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    posted a message on Noob Necromancer stuck at 60 GR.

    Sorry, but are you a troll? You have removed the damage roll from your weapon.

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    posted a message on GR70+

    Well, if I remember correctly, UE DH is one of the easiest builds to play. Your DH looks like you should be able to do 70 with a few tweaks:

    Reroll your amulet to have a socket so you get the third legendary gem. Note that this is a decently rolled amulet but it lacks a special power (like Hellfire or Etlich).

    Level and use the relevant gems for the build (Trapped, Zei's, Stricken). Though you may get away with Powerful instead of Zei's.

    For your toughness you could reroll your bow from attack speed into a massive vit roll.

    Use emeralds instead of diamonds in your gear.

    Some rolls are clearly not optimal, maybe you pay too much attention to the tooltip info regarding dps and toughness. They lie. Attack speed for example gives monstrous amounts of sheet dps though its actual influence is often close to zero for you're interested in damage per shot or damage per resource spent.

    Maybe you find some more pointers if you compare your char to my DH named Donna. Haven't played her for a long time, but that used to be the cookie cutter build.

    edit: Regarding gameplay, you have to pay attention to your Focus and Restraint buffs. Keep both active at all times. Put Convention of Elements in the cube and pay attention to its fire buff as well. Move around and herd mobs during the other elements and go ham during red. Give your Templar the Oculus Ring.

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    posted a message on Keep or Trash
    Quote from ToBeRuined»

    There should be one powerful item in the game that cannot be repaired making it engaged with Zakara's.

    Maybe that'll be the big 2.7 patch.
    Primal Ancient Items now have a 1% chance to become Ethereal Primal Ancient Items. :)

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    posted a message on What Should D4 Look Like? (when it comes out 15+ years from now)
    Quote from Metropolis_Man»

    "Turning Diablo female." Lol. Good one...like the gender of the main protagonist is written down somewhere as a law to be always followed.

    Oh my, he's the antagonist and the character has been established in the previous two iterations of the game. Name me one villain of any popular game or movie franchise who changed gender..

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    posted a message on What Should D4 Look Like? (when it comes out 15+ years from now)

    Well, first of all, for story reasons the game mustn't be called "Diablo 4" but maybe something like "Diablo Legends". D3 shat on the storyline and I don't want a continuation of this. Killing off Cain, turning Diablo female.. those kind of "just do it" stupidities.

    I want a game with Cain, Tyrael, Diablo and his brothers intact.

    Second, apparently the gameplay is the one saving grace of D3, keep that and optimize it. Please don't give us lag issues due to class mechanics (D2 Necro too many minions, D3 WD Helltooth dots yadda, yadda..) yet again.

    Third, where is the depth, the complexity? Area-wise we have (G)Rifts and bounties, item-wise we have equippable uniques and equippable set-items + bland currency. I'm extremely biased because I'm currently playing PoE and this excels at these points. I can choose from dozens of areas that I want to farm (maps), these farmable areas are actual item drops (so instead of a GR key one needs a map). Aside from these non-equippable maps there are myriads of items that have a right to exist. I can modify my atlas to influence the drop chances for certain maps.

    Don't get me wrong, not everything at PoE is better, some things are strictly outdated (like portal scrolls or leveling for many hours before playing the real game),

    Fourth.. solo vs multiplayer. I'm too old for a fixed schedule with a fixed group of people. And I don't want to rely on strangers. Try to give me the same quality product.

    Fifth.. stash space, seriously. May sound like a minor issue compared to the rest and not warrant its own point. PoE is free to play and no microtransaction influences the power of your character. Yet I have paid 50$ already for (fancy) stash space alone. I will never understand the level of condescending stupidity that is the D3 stash policy. In a game about collecting items, why the f** are we not allowed to keep said items? I've said it before and I will say it again: The game shipped with sufficient space for one character class. So it was kind of labeled incorrectly saying "play as 5 classes..." should've said "play as 1 out of 5 classes.."

    rant over, see you in Wraeclast

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    And if I may add some basic advice of where to spend your time and ressources:

    basic guidelines:

    1) Spend as much time as possible in Greater Rifts, which you can clear fast (aim for 3min).

    2) Don't waste any ressource but blood shards on items that are available at Kadala for 25 blood shards (all armor and offhand items)

    3) If you don't need anything off bounties right now, work on other areas so you can do the bounties faster and on a higher difficulty when you get around doing them.

    For the remaining items, here's a list:

    need a bounty item: Do that act's bounties (well, obvious).

    need a specific weapon: Farm Death's Breath in regular rifts and use the "upgrade rare to legendary" cube recipe (the yellow item can be crafted at the blacksmith, make sure to craft the right type, eg sword or 2h mace).

    need a specific ancient weapon: Either go the DB route (more tries required but avoids bounties) or do bounties for the expensive "reroll legendary" recipe.

    need an amulet: If your spec wants Hellfire, do that event. If you need a set amulet from a class set, put your first extra item of that set into the cube and use the "set to same set" recipe until you get the amulet. If you need Traveler's Pledge, see weapons.

    need a ring: Well, anything goes, 50 blood shards at Kadala is a mediocre deal, the same applies to using the DB recipe on non-weapons. But if you have to brute force a ring, do both.


