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    First of all, id like to say i am not newb to diablo3. I got around 1k hours played and got all 10 caracters to level 60 (5HC-SC). My SC barb is level 52 paragon. Sorry everyone about my english, it is not my first spoken language.

    Being away from home (and from diablo 3) for two weeks, i tought this might be the right opportunity to start a discussion about an hybrid build i have been developping and found very efficient. The meaning of efficient here being relative as you all know, it depends on what you want to achieve.

    1. The build

    This build as the title involves, is an hybrid build between the HOTA and Tornado-WW build.

    "The Unforgiving build"

    This build maintains the core skills of the WW build but drops both common WW active fury generators. Those fury generators are replaced by other fury generating means: Unforgiving, Immortal kings 5set bonus and merciless assault. The build can also work without Ik 5set bonus or Unforgiving but result in efficiency loss. Altho it might seems like dropping the primary would result in fury starving, this is not the case. (altho you can sometimes lend a few normal attacks if you dont monitor carefully your fury)

    I would recommend this build to barbs wielding a Skorn with a full IK gear since this is where you are most efficient.

    2. Requirements

    This build as the same requirements as the usual Tornado-WW build but it is best played with a 2H imo because of the punching impact it delivers when using HOTA. My barb at paragon lvl52 as the following stats (approximate values):

    - 160k unbuffed DPS
    - 50% crit chance
    - 8.5% life steal
    - 40k life
    - 600 allres
    - 1.2 IAS

    3. Its usefulness, pros and cons

    Basically, this build takes its place somewhere in the middle of the Tornado-WW build and the HOTA build. I did not monitor everything deeply but my testing proved this build to be successfull. I am having a blast playing this build. I would say that this build would best be used for key farming and high mp runs.

    Its pros are basically the same as the Tornado-WW build, lots of life return and mobility while also having the punching impact of the HOTA build.

    The cons compared to a WW build are loss in berserkers uptime and occasionnal fury starving resulting in mobility loss due to the fact that you cant cast sprint. If you count Templar with Inspire, you get 5 fury/sec regeneration. Since sprint costs 20 fury to cast, if you are out of fury, you need to wait 1sec in order to cast sprint again. Also, since you drop your third passive for Unforgiving and War cry for Merciless assault, this results in less survivability. Another thing to mention is that Ice climber boots are usually considered BIS for barbs and since you want to have a IK 5set bonus, you need to trade those for IK striders.

    The "myth" of the 2h not being able to sustain WOTB must be adressed here. Dual-wielding yelds better fury regeneration thus resulting in higher WOTB uptime. But with my barb, i can maintain WOTB almost indefinitely with only 2 mobs on the screen while wielding a skorn.

    4. How to use it

    Basically, the idea is to activate Battle cry, sprint and then go trough with merciless assault (spawning tornadoes on the way). Afterwards, use the usual ww-sprint combo until you get full fury. Then, stop and Bash things to the ground with HOTA, rinse and repeat. One last thing to mention is that when there is not a lot of mobs on the screen, you dont want to use HOTA until you are empty because this is where you will be most fury starving and the result will be you, using basic attacks thus DPS drop. This issue can easily be avoided with good fury monitoring. Never empty your fury using HOTA.

    I choosed to replace War cry for Merciless assault because it is the best fury generating secondary skill. It is basically spammable when there is a pack of 5 mobs resulting in high fury regeneration. But, War cry would still work very well.

    5. Pushing the monitoring further

    I have not been testing fully trough that build idea. I hope i did not forget to mention anything in this post but i would be very glad if some people would try-test and offer feedback, comments and constructive critisim about this build. I have all it takes to make a video of me streaming trough mp4-5-6 with this build but i am not used to this kind of stuff and i am pretty sure that some people would gladly do this and put it up for people to see how good (or bad) this build performs. If you are interested in seeing the build in action, you can message me in game (game tag: Moontracker#1833). And btw, i am playing in HC right now and passed my gear to a friend of mine so you will not be able to check my gear atm.
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    Another crybaby thread. First people crying out loud this game is taking so long to be released. Result, Blizzard releases the game before its finished. Then, more crying because the game is ''crap''.

    Now im getting a bit tired of cry babies like the op. STFU already and let Blizzard finish the damn game. It's not good right now stop complaining and let them do what as to be done...

    Jesus, im so sick and tired of this new generation of gamers... If you got nothing intelligent to say, don't say anything. Close this thread.
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    Since a lot of people agree that the AH is causing problem when it comes to the games longevity, why not introduce ilvl64 and ilvl65 with lower drop chance that would be bind on player? I think this would definitely solve the problem of the AH since player could still benefit from AH while maintaining the grinding aspect of the game. Let me know what you guys think.
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    I don't really understand you guys... When i make love to my girlfriend every day, it just feels ok. But then, when i get far away from her for a long time and i come back, it's like ecstasy... Take this with a grain of salt, it's only a game. Wait for it until you got your balls ready to explode will just give you a better orgasm, that's all.
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