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    Here is a build I thought up. Might have to change the Kanai's cube ring for Krysbin's Sentence for a lot more damage, instead of Halo or Arlyse which is nice because it provides more tankiness and extra freeze. I used the Legacy of Nightmares set for rings for late game max damage since I didn't really see what else could fit into this build except maybe Halo of Arlyse and something like a Stone of Jordan, so if you have some other recommendations please tell me. Note that the damage of this set is not considered by d3planner so the damage you see is calculate without the bonus of +100%/ancient legendary.

    I just restarted playing after a long while so I don't know much about the new meta for wizards except that lightning wizard is what's most powerful at the moment. I haven't been over GR lvl 60 so I would like those who have experience in higher level GR to tell me what they think about it and if you have some modifications to propose I would like to hear them.

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