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    Well, I've been playing for about a year alone, which is fine. Now I get to join season online, and theres no way to name the games like in d2lod, which is horrid. Like, "leveling for paragon" or "testing builds" or whatever.

    Instead I have 4 choices, and (because I dont have my headset set up) get rude comments from others doing specific things, which, if they had game names set up, I wouldn't have even joined.

    Is there any rumors or talk of this being addressed? I'm a VERY seasoned vet of d2lod, and a million other online games, I'm not dumb, I just think any identifying traits to made games would make this a ton smoother for everyone.

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    posted a message on Classic Demon Classic Angel - darkening of Tristram

    Well, I went through and grabbed all the event items. Pets, banners, new head gem,ect.

    I have the classic demon and the classic angel items in my stash, it lets me click on them and moves the model a little as if something had just changed. Only I can't figure out what.

    Everything apears the same, does anyone know what I am supposed to be seeing?

    Was an awful lot of running around to get these, kinda hoping I am just missing something?

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    posted a message on Defence numbers, for a T10 solo farmer (help plz)

    Well, you kind of answered my question by just responding what you did, lol.

    I have both unhallowed (full set bonus) AND aquilla cuirass on the DH.

    So, what your saying is that the game actually does the math for defense bonuses, but for some reason seriously slacks off when doing damage math.

    I have damage bonuses coming from tons of directions, but it's still only showing around 1k total damage. Which is ridiculous, because she tears through T10 mobs.

    I didn't use an already made build. I simply built an unhallowed DH, who could take a hit, that burns t10 with nothing but evasive fire and cold-based-sentrys. And I mean that, she's got ele-arrow, and cluster, but I can't remember the last time I even hit those buttons. I use the spider companion and cold sentry simply for the slowing down and chill effects (cull of the weak), but she only uses evasive fire, and the 2.2 aps with it.

    So basically on damage;

    +42% evasive fire

    +20% fire skill

    +312% crit damage

    +45.5% crit chance

    2.20 attacks per second

    9430% increase from dex

    And its still only showing 1,007k, something isnt being figured in?

    At least I understand where the 77.3m defense is coming from now, thank you.

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    posted a message on Defence numbers, for a T10 solo farmer (help plz)

    Ok, I have a really neat speed farming build, but the damage numbers it says is awful.

    When you first open up your equipment menu, it shows the attack/defence/regen under the your character. Those are the numbers I am referring to.

    Mine says 978k/71.7m/2252k

    Now, I don't need to be told that 978k is very low. I have way higher on other DH's.

    I'm trying to figure out how they came up with the 71.7m ? I ask because I have similar numbers (vit/armor) on others, but have nowhere near 71.7m on them.

    Is there a math equation for this, and what stats does it include?

    I love the build, and she is very fast, it's just I am the kind of person who HAS to understand how things work.

    Anyone who could help explain, I would be very thankful.

    Just let me know what other stats Are needed for the equation.

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    posted a message on Useful cube powers

    Thanks for the info man.

    I appreciate the very good responce. I also wasn't aware you could search the builds like that with specifics, very cool to know.

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    posted a message on Useful cube powers

    I'm looking for useful powers that aren't obvious.

    Advice, so I don't actually have to sacrifice items just to see if it has a practical use.


    Has anyone done the Fjord cutter?

    Does the "chilling aura" actually hurt stuff?

    Also, Leorics crown. The game keeps it in the possible list, but how can a power completely dependant on what you socket work as a general power?

    Arcstone. I assume you still have to put a second one on your follower for this to work, you just don't have to wear one yourself?

    As far as the ones I use most, shard of hate is a must for any cold or lightning based farmer build.

    Nemesis bracers, unless your actually wearing them, help speed up rifts by multiplying how often you see minibosses.

    Anyone that can help with the above questions, and maybe add a few others that really help out that arent listed, thank you a ton.

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    posted a message on Extreme Chill Rift Farmer

    I tried twice, but i was on my phone and both times it reset everything after i was done. Wasted about 2 hours, and almost put my phone through the wall.

