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    And if I may add some basic advice of where to spend your time and ressources:

    basic guidelines:

    1) Spend as much time as possible in Greater Rifts, which you can clear fast (aim for 3min).

    2) Don't waste any ressource but blood shards on items that are available at Kadala for 25 blood shards (all armor and offhand items)

    3) If you don't need anything off bounties right now, work on other areas so you can do the bounties faster and on a higher difficulty when you get around doing them.

    For the remaining items, here's a list:

    need a bounty item: Do that act's bounties (well, obvious).

    need a specific weapon: Farm Death's Breath in regular rifts and use the "upgrade rare to legendary" cube recipe (the yellow item can be crafted at the blacksmith, make sure to craft the right type, eg sword or 2h mace).

    need a specific ancient weapon: Either go the DB route (more tries required but avoids bounties) or do bounties for the expensive "reroll legendary" recipe.

    need an amulet: If your spec wants Hellfire, do that event. If you need a set amulet from a class set, put your first extra item of that set into the cube and use the "set to same set" recipe until you get the amulet. If you need Traveler's Pledge, see weapons.

    need a ring: Well, anything goes, 50 blood shards at Kadala is a mediocre deal, the same applies to using the DB recipe on non-weapons. But if you have to brute force a ring, do both.


    Death's Breath: regular rifts, again those that you can farm fast (not T12 or 13)

    yellow, blue, white mats: Go to act 5 Battlefields of Eternity and click on all those weapon piles for white items (most mats per item). Then you can transform your excess white mats into yellow or blue in the cube.

    Forgotten Souls: Nothing specific, but you get the most legendaries if you follow basic rule #1.

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    Couple of things:

    You've wasted quite a few rerolls on unimportant stats. I know there's guide info that says Ancient Parthan Defender + % CC stuff is great, but if you look at the leaderboards, people mostly use Nemesis Bracers to spawn extra monsters for a faster progress.

    As a result of those wasted rerolls you lack crit chance on multiple items (10 on amulet, 6 on helm and bracers) which lead to an abysmal damage output.

    You completely lack area damage, fix that, it's an even higher priority than CDR (ideally your weapons should have both)

    Lightning damage is wasted, you want physical because that's the damage type of your WW rune. Lacking that is quite detrimental. That Hellfire amulet is really bad, if you don't have one with decent stats, take a well rolled version of any other amulet, some legendary affixes are quite good, too (Eye of Etlich for example).

    There's no point to Rend, take War Cry instead for a big toughness boost (30% dodge or 20% resist rune).

    Diamonds are better than rubies for pushing higher rifts because survivability is more of an issue than damage.

    Berserker Rage over Ruthless because you're always on max fury anyway.

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    No really. While I agree that D2 felt better during its prime than D3 feels now, this is just a compilation of "D3 doesn't have this that D2 had, so it sucks".

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    Not mad at you, just trying to put things into perspective.

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    Quote from peteed1985»

    Conquests are just nuts I mean T10 rift in under 2 mins? How can you do something that takes 6 to 8 mins in 2?

    How many hours have you played your seasonal char? Do you have a link to your profile?

    I would guess that you have played much less than the people posting here and probably less efficient as well, which is fine.

    If you want those conquests, you will have to switch gears. Your options:

    a) Find people to do the groupable conquests together.
    B) Look up the relevant solo GR guide for your class and push until 75. That basically includes the 3x 65 gems.
    c) Look up speed builds for your class and get the 2min TX and 20min boss conquests.

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    Quote from oldschool_2o4f»

    Well, you're rolling off or avoiding all crit related affix's so those are open for toughness rolls? It didn't look that hard to me.

    Keep in mind I'm talking about using normal non-seasonal wizard stash to equip,

    I got to test this and you're right, the gear requirements aren't that high, I must've catched a wrong toughness number from the vid. (edit: I didn't, but you don't need 90m toughness for gr80.)
    I see no harm for you in trying, at least you'll get the joy of playing something very unconventional. That joy may be short-lived though because it honestly isn't much fun to play. The playstyle reminds me of the super early vanilla era, when you could beat the entire game with a DH @ 8k hp (eg getting one-shot by literally everything).
    If you care about paragon and gem lvls(why?), this should be the fastest solo(!) route. However note that beyond that you'll never level these gems again with your regular chars, might influence the motivation to play them.

    About leaderboards: I don't care about them, but given that the 4p players have reached 120 it doesn't matter if any solo class can bug its way to lvl 100. Paragon and gem lvls from the legitimate multiplayer "cheese" are still higher.

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    Hey guys, consumer pov:

    1) Yes, a collection like this that summarizes the most relevant builds is useful, so thanks for the effort.

    2) Instead of re-building all these with no explanatory content, I'd rather have links to the best guides to said builds.

    I get that everyone likes to spread links with his name on them, but I don't really care who invented a build. I want the guide that explains mechanics, play style, interactions and item choices. And all of that preferrably in written form.

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    What's the point? Less Monks? It's coincidence that multiple endgame-viable specs are cumulated on one class.

    You'd only create an even worse gap between group and solo play.

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    Quote from Okakeri»

    Imo, while the difference shouldn't be no 10-15x faster in MP, it should be at, the VERY least, 5x faster to do MP then to do SP, for all things.
    So much stupid self-entitlement in this thread that has absolutely no basis or explanations. Theres a few wise posters, but most people are coming across as self-entitled pricks, of the same vein of people who live on welfare.

    Wow. Such self-ownage ;)

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    History recap:

    Vanilla D2 technically did have a lvl cap at 99, but only a very, very small amount of players put in the dedication, when all they got was redundant skill points and +5 to any stat. That was a good system because you could (almost) always improve a tiny little bit, but the difference between a lvl85 and a lvl99 was basically non-existent given that the 99 took like what, 20x(?) more play time.

    In D2 LoD exp progression was faster and many players reached the lvl cap of 99 and thus the point to complain about no more progress for sessions without an item upgrad.

    WoW was in between and introduced an easy to reach and mandatory lvl cap.

    Then D3V had its similar lvl cap and even more people complained about no progress for spending hours of gameplay, thus we got paragons. But even they were capped, so again yadda yadda..

    Fast forward to today, seasonal leaderboards are lacking because of the massive power difference that a plvl gap brings with it. Blizz technically has no choice but to either give it a hard cap (maybe restricted to GRs) or massively reduce the stat gains to get into a D2V situation, like giving 1 strength per 20 plvls past 800. Which would be a mix between a middle finger and avoiding complaints about "being done".

    Won't fix anything with a different xp distribution, sane people will always be hundreds of plvl behind the top.

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