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    It looks like currently it is not going for anymore then $175 on ebay and it many seem to be available for a buy it now price in the $160s so I am not convinced it is going to become super valuble but I don't really know just making estimations. I had thought about this same thing because I have pre-ordered the CE as well but I am almost certan now I am just going to keep it for myself.

    I am sure it will increase in the future but keeping it depends how important it is to you. I really don't see it going for more then $300 in the future.
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    Quote from Kenorwoks

    I did some quick research on sales in my town. We have a population of only about 1,300 people and at out local gamestop (midnight release) there is an estimated 100 people who will show. On our most recent census, I think there around 300 families (averaging in 3 people per family) and that means about 400 other people who are living alone or with non-family members. There are about 520 housholds total.

    Anyways my point being, 1 in 13 people in my town are coming to the MIDNIGHT release, and a memeber of 1 in every 5.2 housholds . Not to mention some of the people toward the edges of town are closer to other Gamestops. Obviously these numbers don't include pre-orders from any other websites either.

    I know no one cares but I think it is kind of interesting.

    There is a population of 1,300 and multiple Gamestops? Doesn't seem likely, I think your calculations may be off in some way.

    On topic: I didn't see anywhere and I was curious do we have any idea how much the record was?
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    Quote from RyanSmelliott

    Ill just get it and see where we go from there lol even if it runs on low setting that will do me fine

    Thanks for the info =D

    You should look more into that integrated graphics card first to make certain it is supported. Intel HD Graphics 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 are supported but I am not sure that is what the system your looking at has. At least make sure you can put a new video card on the motherboard.

    EDIT: I think the processor is old which makes me think the the integrated graphics are something else. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can give you more info.
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    Quote from RyanSmelliott

    i need a bit of help please i have a

    Macbook Air Late 2010 specs

    Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4GHz
    2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
    NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB graphics

    how will Diablo 3 run any ideas?
    really want to play it but dont fancy buying a new PC =(


    Alright this could be wrong, maybe someone can confirm for you but I will take a shot at helping you.
    Looking at the minimum system requirements it looks like you should at least be able to run it on low, maybe higher even. 1.4 GHz seems kinda low, I don't know if that would cause you any problems or not. The minimum and recommended system specs say a core 2 duo for the mac, which you have. So it seems like you should be fine. I have a macbook pro with the core 2 duo but it's 2.53 GHz thats why I wondered.

    -Your 2GB DDR3 memory meets the Recommended System Requirements
    -According to this page your graphics card has the capability to run on medium, but this is not an official page.
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    Quote from Therutz

    should I buy this (can it run d3 well)?

    HP Pavillion P6-2016 Desktop PC
    • Intel® Pentium® Processor G620 Processor (2.60GHz)
    • 6GB installed memory
    • 1TB hard drive
    • SuperMulti DVD Burner
    • Onboard 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet Support
    • Intel® HD Graphics
    • Integrated audio, 6 speaker configurable with up to 5.1 surround sound capabilities
    • HP USB keyboard and optical mouse
    • 6-in-1 memory card reader
    • Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
    • Dimensions 14.80"H x 6.50"W x 6.61"D
    • 1 year warranty

    According to the video card support thing from blizzard the Intel® HD Graphics would be supported for low graphics but I don't think this system is really geared towards any sort of gaming, from my small amount of knowledge on video cards I don't think that is a good one at all.

    EDIT: link to video card support page

    How much would this system cost? I think it may be in your best interest to look into other options like putting together your own system. There are many guides that would walk you through putting together your own and what parts you should buy. Really it comes down to how much the one your looking at costs but I think you may be able to get something better, if you had a price range I am sure there are many people that could help you out.
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    As long as you stop watching the video at 55 seconds you won't really be spoiled for anything. The art book is not opened before then.
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    Quote from Nivius

    im whit you.

    if i want to go all MF i will go all MF <.< i don't want to share my awesome 200 magic find (that gimps me!) whit other people, this way i'm at 50%, but gimped as if i had 200%

    why not split ALL STATS in the game the same way?!?!?? <.< omg this is so silly

    You cannot compare it to other stats like that. MF and GF effect what drops where as other stats effect how you perform as part of the team. in essence you already do share the other stats because your all fighting the same enemies. If you don't want to share your magic find with them then why should they share their strength with you?

    If MF is not shared

    person one --> no MF but tons of other stat boosting gear
    person two --> tons of MF but lacks other stat boosting gear because of it

    Person accounts for most of the damage but person two reaps much better drops
    Do you not see a problem with that?
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    This is really cool but I almost find it disappointing that we can't let the hype build, instead a few hours after the site is up we have cheated our way to all of it. I know we are unable to watch the 100% video but now we have nothing else for the next 4 weeks. This is why Blizzard can't give us nice things lol.
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    Hey, good job.
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    posted a message on Worth getting Diablo 2 now?
    It's a great game but it's dated and Diablo 3 is coming out soon, as others have said. If you don't have money I would recommend trying out Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst, an rpg game, it is also dated but you can download it for free and play on free servers if your looking for something to do until Diablo 3. The server to look up is schthack if your interested.

    edit: can't spell
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    I am confused, it looks like what you linked is the Diablo III system requirements not Diablo II?

    maybe your being sarcastic by grouping the collectors edition as a whole into the system requirements?

    Either way I would guess no. I am still running Snow Leopard myself but honestly I don't plan on playing Diablo II anytime soon and I already have Diablo II on my computer. It's ok though because it will look really cool.
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    The final version of Azmodan is sick and far better then the original. I know many have been complaining about the final version of Diablo but I actually like it though the original is good too.

    I think a lot of it has to do with seeing the black soulstone cinematic, seeing Azmodan in the cinematic then looking at the art it reminds me how badass he looked in the cinematic.

    So I think that maybe once I see a full cinematic with Diablo I may feel the same way?
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    Quote from AFd3

    I think there isn't really that much left to discuss that wouldn't be considered beating a dead horse. All that is left is to actually play the game so we can put all of this knowledge to good use. I've lost some enthusiasm lately for absorbing information on gameplay, the only thing left for me to think about is what Im going to name my monk. Which name do you like best?


    Of the 3 I like SunSetMars best

    I especially dislike BlueTiger
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    posted a message on May 15th, good or bad timing for you?
    Terrible Timing for me personally, The week right before is the week between when my classes end and when my internship thing begins. It is really gonna suck because that is the one week I have nothing to do and I am just going to be thinking about how close Diablo is.

    End of sefishness

    even though I won't be able to play until after work on release I guess I should be happy because I get to play it on the release day and will probably have a decent amount of time to play over the summer. So I wish I could play it that week I have off but I will still be happy to play on the 15th.
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