    I was really hoping the first response was going to be criticism, positive or constructive. But I will take whatever I can get, better then nothing, lol. Thank you for letting me know that at least someone even SAW this ^^

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    posted a message on Extreme Chill Rift Farmer

    This is my go-to rift farmer. Very fun build to play, may not be a GOD build, but sometimes fun and profit outweigh the need for perfection.

    (This is at paragon 240)

    Paragons; dex=10, movement=50, critDAM=50, critCH=10, areaDAM=30, LPH=30, life=20, armor=20, LPS=20

    Skills; Evasive Fire (focus), Rapid Fire (frost shots), Shadow Power (shadow glide), Companion (wolf), Sentry (polar station), Rain of Vengeance (flying strike)

    Passives; hot pursuit, archery, ambush, leech

    Cube powers; shard of hate, nemesis bracers, broken promises

    Weapon; Helltrapper with 115%critDAM socketed, high dex, and +7% attack speed

    Offhand; Sin Seekers

    Armor; frostburns (dex, as), death watch mantle (sentry, dex), aquilla cuirass (dex, vit), Nat-set-helm (dex, critCH, life% socketed), xephirian amulet (20 cold, 7as, 89%critDAM), strongarm bracers (20 cold, dex, critCH), witching hour (+evasive fire, 7as, critDAM), skelons deceit (dex, +evasive fire), ice climbers (dex, +rapid fire), restraint-focus-set-rings (dex, as, critCH)

    The 3 gem sockets for rings and amulet; Iceblink, Zels stone of Vengeance, bane of the trapped.

    Helltrapper isnt too important. I also use a good rolled hallowed condemnation, among others. As long as its damage is over 3k on the face and its got a 115% crit socketed it will serve its purpose. I find the added sentry actually does proc often however, which is why I like it. Remember, this is just a rift farmer, so maxed everything wasn't the goal, fun and effective was all I was going for.

    Ive got on the details list;

    AS increase= 45%




    Cold skills increase=55%

    Evasive fire increase=30%

    Rapid fire increase=72%

    I hope this is fun for someone to try out, Wanted to share. I did try twice to post it in the builds spot, but lost it all twice while setting skills and got mad and gave up (sorry, lol). So I figured here would be best.

    Let me know what you think IF you do try it, would love feedback. The really important and fun aspect was when the cube power Shard of hate was added, with the 250% freezing skull shooting every 1/2 second just overpowers all groups with evasive and rapid procing it.

    The nemesis bracers are also very very important. Every shrine popping a boss group makes the rifts fly faster, thus, faster farm runs. Just lay out a couple sentrys and clear around the shrine before popping it.

    Good luck ^^

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    posted a message on Easy question

    Good to know man ^^

    Thanks for that, I really needed another good excuse to get a monitor anyway.

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    posted a message on Easy question

    I searched keywords but didnt find this anywhere;

    What is the difference between ps4 pc and xb1 as far as playing with each other goes?

    I have D3 on pc and ps4, currently playing offline on ps4 as I fried my pc monitor. I guess you have to have psPlus to play it online, i figured I would wait until the season started before getting it. Thats today.

    So can i play with anyone on any source? Or is there a gimp involved for nonPc players?

    Should I just save my $$ and look for a new monitor and miss the season opening days, or am I fine?

    Thanks for any answers

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    posted a message on Reforge legendary question

    Thank you for that, you talked me out of what would have been very disappointing.

    And yes, I have thought about the power extraction, but it wouldn't work the way I want it to.

    The 'power' is the gaining of 2 stacks every second it doesn't damage, which is cool and all, but the belt also includes "sweeping wind +120% damage", which I would lose.

    I will just get it out of my mind I guess, if all its ever going to roll is lev 49 stats, then even blood shards would be a waste of time.

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    posted a message on Reforge legendary question

    I have a Kyoshiro's Soul that dropped when the character was 49, but the sweeping wind abilities are a big part of my build, so now I'm paragon 211 and everything I have is great except the belts stats.

    If I reforge it, will it reroll into the SAME belt? Or into a random legendary belt?

    Is there any danger of me losing the abilitys, or is it simply going to give me new higher level stats now?

    Thank you for any help offered.

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