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    Build & Gearing

    This is a melee defensive build that offers between 93.75%-96.88% damage reduction outside of your armour and resistances with extremely high life regeneration, shield hp and passive damage. It destroys monsters by doing almost nothing, helping you survive lag spikes and disconnections with not much problems. Its great for speed farming rifts, GR and bounties. You essentially just shred enemies by walking through them.

    With augmented gear you can expect to clear

    GR60 - 2 minutes

    GR70 - 3-4 minutes

    For pushing Greater Rifts you can expect to reach GR90 with decent paragon levels and augmented gear however you will be placing yourself in risk of death. This build is more suitable for speed clearing lower GRs and farming in general safely.

    Passive Damage

    There is a lot of synergy between the items. Anything within 15 yards of you is shredded automatically.

    -Bane of the Trapped procs Krysbin's Sentence increasing your damage by 100% or 300% when other crowd controls are applied.

    -Pain Enhancer is auto applied by the Inarius Set through Bone Armour when you crit with your tornado. This will be your primary damage.

    -Aura of Frailty procs Trag'Oul's Corroded Fang increasing your damage by 200%

    -Bul-Kathos Wedding Band shreds monsters that are within 5 yards of you and heals you for a small 1% life per sec. All damage modifiers increases its damage (Inarius 2750% etc) which makes it quite powerful.

    For all this passive damage to take place you must have Bone Armour up. Bone Armour lasts for 1 minute and has a 10 second cooldown which is more than enough to survive lag spikes and bad disconnections. Just make sure to apply Bone Armour every 10 seconds to allow yourself at worst 50 seconds of protection if you happen to disconnect.


    -Wisdom of Kalan amulet = 75% damage reduction. 5% damage reduction for each stack for a total of 15 stacks.

    -Aquila Cuirass 50% damage reduction.

    -Unity Ring = 50% damage reduction.

    -Optional: Dayntee's Binding Belt = 50% damage reduction. This can be applied through your Grim Scythe - Cursed Scythe. For patch 2.6.1 this effect will be automatically activated by Aura of Frailty.

    Total Damage reduction is 93.75% and 96.88% if you use Dayntee's Belt.

    Life Regeneration and Shield

    Bone Armour - Thy Flesh Sustained + Wisdom of Kalan will increase your life regeneration by 10% each stack to a maximum of 15 stacks which equates to 150% increase in life regeneration. Combine this with Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard and you can easily reach 300 000 life regeneration and more with the passive Draw Life. In turn this gives you a massive hp shield of 200% of your life regeneration. One can double their health pool and shields also benefit from heals making it very valuable in hardcore.


    -Physical Damage%>Crit Chance>Crit Damage>Intelligence>Vitality/Armour/Life%/All Resist.
    -Armour Sockets for Rubies and Diamonds
    -Attack speed is not necessary, it will only increase Corspe Lance damage. It would be better to focus on a defensive stat than attack speed.


    Use Land of the Dead to get your Bone Armour up to 15 stacks safely.

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