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    posted a message on Blues Read Everything, Blue Posts, Loroese's Arcane Mines Guide
    Quote from Enkeria

    "Blues Read Everything" I doubt it seriously. I have put so many ideas on the official forums but never gotten respons. I know they cant answer "everything" but those ideas they took and put into the game would be nice to get a thumbs up on, and they really should put manpower on the EU forum, it's kinda dead.

    What don't you get about them not being able to respond to everything, or even most things?

    Do you not consider a book read until you write a book report on it or call the author up and tell them you liked it?

    There are TONS of posts, they couldn't possibly respond to everything, even if they wanted to. They shouldn't want or have to though anyway. Most of the time there's just not much to say or share.

    It's feedback, not a discussion (most of the time). Most of the information is compiled and then relayed via the CMs in a meeting.

    Quote from Catalept

    ...I think too many people fail to see it from Blizzard's point of view.

    Exactly. Not sure why though, it's pretty easy to understand. They read, they take it into account.

    It must be an ego thing to want a blue to respond to you. Every single post does not need to or even should be valifdated with a response. It's not practical and it wouldn't change anything anyway.

    Maybe it would make people happy if there was an icon near threads that shows that a blue clicked on it to read it.

    But then people would just say, "they didn't really read it, they are just paying someone to click on all the threads!"
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    posted a message on [SPOILERS] Tyrael = GIGANTIC Plothole?
    What exactly do the novels say when mentioning there is "nothing" human about angels? Curious about that.

    Here is how I rationalize it and to me it makes perfect sense.

    When 2 beings mate, what they create is not entirely new. The offspring is part of each of them. This would mean that there must be human qualities within angels AND demons.

    Strip away the righteousness and good from angels, or the malevolence and evil from demons, and underneath there is something human within them both.

    So when I look at offspring, I know that whatever made them resembles them in some way, at some level. It's not a stretch at all in my mind for him to look human (although if he was CALLED human I would have a slight problem with that).
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    It's a way to balance skills that may hit very fast or hit many monsters at once.

    If you have a spell that did damage every 0.5 seconds and you had 2000 LoH, that skill would be pretty overpowered. So they use coefficients to throttle back things like that.

    If that same spell that did damage every 0.5 seconds had a coefficient of 0.35, your LoH for that spell would be 2000 * 0.35 = 700, which makes it more balanced.

    Same idea if you had a AoE spell that hit tons of monsters at once. If you would get 2000 LoH from that spell, you would heal to full too easily and it would be overpowered.

    That same LoH coefficient for spells is also used for Critical Strike procs. If you have a skill that says something like "chance to give you 5 mana on a Critical Hit", it won't give you that mana EVERY TIME you Crit if it is an AoE or a very fast hitting skill, because then you would get too much mana back with high Crit Chance making it overpowered.

    So using that same example coefficient from before, 0.35 which is 35%, meaning 35% of your Critical Hits will proc that affect, not EVERY critical hit.

    Each spell/skill has different coefficients, there are lists of them out there for every class if you search around.
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    Quote from ZFPuhi

    As i write on the top i did act 3 run (with 5 stacks) and did get 1 mil for 20 mins / 12 mins in that dungeon 700k xp. do the math please.

    No offense, but you're doing Act 3 wrong or you're just not geared enough for it.

    In which case I think you could put that in your OP. State that this is for people that may not be able to do Act 3 efficiently. It's a hard fact that Act 3 is much more EXP/Hour. The monster density is a huge factor in that.

    Quote from Redhood

    I run full act 3 in about an hour and a half and make 17 million xp. I hope the op realise his run is a freaking waste of time lol.

    Maybe not for him though, which is why I won't bash the method but instead tell him to clarify that it's not the best method for people with decent gear (not godly, you don't need godly gear).
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    Quote from Kdaj

    It's faster getting massacres in act3,

    Yes Act 3 is definitely insane XP in a few areas, even without getting 5 stack NV first.

    When done right, a good route can yield 25 Million per hour (with helm gem) which means it can be done in a month if you play 12 hours a day straight!

    It would take a bot about 18 days if they could do the same 24/7. I'm guessing bots aren't doing anywhere near 25 Million per hour (although there are some new bots VERY recently that have REALLY good combat). They are likely doing it at 1/4 the speed and I believe that is being generous.

    So while everyone is saying bots will get lvl 100 first, it's possible and even likely that dedicated players using efficient Act 3 routes will get there before bots and by early October.
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    Quote from cw30000

    David Brevik hand down. If you have played Diablo 2, you will see how complex the D2 system is, yet everything is balance. We started with 5 different classes and all play with a different style. Every class has it's strength and weakness

    You're talking strictly about balance here. I also think each class has it's own style in D3 too.

