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    Quote from Angzt

    That wasn't a change. It was just a confirmation of what the drop rates have always been.
    Whether these drop chances apply to Bosses is unknown, they might just apply to SuperUniques, as you mentioned yourself.

    Also, the odds of not getting a drop in 20 runs with a 14.9% drop chance are just under 4% [(1-0.149)^20]. Low, for sure, but not low enough to indicate a bug, it might really just be bad luck.
    ^ this.

    I'd say just wait it out until the new rates are in:http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10219142187?page=6#103
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    Quote from KoboldKlone

    I'm not complaining. Please don't interpret this as whining. I am currently running my lning barb (+40% ish lning dmg) through T1 bounties and absolutely killing it-until I get to Malthael. My current build/gear setup runs through other act bosses and elites, but the big bad angel of death stops me cold.

    Is there a baseline resall/healing you need to hit to do that fight? I'm only posting because the slide in difficulty from T1 Diablo to T1 Malthael seems super steep...
    No. Drop him down to hard and don't hit him, just watch him. Learn his attack patterns and work it from them. He only has one mostly unavoidable move, and it's also his least damaging one.

    Edit: After you've figured out his attack patterns, die to him intentionally, leave game and make new on higher difficulty.
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    I originally wrote this article for the popular Australian games site, Games.on.net - Since a recent change has caused the original to become irretrievable, and since the problem seems to be getting worse, I thought I would post it here. I hope this gets some constructive conversation going around the problem.

    Spam is one of those everyday occurrences in modern gaming, that most people are pretty much used to by now. No matter the game you’re playing, if it’s a persistent online world there will be someone trying to make a quick buck from you. The problem comes when you have a company who has an extraordinary amount of experience dealing with spammers, and yet do anything about it. And that, is what’s happening in Diablo III.

    The Problem

    It all started in Diablo II, twelve years ago. Item farmers got the idea to setup chat bots to promote their trades. Then came the gold and item sellers, who had built websites around the idea, and it snowballed from there. Despite the number of people complaining about this to Blizzard, their hands were tied - with only a skeleton staff and no regular money coming in from the game to fund development costs, nothing could be done.

    It took them until a patch about two years ago to implement a rudimentary block system into the game, that to this day frequently wipes itself when you leave. Spam bots still run rampant in the game, and third party programs designed to maintain a blocklist would frequently cause Blizzard to ban your account, despite helping you maintain a quiet peaceful online experience.

    And now Diablo III is upon us - and on the third day of its launch, the spamming began. It was a trickle at first, one or two bots that would post about once every 30 minutes, but quickly it got to the point where for every three lines of dialogue, chat bots would completely flood the window. Why is this happening? Well for one thing, Blizzard, bizarrely, has allowed guest accounts to chat.

    That’s not all they did, however. For some reason, they haven’t even included the URL blocking feature from their other massive online game, World of Warcraft. They also still don’t have a report option for goldsellers, instead relying on the generic ‘Spam’ tag that most people abuse to report others they simply disagree with.

    So how does Blizzard fix this? The answer is surprisingly simple.

    The Solution

    You might think an easy solution would be to simply stop guest accounts from using the chat service. While this would work, the solution would only be temporary at best. If a gold seller can make more money in the time it takes to get banned than the cost of the game itself, they’ll simply purchase keys over and over and over again.

    It also would not be incorrect to assume that the Real Money Auction House will curb many of the sales that go on, and make gold selling less profitable... except that there will still be groups of uneducated masses who do not even know the RMAH exists, and will likely continue to provide a regular customer base for gold sellers. This needs to be fixed now, before it gets completely out of hand.

    Step 1: Provide a report option specific to gold sellers, or advertisers, or whatever you want to call it. This is important! While a single person being an idiot and spamming random insults in general chat can be annoying, we can block him and know he won’t bother us anymore. We need a specific way to deal with the problem.