    Death's Breath: regular rifts, again those that you can farm fast (not T12 or 13)

    yellow, blue, white mats: Go to act 5 Battlefields of Eternity and click on all those weapon piles for white items (most mats per item). Then you can transform your excess white mats into yellow or blue in the cube.

    Forgotten Souls: Nothing specific, but you get the most legendaries if you follow basic rule #1.

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    posted a message on Barb, stuck at 62 GR. Any advice is appreciated

    Couple of things:

    You've wasted quite a few rerolls on unimportant stats. I know there's guide info that says Ancient Parthan Defender + % CC stuff is great, but if you look at the leaderboards, people mostly use Nemesis Bracers to spawn extra monsters for a faster progress.

    As a result of those wasted rerolls you lack crit chance on multiple items (10 on amulet, 6 on helm and bracers) which lead to an abysmal damage output.

    You completely lack area damage, fix that, it's an even higher priority than CDR (ideally your weapons should have both)

    Lightning damage is wasted, you want physical because that's the damage type of your WW rune. Lacking that is quite detrimental. That Hellfire amulet is really bad, if you don't have one with decent stats, take a well rolled version of any other amulet, some legendary affixes are quite good, too (Eye of Etlich for example).

    There's no point to Rend, take War Cry instead for a big toughness boost (30% dodge or 20% resist rune).

    Diamonds are better than rubies for pushing higher rifts because survivability is more of an issue than damage.

    Berserker Rage over Ruthless because you're always on max fury anyway.

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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Legendaries

    Yeah and then suddenly we don't want Yang's Recurve as a vanilla bow but as a Hydra bow.. :)

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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Legendaries

    Guys, I don't get these complaints. Yes it's not a very creative addition but it's not like we're getting this tiny addition instead of something awesome. We're in maintenance mode and only have a small number of people at Blizz still working on Diablo. By now everything we get is a bonus. And the armory feature for example is a huge QoL improvement.

    About intensifiying the grind, what's the matter? 24/7 players will have the same relative power as before. Some sooner, some later, that's RNG, but by the end of a season I expect players with equal playtime (above a certain threshold) to be equally strong.

    What I would like is an option to only display ancients and or primal ancients in guild chat. I like seeing the nice finds of the others, but they get flooded in all the trash.

    Quote from Bagstone»

    and it's why I was farming bounties to re-roll Tal amulets recently.

    Don't know what you're getting faster, but I prefer the reroll set item recipe for amulets. Feels like a small cheat everytime as it avoids bounties. Soul cost on average is about the same. I know it can't roll ancient, which to me doesn't matter (for amulets).

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    posted a message on OLD player coming back!

    Oh please don't start the game looking for someone to carry your weight. It's easy enough as is and - like Bagstone said - more enjoyable if you actually play the game.

    Next thing, don't blindly follow the season journey tasks. If they tell you to kill a certain boss, don't rush there unless it's the last step of a chapter that rewards something. You will probably kill that boss as a bounty target before too long.

    Oh and last but quite certainly first: There's "adventure mode" now, make sure to toggle that on. The story mode is redundant by now.

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    posted a message on Brainless Builds Comparison: Sage's set builds (with videos)

    Hey, this has become super-awesome since you started with questions for others to answer.

    Back then I had wondered what might have happened to the old "Flash Fire Wiz" for there was only a build using that new(?) Paralyze ring, but now it looks like the old queen is back ;)

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    posted a message on Cool video Diablo 2 vs Diablo 3

    No really. While I agree that D2 felt better during its prime than D3 feels now, this is just a compilation of "D3 doesn't have this that D2 had, so it sucks".

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    posted a message on PTR 2.4.2: "Twisters will now despawn if they stop moving".

    Not mad at you, just trying to put things into perspective.

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    posted a message on help me choose for S7



    get stash tab before WoW: Legion

    play mostly solo


    So, I'm looking at WDs and Barbs and these are my thoughts:


    have played this as my first S6 char and did the gr75 and gem lvl conquests before playing another class

    pro: I know what I'm doing and the class is super strong

    con: I'd just repeat what I did some weeks ago


    have loved the whirling game since the glorious days of ICEBLINK and not played it since S4

    pro: I'd like to play a fresh class

    con: Whirlwind is considered bad, don't know if I like the other builds and how they fare vs the WD (can I reach my goals with it?)

    I know, I could have the stash tab 20 hours into the season. Won't happen. No energy drinks, no dedicated level group and potentially other stuff to worry about. That being said, I don't consider myself horribly inefficient.

    The only other class I haven't played in S6 (see signature btw for what I toyed around with) is the DH, though I have plans to just play her in NS with the UE gear I have from S4.

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    posted a message on PTR 2.4.2: "Twisters will now despawn if they stop moving".

    100 level gems are not nigh end. 200 top is not high end. This is "casual", like me.

    115+ gems are high end. top10 is high end.

    Oh please, you know this is bs. I get that everyone likes to call himself "casual" based on some concept that there are only winners, losers and casuals, who somehow are the real winners because they would be #1, yet don't invest the time since they spend it on superior activities.

    No one with 100+ hours into this season would get that "casual"-stamp outside of our bubble. So why don't we try to find a better term for people like us? How about just "gamers"? There's nothing wrong with spending lots of time with a hobby without becoming world champion, just look at football players for example.

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