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    Insane D2 Mod for Diablo II LOD ( 2020 )

    Closed Server ( Multiplayer is better in hell )
    [SEASON 1 = 01/02/2020]

    HD Patchs

    Custom Maps

    Custom Uniques, & Set Items

    Monsters / Elite Monsters / Uber Monsters / balanced, increased random affixes

    Stats and affixes, balanceds [ by master rank starcraft 2 player ]

    Characters, Skills, skill effects, update from A to Z

    no any pay-to-win, no rewards, no items, no commercial purpose, no any items are sold for money on the server.

    New Characters Skills
    Examples:- Barbarian: Whirlwind = powerfull deadly cleave attack, you can use Whirlwind cleave + Frenzy/Stun
    - Sorc: Fire Orb
    - Necromancer: Wizard Skeletons are casting frozen orbs,
    you can summons some powerfull dps summons :
    Zombies: cold/poison Spells and attack
    1 Chaos Monster lightning spells, ... and Golems are now very powerfulls.

    After Closed and Open beta testing, for a long time, finally we are finally up, the Server is perfect i can tell!

    Season 1 is Starting!! the % drop rates are specials; scaleds; etc.. one season should last 1 year.


    Insane D2 Youtube Vids




    D2 VETERAN? prepare to fight;


    Come play with us! on the Closed Server, as the monsters are hard difficulty but ok's for solo, still, hell challenges awaits you..

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