    Step 2: Initiate a group reporting system. Say four different people who aren’t on each other’s friend lists (and therefore can be assumed to not be working together) report someone for gold selling. This triggers an automatic muting and flagging of the reported person. Leave them muted until a Blizzard rep can look it over. Make sure that their account is muted, and their IP as well if possible.

    Since it’s a temporary mute, you’re unlikely to run across issues with other legitimate people using that IP, and if you do, it’s temporary for a reason.

    Step 3: This is the big one. See those URL’s people are posting? Setup a server side filter that prevents those messages from being displayed. Don’t mute the people saying them, and don’t inform them that the message hasn’t gone through. Every time a bot makes it to Step 2, find the unique wording in his message, add it to the filter. Make sure anybody hitting that filter more than once in an hour period is immediately flagged.

    This would help immensely, and pretty much make it financially impossible for gold selling bots to do business. A spam bot has put spaces in their website to fool the filter? Add it to the filter, and all of a sudden w w w. b u y m y g o l d . c o m will no longer work, and the people running the bot will be none the wiser. As far as the gold sellers will be aware, Diablo III must just not be a profitable market anymore, and they will move onto other games.

    The reality is that Blizzard has had 12 years of experience with spammers, five games, and a whole host of expansion packs to figure this out somewhere in the development cycle. It is disappointing that spam problems still continue to plague their latest title, despite the advances in protecting against it that they’ve demonstrated in their other games. For the good of the community and the health of the game, Blizzard needs to address this sooner rather than later.
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    Please add your voice to the poll up there ^^^^

    Firstly, I know, I'm a crazy person. I have rapid cycling BiPolar and am Manic right now, so I apologise if this seems... erratic (I like to think of myself as a slightly saner Mordin Solus when I'm like this, if you read this in his voice, I would approve):

    Early after launch, someone asked for a fourth search slot, and a blue responded that they were running out of UI space to add a fourth. I was looking at the search tab, and felt that the UI there could be improved. I've helped a few people with their games (I'm a games writer and journalist by trade), and so gotten along with a lot of devs and artists, all of which have explained to me the use of keeping things 'tidy' and to make sure that everything matches to the best of ability.

    I'll just show you the picture, easier that way:

    Now the picture on the left is Blizzards current setup. As you can see the gaps between fields are all over the place in size, there is barely any standardisation between them. This allows me to add an additional field for searching, while almost maintaining the same 'free space'

    Interestingly, I would also edit the individual search fields. I would move the red box down 1 pixel, then shorten the box entirely by 1 pixel, so that way both top and bottom of the search field match (See purple, 7px/6px). It looks like there is a pixel of space extra there for that button, so shouldn't be hard. That would actually give them MORE space.

    They could also instead of making it 15/5 make it 20/5, but that would run them into a space defecit of 7 pixels. these pixels could be taken from the very top and bottom if required, since these need less space, and the difference would be barely perceptable. With the additional search box and search box tweaks it's an 1 pixel space increase, even at 20/5.

    To give you a rough look at how the two search tabs would look side by side.... (left side is nicer looking due to double save on right side)

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    Quote from SaikoDrakie

    Quote from BaneAu

    Still loving this, and spreading the word as much as I can.

    I am in love with the fact that this tool allowed me to get to 4million EHP for less than 2mil gold!

    Anyway, I was wondering if in the Item compare tab there could be a button called 'equip new item' that will (after a confirmation popup) remove the stats of the old item and put on the new one? I don't know if this would be hard on your end, but having to re edit my sheet everytime I grab an upgrade is irritating to say the least! :)

    Thanks, and it's on the issues list atm, I also already made it but then removed it because there were a lot of complications with it, I'm planning to give it another go though :D

    Great to hear!

    Also, rather than ads - why not add a 'buy a beer' or donation button. I daresay this will help a LOT of people slaughter inferno, and I imagine donations from those you've helped will MORE than outweigh advertising space (and be less annoying to end users to boot)
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