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    posted a message on Patch 2.4.2 Datamine, Scrapped systems :(

    Hmm normally i'd say this would be similar to the content patch we got with Greyhollow Island. But the portrait for the act end boss pushes it more towards a new expansion.

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    posted a message on ROE Changed - boosts Haunt & Locust Swarm only?

    Blizzard and their trademark "fixes".

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    posted a message on is WD the new dps for s7
    Quote from k33zhe»

    new patch note, twister finally getting nerfed!

    can anything deal more dmg in group than helltooth now?

    Everything can, since they just nerfed RoE.
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    posted a message on Conquests in Season 5

    Years of War easily. Cleared GR 55 with 4 sets of my main WD and 2 of my alt Wiz.

    The set dungeons are retarded.

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    posted a message on One week and botters are p900+...

    lol 900? Brother Chris has gone past 1200.

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    posted a message on Bummed about efficiency

    Are you playing solo? currently there is huge gap between solo and group play. You can gear up and get experience faster by playing in a group which is really what sets the guys you mentioned apart from the rest of the people. Well that and the fact that they are indeed really good at the game in terms of figuring out the best builds and gear combos.

    Another aspect is loot share groups where you team up with 3 other Wizards and work on gearing each other up. So you basically have 4 times the chance of completing your set or getting that elusive Wand of Woh, Serpents Sparker,etc. This is how they get into T6 after just a few hours of farming T1. Basically funnel all the best gear to one guy and then have him carry the rest through T6.

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    posted a message on Blood Shard drop glitch

    Just roll back the accounts that used the exploit.

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    posted a message on Blood Shard drop glitch

    I'am just worried that if they actually fix this, they'll also end up nerfing the bonus xp you get from higher GRs. Personally i really don't see this as that big of a problem.

    Honestly i didn't even see the Sever glitch as that big of a problem either. The fact that they fixed it mid season, thereby killing the competition was the real issue.

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    posted a message on Bellmystic (t6 rush) build, is it viable?

    Try Quins God Monk build

    1)Raiment + In-Geom + Envious Blade + Bastions of Will

    2) Clear T6 in 40 secs - 1min 30 secs

    3) ???

    4) Profit

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    posted a message on Patch 2.2 New Goblins

    From Reddit:-

    Found an Insufferable Miscreant a few moments ago.

    They function similarly to a Malevolent Tormentor, only they summon Vault Peons instead of teleporting around and have a similar lootsplosion upon death.

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    posted a message on Patch 2.2 New Goblins
    Quote from Merodium»

    The Gelatinous is a big blue one that splits into 2 once you "kill" it, and then both of those split into two as well, and each of those four goblins drop loot. The Gilded Baron drops a shitload of gold and most almost never drops a single item.

    Dont remember what the Miscreants do.

    Blue post said the Insufferable Miscreant has friends to help him run interference.

    Now that could be other gobs or an elite pack.

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    posted a message on Why do people do full clears on regular Rifts?

    It honestly doesn't make a difference and is just down to preference.

    Personally i absolutely hate doing bounties and once i get what i need form caches i never wanna do them again. So i always run T6 full clears.

    Not that believe ill get more or better loot by doing it (Even though I've found an ancient Torch and Calamity clearing after RG kills) it's just that i'd rather go back to town with 7-8 legys in my bag compared to 1-2 that you get from "shard runs". There's also the fact that it breaks the immersion and just becomes tedious returning to town every few minutes to restart and go at it again. I have enough of that stop-start farm doing GR35s.

    I've lost count of the number of times I've cleared after RG kills and got that huge jail map where you run into more than 1 gob pack and Christmas comes early.

    Of course i only run T6 with friends or join advertised full clear groups as I don't wanna force people into staying for the full clear or kick us out while they leave.

    So yea whether you wanna full clear or speed farm, both methods are fine. Just chose the one you like and make sure the 3 other people in the group are on the same page.

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    posted a message on Quin on 2.2 Monk sets and possible builds
    Quote from Lionsword
    I read again what you said, which was "This post is worthless because I don't need some streamer to tell me how to play the game."
    So, like said above, you have some beef with this specific streamer, which is fine, but don't call out other people posting ideas from the PTR. We all know it's speculation...that's why it's on the test server...

    Ignore the troll. He hates anyone who streams, cause you know, "pro players" like him don't. He was bashing MeatHeadMikhail when his Pet Raekor build was featured on the main page. So yea, he has problems that only a straitjacket can fix.

    Anyways back on topic.

