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    Based on the recent post bro.

    that demo was literally D3.5

    they even said the game isn’t even in Alpha Stage. This game will come out 2022 earliest. 2023 is way more likely.

    D3 took 10 years to make. And when they had the beta, it was nothing like live server.

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    Quote from Glowpipe»

    They can't make an expansion where you lose access to things in the earlier game. So its gonna add on the game. Change minor things, but not change the base game.

    A new game can change a lot of stuff, make the base game better. Make it great from the start. Which d3 was far from. vanilla d3 was utter garbage.


    Hear that guys RMAH and unlimited trading still exist in RoS....
    D3 vanilla was Patch 1.0.0 - 1.0.8 (pour server connections, getting 1 shot by wasps in Inferno, HF ring, craftable lvl63 rares)
    Patch 2.0 was a prep for RoS with RoS launching in that patch. Tell us, where is this feature to break the 2 hour limit and exclusive party trade. and the Feature to get duplicated 2x socket manticores.
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    These questions are retarded as hell. It's been only 4 weeks into the season. Do the math. Add 8 weeks.

    Each season is roughly 10 weeks. Then there is always 1 - 4 weeks of down time.

    The PTR IS FAR FROM BALANCE. All these buffs were needed when firebird archon reign supreme from season 5 - 8. Season 9 - 10 was MH ARCHON. For 6 seasons the barb was underwhelming. They need to buff all the classes but the necromancer now because of the major power creep. Based on all these set buffs LoN is becoming useless now.

    They might as well give all mobs the juggernaut affix just to balance this power creep you keep begging for.

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    Barbs just need morticks bracers. it's not even OP anymore compared to the shit they have for the wiz and necro. Heck the WD has a build that makes zero logical sense in terms of mechanics.

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    Each run will take anywhere from 2-5 mins if you know what you are doing.

    The best way is to have at least 1 healer and 4 dps classes. Now just zerg rush the mid lane. If an event pops up, have 1 dps complete the task for that OBJ while the remaining 4 continue on mid.

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    Quote from The_Mootrix»

    Quote from Kamui1770»

    Quote from The_Mootrix»

    Quote from SpellDoX»

    why would u run max vit instead of int? since ur spells cost % life u also lose more

    That's all about getting more thorns damage with the Heart of Iron in the cube ('Gain Thorns equal to 300% of your Vitality').

    This was debunked in season 5 bro. You only gain 10% total increased dmg. Thorns scales off main stat first and foremost. The means the 300% is a mere fraction of the main stat multiplier. Why do you think for LoN bomb or Invokers people either go Rubies or diamonds. Its either raw DPS or damage mitigation.

    Just answering the question... not stating my life's philosophy or anything. Haha. That's why the original poster is (most likely) maxing his vit.

    I'm just clearing up a sadly common noob mistake.

    Another way of saying it is:

    300% of vit + thorns = new thorns


    Constants: 300k thorns, 8600 mainstat, 3000 vit,
    bunch of other mulipliers = Z
    Increase Vit. Say you have 3000 vit + 5 Amethyst = 4400. HoI in cube = 13200 bonus.
    (8600%+1) * 313200 * Z = effective dmg

    Increase main stat = flat multiplier increase. If you have 8600 int and you socket 5 topaz in gear you get 10k int. this translates to 10k% multiplier.
    (10k%+1) * 309000 thorns * Z = effective dmg.


    (3.12-2.72)/3.12 = 12.8% difference in power.
    this means having main stat gems socket in gear gives you approximately 13% more power than amethyst.
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    Sorry but i don't know why these post exist. You guys do know what RNG is? A Random Number Generator is like playing bingo. With a 1% drop rate this means there are 99 Zeros and 1 One in the binary code. 1% = the chance you'll get something. This means you have a chance to get nothing but Zeroes when that 0.01 coefficient hits. This does NOT mean let 100 legendaries drop or craft 100 legendaries and you are guaranteed 1 Primal.

    The only way to Increased your odds is to play more, do higher level GRs (70+), or spam Hope of Cain.

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    We aren't special enough.

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    Quote from Caikems»

    What's the fastest way to solo level these days? It seems like people are max level within an hour of a new season.

    the fastest way is to solo it.

    open up adventure mode > make sure magda or kulle is a bounty > kill them
    Go to FoM and HoA 1-3. level up to 11
    Finish all the bounties in act2
    back to FoM and HoA for 11-23
    Craft Cain's set > go back to FoM and HoA for 23-45 > go back to town and craft a level reduced lv60 item
    FoM and HoA for 45-70

    You can also go to Kanai's hunting grounds because you still have to get the cube.

    Your goal is to get Massacre Bonuses. The classes that work the best are DoT, ranged, or Pet classes. So DH and WD can achieve this the fastest.

    follow zerocool's guide

    1-70 in 2 hours
    Quote from Metropolis_Man

    These threads never cease to amaze me. When 99.9% of a player's time in a season is spent AFTER lvl 70 why are so many players in a rush to just get to 70? Does it make a difference if build A gets there in 2 hours and build B gets there in 4?

    because for early game leveling from 1-70 means who will hit the leaderboards first without a bot. 2-4 hours is the average for softcore. 3-5 hours is the average for Hardcore. If it takes you 5-10 hours then you are doing something wrong. because those 5 hours extra you spend is 200 - 400 paragon difference from you and another player.

    I had a clan mate who was paragon 200 by the time i hit lvl70. Granted I was playing HC versus his SC, it still makes a difference. Because the first 4 man team can essentially knockout 2 conquest in the game within the first 10-12 hours of launch. Boss mode and sprinter. Also if you already have a cohesive team, then getting on the top and staying there will be easy.
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    Yep, cuz the difference is there but not major. It can be any where from a 5% - 10% dps increase. This is under the assumption you don't have a perfectly rolled ancient.

    But PA are actually amazing on a zmonk and LoN bomb. Think on nearly all gear you have a perfect globe bonus and perfect 9500 thorns. It's actually a stat boost for specific builds just not game breaking

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