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    I see this total different. Big nubers are no reason for any to come back to Diablo 3.

    Oh wow the game play is the same. TheThe features are the same. But my fireball has a bigger critical number now. I'll change the game..

    Said no gamer ever.. imo!!!!!!!!!!

    2.6.1 will be (after this first look on the patch notes) a big balance patch. I like that. It makes old build viable again. Numbers are just numbers. U do more dmg but it's no matter. They can easily change hp values of the enemy to compensate this. And I don't 5hing that the 1k% -->3k% dmg multiplier will all be like they are atm. This is the first patch on the prt. And I see not any negative point about the changes they will do. Focus more on the changes in general and not so much focus on the numbers. Ptr will be there for 1-2 month till next season will start in around 2 month. Many changes will happen

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    About the dmg numbers: I can remember that blizzard said, that the dmg nubers in Diablo are irrelevant. 1m. 1 mrd. 1 b. No matter as in Diablo. The main reason is to kill and slash demons. And they said, that they don't do big nerfs to classes, instead they buff others. It's pretty cool.

    I like the patch atm. There are huge changes and d3 need changes every season imo. Balance changes. Some little reworks or adjustments. So we have more fun in playing different classes or specs. Atm I wanna play every Clas in 2.6.1. Such nice item changes and I think this will bring more lon builds which I like. But it's all new on the ptr and many changes will be going on the ptr. Let's see what happens.

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    Looks pretty funny. Maybe I get all this ancient pieces...

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    Hey guys.

    I just wondered why no1 uses any rend with the waste set. So I thought about it and wanna do a built with rend as the main dmg spell.

    We need the 4 piece bonus of the waste set which gives us 500% extra dmg on rend and the dmg is trippled while using ww.

    I wanna combine the 4 PC bonus with an 6pc ik set for another 400% overall dmg and permanent wotb.

    The dubble rend belt and grandeur ring will be cubed.

    Ps: im.playing hc

    Some thing can be discussed.

    -which gems would be best?

    -which rings to use

    -which bracers

    -what is the last skill? ( ancients wotb WC rend and ww aber set 100%)

    I will try to build this barb asap and can share my result here. But maybe I get some useful tips here.

    Regards krinte

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