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    Quote from Tybudd

    Bullshit, how you gonna try to say that it was a bug, the damn patch notes noted 1500%, that's not a damn bug, maybe a mistake, or maybe they didn't realize that the majority of DH's would take advantage of this, but don't call it a damn bug!!!!!

    I normally don't get mad but that's a damn slap in the face!!

    Read the entire post and THEN reply.
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    Quote from PeaceMaker2008

    I have 6 % life steal, which brings me to a total of 1.2 % true, after the diminishing returns.
    I also have 48 % CH chance and 300 % ch damage.
    Keeping that in mind I hit 50-100 k damage on regular hits with normal attacks. 100-200 k with revenge and another 100 k with overpower.
    I have 0 life on hit.
    Long story short, with the right stats Life Steal > Life on Hit, simple as that..

    Which amounts to a whole 2400 IF you crit. You could easily get more health if you decided to go with Life on Hit items. As of now, Life on Hit is better and will be for quite some time.
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    posted a message on WTF!!! Input limit reached.
    Quote from cw30000

    Thanks blizzard. Instead of solving the problem, you make players suffer for your incompetence.

    This input limit will not solve the problem of botting. They can just add (random) delay and botting will continue. Just at a slower pace.

    How about making an incentive to reward people who play the game as it is intended for.

    You mean they want us to actually PLAY the game? Perish the thought! :facepalm:
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    posted a message on I love the fact that WD is the least played
    Quote from Bubeech

    There is nothing "powerful" about WD -- a bunch of half-assed skills with runes and a broken resource system.

    Perhaps the class just isn't for everyone. Thus far it's been the easiest to go through content for me. I'm certainly not the only one who thinks so.
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    posted a message on Usefulness of Gems, Legendary Gear Balancing, Blue Posts, and Interview and Review for "The Order"
    Quote from lMarcusl

    "Nobody wants to farm the 2nd difficulty, nobody. That shouldnt even be an option."

    Oh my god please somebody tell me which idiot wrote that. I need someone to slap right now. If this is the feedback Blizz is getting, we can expect an Inferno nerf by the end of next week. I hope they stick to what they aimed at and keep the game as hard as it can be...forever.

    Hah, exactly what I thought. I'm guessing he hasn't played a Diablo game before.
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    posted a message on Is Inferno mode really needed?
    Quote from Nanthao5

    Ummm, yeah, but why are you trying to say by this? Inferno is good, and it will serve well for year or two - but we need better system, which will keep us playing til Blizzard shuts the servers. Some good motivation, some new system. Endless dungeon, PvE rankings, I dont know, its their job to make it. But Inferno is more of "temporary" solution. It "just" makes you grind not only bosses, but also something else. But is is not the final solution.

    Keep in mind that this isn't WoW. D3 is a hack and slash that is centered around the gear you can get. I'd imagine some play for the story, but getting the best gear is THE end-game regardless of how many difficulties or levels there are. Unless Blizzard tries to change the hack and slash genre (action rpg), I wouldn't expect much more in the future. More levels, more gear, more spells, etc. If you are looking for more, D3 may not be the kind of game for you. None outside Blizz can say for sure. However, compared to so many other games out there that are completely linear and do have a definite end to the game, D3 has quite a bit of replay-ability. Then there's always PvP.

    What's the point of an endless dungeon when you can replay entire difficulties whenever you want? PvE rankings...possible, who knows. I could see how many people would enjoy competing with others.
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    posted a message on If we put Duke Nukem Forever aside...
    Quote from Benegesserit

    Quote from Nanthao5

    Quote from Frocharocha

    Nah, Dukem Nukem it has been like 15 years. Diablo was confirmed only in 2008. But it was speculated in Diablo 2 time.
    Duke Nukem was developed for 15 years. Diablo 3 is developed for 12 years at the moment. It probably wont be more, DNF will stay on first place.

    Duke Nukem went to multiple developers and had short statuses of hiatus. Blizzard has always been the only developer of D3. Huge difference and IMO makes D3 still the worst culprit (HL Ep. 3 being in second).

    DN was made by two separate dev companies. Likewise, D3 has been made by at least two separate dev teams. Blizz North was a completely different group than those working on it now. Shoot, Blizz North was essentially a completely different company as they were still largely those from Condor. Between many key people leaving Blizz North and then being shut down completely, who knows how many hiatuses and dev teams were involved. Given the turnover, one could easily see three+ completely different teams working on the title.

    World of Warcraft is a much larger game than Diablo (Bashiok said D3 was about the same size as D2) and it took them less time to develop. Like I said, poor communication and leadership. The team they had working on vanilla WoW was much better.

    WoW was created by one team. Poor communication and leadership were not the causes. A series of unfortunate corporate incidents is what caused the long dev time. D3 just happen to get caught up in the middle of it all.
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    posted a message on Jay Wilson's Article Will be Going Up Tomorrow
    Quote from youwillneverknow

    a tweet from a troll? Haha!
    take it with a grain of salt please!

    You don't know what a "troll" is if you think he is one.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Passes South Korea's GRB. "Many More" Beta Invites, Book of Cain, Wizard's Hydra, Screenshots
    Quote from Greenjoke

    Last year they slipped up and admitted they had been given more time to work on game systems because of the korean delay.

    They never said anything of the sort.

    D3 passing SK is nice, but really it doesn't affect us or the game. It's been little more than a sideshow that many made it out to be more than it is. But it has been an amusing nonetheless.
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    posted a message on BestBuy Countdown, Elemental Arrow Runed, Wiki Digest #6, Book of Cain Signing
    Quote from Diablofan0815

    Via incgamers (translation of the German news (excerpts)):

    "As we heard this afternoon from a reliable person, douzens of several meter high packed palettes are _expected_ to be brought to a big international transshipment point in the 7th or 8th calender week (yes, this year). The destination: the big german department store chains Media Markt, Saturn and what they are all called."

    "It is understandable that because of several reasons the source couldnt tell us (meaning: wasn’t allowed to tell us) the date of distribution, but calculatin 10-14 days means Diablo 3 could hit the shelves end of february or beginning of march. The so called “Gold”-versions as well es the guide books should therefore be printed right now."

    Please stop posting the same thing in every thread.
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