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    Hello! I currently have and am using an ancient The Slanderer. The primary stats are 1473-1812 Holy Dmg, 901 Str, 5% AS, 24% AD (enchanted), and a socket (Ramaladni's Gift.) I have recently found a shiny new primal version, but the stats are different. The primary stats are 1729-2332 Fire Dmg, 1000 Str, 1000 Vit, 7% AS (enchanted but can be AD), and a socket (Ramaladni's Gift.) I realize the Vit is not a completely "wasted" stat, since is about a 4mil boost to my sheet toughness, but I would rather have it AD or AS.

    Of course, I like the look of the shiny primal, but I am not sure which one too choose. I sim'ed both and have found that the primal is a lot better for the rg but not as good for mobs, which seems to be a smaller portion. My AD with the ancient is 148%, and the AD with the primal is 123%. So, which one should I choose? And, if I should choose the primal, should I go with AS or AD?

    Oh, I am a HotA barb, 6pc IK, Furious Charge, Battle Rage, War Cry, Ancients, and Wrath.

    Thank you! -Grenich

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