    The problem isn't the game itself, it's that more abilities need to become appealing, 1.0.4 started has started that. D2 had it's share of cookie cutter/OP builds also. Just because a lot of people liked to play off builds doesn't change that.

    Also, nothing about D2 was complex, at least no more so than D3.
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    posted a message on You tell me not to swap - I spend 250mil on MF gear - you remove MF...i want to cry.
    Quote from overneathe

    I don't see why you'll have to swap out anything. Your gear is good enough as it is. Over time the MF that you've acquired will lose its power, but all your other stats on that gear are still very useful. You're in a perfect situation for having max MF from the very beginning and at the Paragon max you'll still have great gear.


    They didn't kill swapping. It will be a VERY long time before you don't need it anymore due to you Paragon levels. By then, they will have started rolling out their new ideas for MF (taken off items and put somewhere else, it won't stay exclusively on Paragon levels since that's meant to be a very long term goal).
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    posted a message on Magic Find 1.0.4 News... Insider Leak or Hoax?
    Quote from Hadley88

    Sounds completly fake. BoE? HAHA! And Levels of Excellence are stolen from Kripps Video lolz!
    This Legendary every 500 Kills is a joke. The Top 1000 in Elite-Kills are ALL BOTS! If Blizzard doesn't stop the Bots the system is a Joke and would make D3 even more broken.

    BoE is kind of mehh but without ladder resets to flush stuff things have to be done differently in D3.

    Stolen from Kripp's video??

    Kripparian did not invent the idea of "leveling after leveling". Many games have used systems like this. Heck, Everquest 1 did it 10 years ago.

    Quote from doraymon

    *Every time you kill your 500th elite, a guranteed Legendary drops (ilvl and affix rolls depending on Act and MF Gear as usual). This resets your 'Level of Excellence' to zero.
    fake - since if this true i just restart warrior'rest for 499 elite kills then go kill another elite on act 4

    Still takes a while to hit 500 unless you're botting. There's also the game creation limit now that makes it hard to do extremely short runs like this.

    Quote from Meneltamar

    (ilvl and affix rolls depending on Act and MF Gear as usual)

    MF doesn't alter the ILvls you find or the affixes you get.. It only increases the likelihood of an item you find being a higher quality (magic, rare, legendary). So it shouldn't interfere in ANY way with a guaranteed Legendary Drop.

    Or am I missing something? Thought it would still work like it did in D2.

    You're missing the part where they released information on exactly how magic find works in D3. Check out the Magic Find section in the official game guide on the site. The amount of MF you have determines how many affixes there are (higher MF, higher chance of 6 affix rares).

    But that won't matter on a "guaranteed" Legendary drop. They have a fixed amount of affixes, some random some static.
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    posted a message on Prove to me that your God exists.
    This may have been brought up in 50 pages and I didn't want to get into this. Then I read this and I was interested in the difference of definitions we had.

    Quote from proletaria
    1. Atheists do not maintain there is no god, they maintain there has never been convincing evidence for a god. While this distinction seems flippant, it is not. The former is a claim that would make atheists no more rational than a strident theist.

    I always thought this was the definition of agnostic from what I have heard from people (they always tell me that's what I am when I talk about religion).

    Wiki's for each seem to reflect that as well. They say agnostics feel there's no evidence either way and atheist is of the position that there is no god.
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    posted a message on Positive Monster Affix Ideas (From US Diablo III Forums)
    Quote from constipationnow

    good ideas, but the rare affixes should be rare to find

    They can't be too rare or they kind of defeat the purpose which is to allure players.

    If I only find 1 every 8 hours I won't really care about them anymore and may just continue to play less like I already do.

    If I'm finding this more often, I would be intrigued and more inclined to play longer.

    This is coming from someone who has left (not quit) D3 for a bit to dabble in other games while they start to add more stuff since there's not much to do. The game is fun every once in a while like an arcade game but I need more actual content and goals to drive me. Finding these would work towards that a little.
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    Quote from ZeroEdgeir

    Quote from Aerisot

    I always thought a wizards best weapon was a slow 2hand high dmg weapon.

    Depends on the build. Some benefit from the MH+OH combo for faster attacks, others the big, slow hits of a 2H. Then you got the crazy melee tank wizards (like me) who use MH+Shield.

    The thing with the 2H has to do with Arcane Power usage. With a 2H you were able to sustain damage as opposed to blowing it all with fast weapons and then waiting a bit then blowing it again.

