon Greaves
    • Shield - Sacred Shield
    • Mojo - Kurastian Asp
    • Source - Demi Lich
    • Quiver - Sanctified Quiver
    Follower Special
    • Enchantress - Herb
    • Scoundrel - Dust Satchel
    • Templar - Grail
    • Axe - Arch Axe
    • Dagger - Darkblade
    • Mace - Demolisher
    • Spear - Centurian Spear
    • Sword - Rune Sword
    • Ceremonial Knife - Veil Piercer
    • Fist Weapon - Heaven Hand
    • Mighty Weapon - Slayer
    • Axe - Decapitator
    • Mace - Doom Hammer
    • Polearm - Dread Lance
    • Staff - Sovereign Staff
    • Sword - Warlord Sword
    • Daibo - Guru Staff
    • Mighty Weapon - Titan Axe
    • Bow - Revenant Bow
    • Crossbow - Hellion Crossbow
    • Hand Crossbow - Exorcist
    • Wand - Desolator Wand
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