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    So here is the object of my quest to post a thread in this forum. All of the threads on this forum are truly ancient. A new mod for Diablo has sprung up, named Belzebub. It is commonly known as the Diablo 1 HD mod. The amount of work that has gone in to it is completely insane. The side quests bring a ton of characters and monsters and items from Diablo II in to the game. It's HD. Did I mention that it's HD?? You have a private Chest with -50- tabs to store stuff, and a chest shared between your characters with 10 tabs. Monsters regenerate after you close the game.. which means that items on the ground disappear. There's an entirely new difficulty level. The list goes on and on and on..

    It truly is jaw dropping.

    The author has actually stopped work on it, and has started a project code named Tchernobog on the same website. It is going to be a multi-player version of the same game. There is actually a playable version already.

    Diablo 1 itself (and Hellfire) has been relegated to abandonware. Like this archaic forum, you may find it for sale somewhere in the bargain bin of some gamer shop that has the battle chest for sale.. but it does not run on modern systems. Blizzard has made no attempt to update it, they haven't included it in their downloadable software.. so it's abandoned. It is commonly available on the Abandonware websites in a package that WILL run on modern computers. I don't want to include a link, just in case this forum has a rule against that, but you can search out the abandonware websites yourselves quite easily. I mention this because you will need a running copy of Diablo 1 to install the Belzebub mod on top of. ;)

    Battle.net is all but abandoned for Diablo 1, so you're not missing anything by using the abandonware version of Diablo 1. I actually have a few key codes for Diablo 1, and I can promise that the headache of getting it running on a modern computer isn't worth the effort to get online. HINT: Start by setting up a Windows XP or Win98 desktop in VMware.

    Anyone who -EVER- enjoyed Diablo 1 back in the day, or any kiddos who want to see what their parents are talking about.. should DEFINITELY check this out!! Let us all know what you think of it below!

    ..that is, if you can even get logged on, in this rabbit hole forum. ;)

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    So, I fell in to this rabbit hole from the Diablo wiki. I had no idea that there even WAS a Diablo 1 forum here. Who is the &#%$tard who stuck a Diablo 1 forum under Diablo 3 Miscellaneous??? After I spent an hour or so trying to perform a Diablofan / Twitch account merger (which doesn't work if your Twitch login is connected to your Facebook), It took me almost another hour to find this little bitty forum again!!

    Is this whole DiabloFan forum something like Curses red headed step-child? Cause it's a mess. It's almost like they don't WANT people to use it.


    [/rant off]

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