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    posted a message on Diablo 1 Beezlebub Mod --- need help getting to work

    First, I am new. I think this is the correct forum, if not please move. Thanks.

    I am trying to get Diablo 1 HD Beezlebub mod to work. I am using a real retail CD, but do not have the expansion pack Hellfire. Not sure if that matters.

    Basically I extracted the Beezlebub folder, and placed it in the Diablo root folder. C:/PROGRAMFILESx86/Diablo

    The I right clicked on the diablo cd in the drive, and copied the DIABLODAT.mpq file, and placed it also in the root diablo directory.

    It is claiming that the .mpq file is not in the folder. So I am stuck.

    it is saying when I click Beezlebub, that program requires data.mpq to run.

    So I tried changing the name. No dice.

    Anyone have any tips? I would love to play diablo 1 in full screen.

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