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    posted a message on Anyone else worried the final 2 classes will suck?

    I hope that there will be a Paladin.

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    posted a message on Season 11 HC - Good Combo for 2 Players

    Ok thanks for the comments so far!

    AS Sup Monk. What Build do you suggest?

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    posted a message on Season 11 HC - Good Combo for 2 Players

    Hi guys,

    I played a little bit in most of the 10 seasons we had before and switched to HC since season 8 (unfortunately I did not have enough time to play a lot). I now request some advices from you guys... Hope you can help me to find a good combo so i can play with a good friend of mine.

    We would like to play mostly in a 2 players group. What Setup do you recommend (Characters?). What Skillset could be usefull? What Item Set should we aim for? (Necromancer would be interesting if it works out ;-)).

    This Season we played WD/Barb. Our goal is to reach some higher GRifts (I think it should be enough to reach the 50ies to 60ies). Though we dont have a lot of time together we would like to play some Champions/Skillsets which do not require hard farming work to get the desired Items.

    I do not need full guides for everything but some hints are very well appreciated! Thank you very much for your time :).



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