    This was the main reason behind 2H usage early on in D3, I'm sure the builds have changed a bunch since then so I'm not sure how 2H is seen these days in a Wizard's eyes.
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    posted a message on How to tank Every Elite in the Game!
    Try not to prioritize Armor and All Resists separately. They should be treated as 1 stat and you want to keep them balanced. If one of them gets much higher than the other it's actually detrimental due to the way they are multiplied.

    Here's a great thread that goes over the 10:1 ratio Armor:Resists should be to get the maximum damage reduction.


    It's not a concrete rule but it's a great guideline to follow. As you can see in the thread I linked, you CAN have more Armor than Resists or vice versa (to a degree), but the OPTIMAL balance in a 10:1 ratio.

    I really liked the video and your build so I just thought I'd drop this tip in case you haven't seen it. Keep up the videos, I'll be watching the rest and looking out for more now.


    Just thought I'd share the way I compare things quickly. Not trying to hijack but since this video is to help people survive, just thought I would share my thoughts and methods.

    You can already get these figures by mousing over and looking at the details pain, but here are the formulas.

    RESISTS / ((5 * monster level) + RESISTS) = Resists DR
    ARMOR / ((50 * monster level) + ARMOR) = Armor DR

    Once I have those 2 figures, they are multiplied to figure out my actual, total DR.

    1 - ((1 - Armor_DR) * (1 - Resist_DR) * (1 - Affix_DR)) = Total_DR
    (Affix_DR is something like Melee Damage Reduction % or Elite Damage Reduction %)

    At this point, you can play with the Armor_DR, Resist_DR, and Affix_DR to see what would be a better upgrade for you. This is also a good way to compare something like 6% Elite Damage Reduction on a chest to a another chest with 60 All Resists.

    Check out my post on the 2nd page of this thread if that interests you,
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    posted a message on ERR37 - The D3 All-In-One Calculator (v0.4c)
    Excellent stuff guys, thanks for the responses. I'm very excited for the future of this program.

    And do you guys have a way to accept donations?

    Another suggestion, one I'm guessing you guys already have plans for...but seeing all the stats that you are using to calculate the DPS would be nice. Things like Primary Stat Total, Crit / Crit Damage, Weapon Speed (for each weapon and then weapon average maybe).

    Shouldn't be too much coding, it's simply displaying the cumulative values you're already using in the DPS calculation.

    Also, the DPS calculation is off by about 200 DPS for me, not sure why that would be.

    EDIT: Just upgraded an item (increased primary stat by 130) and now it's off by 660.
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    posted a message on ERR37 - The D3 All-In-One Calculator (v0.4c)
    I have a suggestion that I feel is important to the overall feel and ease of use of the program.

    When I add stats to a slot, PLEASE make some kind of visual cue that I have "equipped" that slot already. For instance, there is another DPS program being made on these forums that uses the paper doll visual like you do to add gear, but when you add a piece to that program, it highlights the box green so you know something was "equipped" there.

    EDIT: I realize there's a hover box, but something more would be nice and quicker.

    Now on a separate note, this next bit is more of a wish I have for a full on gear analyzing program.

    I realize the point of the program is DPS, but what the world would really love is a paper doll program like yours that 100% emulates the in game character details sheet. That means incorporating Defensive calculations into this program as well.

    A program that feels like you never logged off of Diablo. A program that looks and feels just like you're online and taking gear off and putting gear on and watching ALL the stats change. That would be a truly amazing program. Defensive stats even play a role in DPS since a certain upgrade may be giving me 1000 DPS, but what am I losing to get that DPS? That is a question many people will have to calculate separately in another program to check.

    So a ONE STOP SHOP program that could emulate the in game character sheet, all of it, so we could compare items on the AH with ONE program and see every aspect of the impact the new gear would have would be great, and something I am still waiting for.

    Well, thank you for your hard work on this great program, I look forward to updates!

    EDIT: Question, how do I do dual wield? I can't put a 2nd weapon on in this program?


    I just saw your "about" info on the program, I'm glad that your ambitions are to include all calculations in the future! I can't wait for that day.
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    posted a message on Best Solution to Crit Damage Problem and IAS (to Blizzard)
    Like I said, I think people confuse a lot of people choosing popular invidividual skills that work well with crit as a lack of build diversity. There's 6 slots to choose from, say 100% of a class all chose the 1 amazing skill that worked well with crit, although that stinks still, it's not exactly destroying build diversity since there are 5 other choices to make still.

    Someone mentioned that crit works with more than 1 build also, and while that's true, things like the WW Barb show that there is still a "best" crit build, which I guess is what some people don't want to happen. I'm not sure a cap on crit damage would change that though.
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