    I'am sure even the most optimist among us didn't think the perma serenity through Zodiac would make it to live. Specially when it could be done with so little CDR. However, no one is asking why people are going through the trouble of stacking CDR to come up with such gimmicky perma immunity builds. The reason is that mitigation is absolutely worthless in higher greater rifts. PaulNg's post on the official forums explains this really well...

    "The game broke when MP1-10 system was introduced. All the cycles of tweaking skills/runes can never catch up, and is too much work for a small development team to handle, leaving much of the game skills/runes neglected across the classes. At that time, Lifesteal was the only mechanic that scaled properly, hence it was removed to make the game truly broken.

    The ideal solution was to fix Toughness and Recovery by scaling adequately across all difficulty levels. Have a prefix multiplier pegged to the difficulty of the content. For example when GR increases by 1 level, Toughness x 1.1, mob damage x 1.15.

    That way, we will all eventually hit a ceiling where we need better gear/items, but many builds and concepts will be able to push towards that ceiling. When the development team goes around to "tweak" numbers, scale them so their efforts can remain effective as the difficulty level goes up. Evidently, all the non-scaling items/skills have been discarded by the players due to fixed number limitations. Healing 20000 life per second is just not good enough if we die within 1 second.

    We need to move away from perma-lockdown, perma-invulnerability, perma-WotB, perma-whatever. A game is only fun and challenging when the AI reacts to us, and we react to the game content.

    CDR, crowd control, invulnerability, all add fun and diversity to the game flavour. If we did not die in 1-shot or 1-second, we wouldn't be focused only on perma-something because many other approaches would have been able to accomplish the tasks. There is no need to nerf anything, just make the other skills/items/mechanics as capable. I urge Blizzard's development team to take a serious look at the root of the problem and stop going around in circles."
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    posted a message on Quin on 2.2 Monk sets and possible builds
    Quote from Beelzebuhb»

    There is no possible builds, so the spamm wrods coming from other " pro " player has nothing to do here. In 1 month will suposely release the patch or 2, so from there we can talk literally about the possible builds to round it. There is more better players which dnt stream or spotting on everywhere to say: checkit out, im on tip of iceberg.

    If you don't like whats being discussed you can stay out of it. Quin talks a lot of sense and actually helps the player base with his videos. And whats wrong with him saying he's on top when he really was on top at the end of season 1. You got a problem with people speaking the truth? Or maybe you're just jealous.

    Why don't you tell the guys here at Diablofans to stop posting datamined info on the front page? Cause as you said, in a month we'll have all the info and then, according to you, we can start talking "literally" about possible builds. Whatever that means.

    I didn't know i needed your permission to make threads about monks.

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    posted a message on Quin on 2.2 Monk sets and possible builds

    Quin talks about the 2.2 changes to sets and possible builds.

    2.2 Monk Sets

    1. "Monks will be Gods."

    ---Boost your attack speed through 2 piece Raiment, Flying Dragon, Miranae and Alacrity passive.

    ---Remove all CHC on your character. This is to game Broken Promise which will give you 100% CHC if you don't crit for 5 hits. With all that crazy attack speed you will have 98% uptime of that 100% buff

    ---Get perma Serenity through reworked Zodiac ring that now gives RCD to one of your skills every time you use a resource.

    ---Quin thinks this can easily take you to GR50s and was able to get his sheet dps to 10-11 million through some gear optimization.

    2. "Monk Sentries"

    ---6 piece Innas now causes your Mystic Allys to cast spenders like EP, LTK, WoL when you cast them.

    ---2 Piece Innas doubles the passive effect of your Mystic Ally and base passive effect of your Mantras.

    ---In the video he shows how you can range down mobs by casting EP through your Mystic Allys, effectively turning Monks into M6 Demon Hunters.

    ---However the effect of the rune used for the mantras is not being doubled. Also the fact that you are forced into using the Inna wep instead of a Furnace if you want the full Inna-Wuko synergy kinda holds this build back.

    3. "Raekor Monk"

    ---4 piece Raiment increases wep dmg of Dashing Strike to 5000%

    ---6 piece Raiment makes Dashing Strike cost 50 spirit and refund a charge when used.

    ---Use reworked Zodiac to have perma Epiphany : Insight. Through this you can spam Dashing Strike to your hearts content.

    ---Using un-optimized gear and a 4k Furnace he was getting 700million crits. He thinks 1 billion hits can be achieved with optimized gear.

    Edit:- Sorry for just posting the vid Baggy :beg:

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