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    Lashing tail kick -> Crippling wave -> Deadly reach -> Serenity -> Way of the hundred fists -> Inner sanctuary. Rinse and repeat.

    Lashing tail kick to knock back and stay out of melee range. Then crippling wave to slow. Deadly reach to damage whilst out of melee range. Serenity to protect from damage whilst going in to melee range to unleash way of the hundred fists. Finally finishing with inner sanctuary to wait for cooldowns to reset and hopefully run away from the barb whilst fury depletes.

    Lashing tail kick - The Monk unleashes a deadly roundhouse kick, dealing Physical damage and causing knockback.
    Crippling wave -A series of large, sweeping attacks that debilitate enemies and cause a percentage of weapon damage. First Hit: Enemies are dazed, reducing movement speed. Second and Third Hit: Refreshes the duration of the daze effect.
    Deadly reach - The Monk projects lines of pure force that allow him to hit several enemies a short distance away, dealing a percentage of weapon damage.
    Serenity - The Monk creates a shield that protects him from all incoming damage. Lasts X seconds.
    Way of the hundred fists - A series of punches strike enemies in front of the Monk, causing a percentage of weapon damage.
    Inner sanctuary - Creates a protected region on the ground for X seconds that cannot be passed through.
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    Quote from Kickin_It

    Also, thousandth post! :P

    I'm mortally devastated that I didn't use my first post to respond to this!

    Also, second post! :P
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    Hopefully I can sway those against it with the following arguments.

    When I first started playing WOW, I used my brothers account. Then once I finally bought my own account It was easily enough for me to transfer my character from my brothers account to my account.

    Furthermore, as a lot of my friends are not gamers, I know they are not going to want play to level 60. Thus, if I have two level 60's I can sell them one of my characters for $1 so that they can play with me. This is assuming that there isn't a flat flee and I could charge something minimal like $1.

    Well, I guess what I'm really describing is a character transfer system :\. But hey, where can you draw the line.
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