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    Hunger games 8/10

    Captain America 7/10

    Austin Powers 3 Goldmember 5/10

    I watch a lot of movies... This is all today.

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    Dune (1984) is there a finer scifi movie?....erm i think not.
    When SyFy channel makes a better dune adaptation ... well, enough said. :P

    Silent House: 5/10. Not scary and quite predictable. Me and the wife guessed the ending about 15 minutes in. We just thought it was bad acting, though. LOL. Loved how the movie was shot though. Quite unique.
    The 1984 version of Dune was a masterpiece to all those who have enough braincells to appreciate it,to anybody else i would imagine a southpark remake of dune would entertain them more :facepalm:

    Sorry, but after reading the book the movie just sucks. I read it, was excited to watch the movie, stopped watching after 15min. It was horrendous!! If you have enough brain cells to read, do yourself a favor and forget the movie ever existed.
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