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    posted a message on How would you improve Diablo 3?

    1. every new expansion should have 2 new classes MINIMUM. e.g. druid.... amazon.... assassin ....

    2. add world boss raiding kind of like what was demonstrated in D4 demo. Also dungeon raiding. colloseum PVP, and also world PVP zones. So most of that farmed gear will be mostly for pvp, or if you just want to participate in higher end raids. Also to keep end content fresh, to have new areas added, new bosses, new side quests, new gear etc....

    3. the stuff they talked about adding in D4.

    4. the design for d3 was more frequent legend drops so that everyone gets a chance to use them. But i prefer that they LOWER the drop rate to make getting an item MORE meaningful. And also reduce the chances of just anyone having the best item straight away. You shorten the longevity of the game if you made everything drop left and right so ez. In D4 they are capping 1 mythic item able to be equipped, so that is interesting.

    Ultimately this is pointless. D3 was not perfect, lets get that out of the way. But it did improve on graphics (regardless of our thoughts on the more colorful and brighter palletes use vs d1/d2), and flexibility in experimenting with builds without punishing the user by locking them into a build permanently.

    The question you should be asking is how would you improve Diablo 4 after learning from the mistakes in D3, for what needs to be done to improve upon that.

    The D4 darker horror theme is a good start. But i feel the microtransactions is a very bad thing for the diablo series.

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    posted a message on Are "best class" still a thing?

    i recommend watching rhykers video for best builds season16


    but essentially not all classes and builds are equal in terms of their effectiveness.

    lots of classes except necro got buffs for season 16.

    as consequence, a lancer pestilence necro which was "S" class last season is now considered a "A" class in Season 16.

    in the previous seasons, the rat runs strategy involved inclusion of specific necro builds. this was a OP method for some cheesing clearance, and quite popular. whether this can carry on in Season 16, i'm unsure.


    so yes, i am sure in s16 there is going to be best class+builds for all sorts of activities (group grifts, solo grifts, speed rifts) etc..

    that said, i'm still going with a necromancer lancer build despite it being rated a "a" class now. it is likely it is still playable if not exactly the best for this season, and it's simply just a class i enjoy to play.

    up to each player what it is they want to achieve and pick class/build accordingly.

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    posted a message on I'm happy for this D1 involvement REALLY HAPPY

    seems it's a temporary change. But hopefully it will give both us the gamers and blizzard a renewed perspective of whether some of the visual and AUDIO themes to modernize D3 was really the right thing to do.

    As a big Diablo fan, i'm glad they were creative enough to come up with this. This is what will bring me back to playing Diablo3, having a catacombs and this retro visual nostalgia :D

    Necromancer in 2017 is one of the up coming updates i'm greatly looking forward to :]

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    posted a message on Blizzard are infuriating!
    i can understand your frustration, but the one that i most agree on is the gem crafting which feels ridiculous.

    For example say i want to make radiant gem, i got to makes dozens of lower level ones before i can click to build a radiant. This takes dozens of clicks !!! its ridunculous >:{
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    posted a message on Tyrael Tattoo(s). Regret?
    let me guess..... after you all found out tyrael was a black guy, did the haters start hating him ...

    if a kkk had a tyrael tattoo done, and later found out about the color of his skin .... PWNT!
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    posted a message on Tank Demon Hunter Build Guide
    i agree with sparkimus.

    Also when you consider Athene can get 400k + dps on his DH, that totaly blows aways any real need to tank.

    Although i found your build unique and interesting, and i do think it could be useful for certain situations, maybe iskatu fight ?

    But for general gameplay, a DH would definitely want to aim for Athene's sort of dps build simply because lets respecing needed if at all.
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    posted a message on My Barbarian tank build
    I say mine, but actually i had some tips and advise from others over at the official blizzard forum which gave me some ideas what would work best for a barbarian tank build, and this is what i came up with....

    To this

      the reason i chose jump over stomp, is because of mobility. The previous build seriously lacked that. There is no way to escape, or move around fast enough to quickly grab enemies away from your team mates.

      Also i noticed that the jump modifier has a larger range for grouping monsters to you, also having 2 second shorter cooldown, with the same damage output and same fury generation.

      I do have a question though. is it possible to jump and land in the same spot your already standing at ? Because sometimes i don't want to jump away. I just want to jump where i'm already standing so the monsters don't move all over the place.

      Rawries since you got beta could you confirm this for me please.

      PS: i still think the stomp effect will look cooler, but practically the jump seems more superior in terms of mobility, and able to group monsters from a wider radius.

      so this is the summary of my new build

      abilities with no cooldown

      Cleave (bound to left click) generates 5 fury per attack.

      Threatening shout requires 20 fury for each cast.

      Whirlwind requires 16 fury PER SECOND to cast.

      Revenge (this is more of a passive that procs when your attacked)

      abilities with cooldowns

      Warcry 30 seconds generates 30 fury

      Leap 10 seconds generates 15 fury

      So i start off by doing the following in this order.

      1. Buff up using warcry (always recast this every 30 seconds from the initial time you use it to keep generating fury. I'll bind this to number 2 on keyboard)

      2. Leap to where the enemy is. have to make sure it hits the enemy for me to generate fury. if you leap but don't land on anyone, you don't get fury. Also this helps with doing some damage although this won't be my main damage (anyway keep leaping onto enemy every 10 seconds from initial cast. This will be bound to my right click)

      3. Use threatening shout. Because once you've reached the enemy, you need to immediately taunt them using this so they stick to you and not run to your team mates. There is no cooldown but recasting many so soon adds up. So i will use this sparingly when necessary. (but of course i will have to ALWAYS recast this every 6 seconds minimum, because that is how long the taunt effect lasts. I'll bind this to number 1 on keyboard)

      4. when my fury orb is like 70-80% full, i will start dumping fury on Whirlwind which costs 16 fury per second to use. This is my main damage output and where i will be dumping all my excess fury on. I will however make sure not to over spend fury, by keeping at least 20 fury available for my taunts. So the trick is not to use up fury just as soon as you get it. You need to stock it up to almost full, before you start dumping it on whirlwind, but even then save enough for the taunts just in case.

      5. Revenge doesn't have a specific order because it's a passive. So during the whole process of tanking the mobs, it will proc and also deal damage to enemies as well as heal me :} it's pretty awesome.

      So ...

      2, right click, 1, left click repeatedly on enemies, 1, right click, 2, 1, right click, 1, 2, right click, 1, right click, 1,2

      Something like that :}

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