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    posted a message on Shock Pulse Runed, Cross-Region Play, VES Award Nomination, Book of Cain, Art Gallery Update
    I saw a post on tweakers.net that korea has approved Diablo 3.
    so,-> "Jay on Korea Rating
    Got our ratings from Korea! No, this doesn't mean a release date because the game is not done yet. Update soon on what we're working on."

    Yay, but,. aww.

    What was all the fuss about the korea rating then?
    Why would we even want to play on the korean servers? I'll stick with the EU servers, less lag.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 on Consoles, Electrocute Runed, New Game System Info Soon, Diablo 3 Comic
    Quote from Atrumentis

    Heeeyy thanks for featuring my comic, guys. I appreciate it!

    Might feature it on gogglecat later. Keep up the updates, it's pretty funny :)
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    posted a message on New Wiki Main Page (again)
    Looks good (though the yellow text is a bit of an eyesore), is the site fully theme supportive now?
    e.g. if i wanted to use the white monobook style - would the site still look ok, or did people stick in fixed color fonts and background colors?
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    posted a message on Blogs has no link anymore?
    Must not have been used a lot, if they removed it.
    Does the section still "exist" though?
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    posted a message on What date did you join the site?
    Quote from Allyosaugh

    Just a simple question. When did you join the site? How long have you been here? I just came back from a bit of a hiatus and I don't see any names I recognize.

    Ages ago.
    Mostly from MMOC though.

    Imo they should merge the forum user database from MMOC and here ^^
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    posted a message on Runed Grenades, SK Rating, Class Balance, Level Expansion, Followers, Blue Posts
    Quote from Uldyssian

    All this constant delay news has taken the fun out the anticipation. I am gonna be like a kid with excitement when I install the game but right now I am just grumpy and getting a twitch in my eye from all this nonsense. I mean damn... it's a computer game.. not a law being passed. I don't think the issues in SK are affecting the overall release but I feel for those who live in South Korea and are excited to play Diablo 3 having to deal with the bureaucracy of a games rating board... essh...

    Agree, I try to just skip over the delay posts and just look at the images ^^
    That way you'll just get the good bits :>

    I REALLY don't understand why a game should be delayed in the USA/EU, when an asian country does not want the game released though.
    Just release it here first, and make it available THERE later? O_O
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    posted a message on 15th Anniversary Cinematic Wallpapers
    Good work, they look pretty damn fine even!
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    posted a message on Diablo's Anniversary, South Korea Rating, Lashing Tail Kick Runed
    So, tyrael has fallen, it seems?
    And Lea sacrifices herself to save decard cain.

    The plot thickens!
    can't wait to see the full videos.
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    posted a message on Teleport Runed, Beta Contest, Site Updates, Bashiok's Post, and Curse Weekly Round Up
    Pico has the cute look for sure.
    Good pick on being the news reader.

    But, she could work a bit on the vocals though, it sounds a lot like she's reading an autofeed at times.
    I don't hear any PASSION for the games she's talking about. Just a single monotone voice reading the text in front of her.
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    posted a message on 15 Year Anniversary, ANZ Beta, Blues on Release Delay, Beta Screenshots, Curse is hiring
    Quote from Molster

    Quote from BBR

    I suspect a wallpaper, and perhaps an extra wave of beta keys.
    Don't get your hopes up too much :P

    Talk about mr pessimistic, Just a wallpaper..

    Im sure will get at least two wallpapers =)

    Better to expect low, that way you can only be pleasantly surprised ^^
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    posted a message on Wallpapers: The Catch-up
    Some pretty decent ones in there.
    Would be nice to get a few more of the demons / from the black soulstone movie if possible - and they are high enough res.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Beta: Giveaway
    It's December 31st, doesn't seem like a great time to do a contest.
    Most people will be with family / friends etc getting drunk, or setting off fireworks ^,^
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    posted a message on Diablo Sideshow Toy Statue?
    Quote from Phearon

    Quote from Harmonica39

    yes it looks pretty much like the D3 Diablo

    Really? Do you have some artwork or screenshots or something?

    Yep it's diablo.
    There is a ton of D3 art on diablo's feminine / warp like look.
    Just search around a bit, even google will have images you can find.

    The image from blizzcon 2011 should do the trick
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    posted a message on not the same d2 anymore...
    The spambots are the craziest thing, there are SO many, and theyll join public games to spam you as well. 10 bots in 15 minutes if you start at level 1.

    Ignore the kids screaming gay and rainbows. D3 will be fine.

    D2 is pretty much abandoned, nobody uses the trade channel anymore, and ladder is the only place that shows any player activity.
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    posted a message on Item Drop PVP?
    Won't happen.
    Blizzard already stated PvP wont be balanced, and thus pvp wouldn't be fair - hence betting or such a thing as item loss would cause way too much grief.
    It would also encourage exploits much more than a simple win or lose would.
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