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    posted a message on My Non Gamer Wife's first experiences with Diablo
    I've been coaxing my fiance into playing some games. It's been difficult as her laptop is next to worthless and definitely could not run Diablo 3. I started her off with Plants vs Zombies. She's fairly adverse to violent games sadly. The Sims had her hooked for a long time.

    What you have to be careful of is getting your partner addicted to gaming. It's far less fun being having a gaming addict partner as being the addict yourself.

    "Vagina frogs" is hilarious.
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    posted a message on WOW vs Diablo3 Did WOW Ruin our Diablo 3 experience?
    Apples and oranges.

    I have noticed that my years in WoW made it difficult for me to get deeply immersed in other mmorpg titles that had different control systems, even slightly different. I would liken it to trying to drive an automatic car after a manual. It's just strange and uncomfortable, your hands and fingers are in different places doing different things. It's almost like you're rewiring your brain.

    With Diablo not only are the controls relatively simplistic, it's a different style of game completely. You're looking at a different world from a different perspective.

    I guess what I'm saying is WoW impacted on my ability to play other games in its genre but Diablo isn't really there with it. (Of course genres aren't neatly defined things and if you want to go broad and say they're both rpgs, go ahead).
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    posted a message on What classes will you team up with?
    I'm less interested in the class a person plays as who the person is.

    I'm extremely picky about who I play multiplayer games with for a range of reasons: Abusive behaviour and obscene language, selfishness, elitism etc.

    I'll be playing the game almost exclusively with my closest friend, we'll both most likely be playing Barbarians first as it was our mutual favourite class in D2. We spent long hours grinding, farming, tweaking, stat calculating for that class alone.

    How important a variety of classes is in higher difficulties is up to Blizzard but I'm hoping that they won't force class diversity upon us to a huge extent.
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    posted a message on EPIC!
    If I thought a heartfelt plea would work I'd be begging all over forums too. You can think of getting a beta key similarly to getting a woman, or man, if you are so inclined. When does begging work? Pity rewards you rarely.

    You have a nice idea, about giving a fresh account away if you stop using it so more people can experience it.

    My plan is to just stay cool, live my life, try to get noticed when I can and hope for the best. Women, and beta keys, can smell desperation.
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    posted a message on Which blizzard title would make the best movie?
    I think the first Diablo story would work as a movie really well. A bit like Sleepy Hollow + The Exorcist.

    D2 would also make a great movie, though different. The siege on the Barbarians in the xpack could make it closer to a 300 or Troy with less horror and more action. This isn't to say the original Diablo had no action however it was darker and had, in my opinion, a more mysterious and enthralling story.

    Moving out of the D universe I'd definitely agree with Starcraft but as you mentioned there'd be the danger of straying into something very similar to AVP. Blizzard would do a much better job of it though. AVP Requiem was garbage.

    Warcraft would be interesting for sure. I think for me I got my fill of that universe in my wow years. I'd just hate for Blizzard to cater to the popular masses and sacrifice storytelling for mindless violence and teen drama. There's massive potential in the Warcraft universe with how the orcs went from invaders to captives in internment camps with Thrall playing the role of a fantastical Moses.

    They have so many individual stories they could choose to tell in that universe, I just wonder what they would choose to do first. Personally I'd opt for a film that shows the beginning. The story we got from the Dark Portal when the orcs first arrived.

    My only real advice is never sell the rights to Uwe Boll! :bleh:
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    posted a message on diablo being too much overtwinked
    He definitely is getting hornier and mouthier. I don't really have any issue with it though. If his physical form is a manifestation of his soul's influence on his host's body he could feasibly look like just about anything 'evil'.

    Maybe similar to the Alien idea. An alien from a human is different physically than an alien from a flea-riddled cow, it's different again from an alien from a predator, and so on.

    I don't think it's over the top, especially these days, and I think all versions of him are great.

    I never did feel that his running like a dog in D2 was normal though.
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    posted a message on People wanting to play beta
    In a lot of cases people want something they don't have. The more difficult it is to get, the more they want it.

    Once they've got it they come to realisation that it's just a thing and what they really wanted was the recognition or status of having the item more than any function it provides.

