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    Argue me this! What does 19th/20th/21st century politics in the United States, Germany, and The Soviet Union have to do with a fake Diablo 3 "Leaked" Image?
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    Situation 1: Ryan is lying. What a jackass!
    *Situation 1.b: Ryan works for blizzard, and is generating hype for the game. Truth and lies do not matter. His mission is attention. He has accomplished his task.*

    Situation 2: Ryan's contacts are lying. Shit on a stick! No one will believe this excuse even if it were true. It is impossible to prove.

    Situation 3: Ryan is telling <50% truth. Nice estimation!
    Situation 4: Ryan is telling >50% truth. His sources were reliable.

    *Situation 1.b could also be applied to Situation 3 and 4.

    Therefore, I would say there is a 60% chance ryan works for Blizzard. Spreading true and false rumors to generate hype. There is also a 20% chance that Ryan is lying himself, or his contacts are lying. Finally a 10% chance Ryan is telling the truth.

    Based on these percentages, When Blizzard does release information about D3, I am going to bet that 10% of Ryans information will be accurate.

    I think bits and pieces are accurate. I would say some spells might be true. The whip weapon is true. About 5% - 10% of the story is true.

    So, why do I think ryan works at blizzard and will revealed about 10% of truth??????


    There is very intricate information here. Classes, Spells, but most importantly, the story. That is one crazy story. A story so crazy, so insane, that it just might be believable. Why... because a Blizzard employee wrote it. I wouldnt be suprised if that was the first part of the first draft of the D3 story.

    Ryan joined in October of 06, he gained a nice post count to get credibility, and the posted this thread when the time was right.

    Like it or not, Blizzard, as well as other companies have leak schedules to generate hype. This was a strategic move by Blizz. They wanted some hype going into the holiday season and the new year. Making gamers anxious of what is in store for 2007.

    Blizzard said there will be 3 big annoucements in 07.
    1. Diablo 3
    2. Starcraft 2
    3. World of Warcraft: Expansion 2

    Anyways, this is the most logical conclusion. Ryan works for Blizz. But then again, maybe I do too...!?
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