    How people choose to go about getting that recognition varies, as we have seen on these forums from people who do get keys.

    I think the entire purpose for which people are given keys has been forgotten by many people who get them. In saying that, Blizzard is no doubt aware that a number of the keys will be used by people who will not do any real testing and will provide no feedback to help them polish the game.

    What pains the rest of us most is the knowledge that we would do a far better job than many others who 'had a go' at getting a key, or just gained one through the opt-in out of curiosity.

    I can't see much quality testing, attention to detail, or constructive feedback coming from someone who likes MW3 anyway.
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    posted a message on Computer Specs
    Graphics processor is always the snag for gaming on a laptop. The 230M is just below the recommended requirement for the game so you should be sweet.

    Diablo 3, as with all Blizzard games, is not the most demanding.

    Some might argue because technology has progressed so far in the time they've taken to develop the game is why. Others will say that it's about style more than the latest fancy feature to add nose hair self shadowing.

    A tip for anyone buying a laptop ever. If you plan to play ANY game on it, make sure it has its own dedicated graphics processor made by AMD or nVidia. If it says Intel run as if it's trying to stab you in the heart.
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    posted a message on WARNING: HUGE SPOILER FOR DIABLO 1 FANS
    He's definitely one of my fondest memories from the original game. At that age his line came as a terrifying shock. Even knowing when and where he would come from on subsequent playthroughs I'd spend my time clearing the rest of the level first, just in case I needed kiting room.

    Good times.
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    posted a message on What to do until Diablo 3
    I've been studying.

    This semester I have 14 assignments. The free time I do have I play Skyrim or Anno 2070 or enter D3 beta key comps.

    Once the release date is announced I'll be able to plan my remaining time.
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    posted a message on Thanks Diablofans
    Congrats. I've been doing the same thing; trying to make constructive posts in threads that I feel I'll add something to. As you've mentioned though, you also need lady luck to give you a wink and a tickle.

    She's been an elusive vixen my entire life. One day though... She'll be mine.
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    posted a message on Will you make a Demon Hunter ?
    I'll make and play every class to cap. I'll probably do that multiple times in fact, though that depends on just how good the game is.

    There usually isn't a class in an rpg I can't stand to play. The assassin in D2 came close for me.
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    posted a message on Immersive Ambient Occlusion Shadowing
    As others have said I'd want to try it myself and see the difference in multiple different areas/scenes.

    Did anyone else notice just how different it made the health and magic globe look? It almost inverts where the light and dark areas are.

    I have had mixed results with AO in other games and it can, depending on the quality have a major impact on performance.

    For me at least it'll be a wait and see. Thanks for letting us know though.
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    posted a message on Diablo the WoW killer ?
    I personally think wow is doing a pretty good job at killing itself and has been for a long time now. The increasing amount of catering towards casualism took the challenge out of it and the prestige of being at the top. Separating pve and pvp in terms of gear also did damage, in my opinion.

    All of that is a point on its own but Diablo and WoW are extremely different things as well. If you only assume a person will play one game and not switch inbetween a few then the concept of a game killer becomes more valid. If, however you think that a person can and does play a variety of games from different genres then it's less likely one game is capable of killing another and a person leaving it is based upon a factor like interest, money, time (I'll accept the time factor can be influenced by the uptake of another title).

    The big thing about wow is that its systems and gameplay become habitual. You create a routine and follow it and it becomes normal to do so. Add the positive reinforcement people receive for every little accomplishment you've got a potent mix of habit and endorphins. Coincidentally very similar to how people stay hooked on drugs, habit + chemical dependency.

    At any rate, Diablo 3 won't kill wow.
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    posted a message on Development is Taking too Long
    It's interesting someone actually complained they got a car instead of an iPhone. That's kind of hilarious. It does show that the actual worth and the subjective worth of items can vary greatly.

    Having said that the real world worth of a Diablo 3 beta key is 0 while its subjective worth can be massive.

    One difference between an iPhone and a beta key is you can go acquire money and purchase it, getting a beta key is a little more tricky and luck based.
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