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    posted a message on +1 for season 18 SC EU


    as topic says, we are looking for last player in our group. See req below.


    + solo gr minimum 105 ( on any season)

    + active atleast 1-3 weeks with the group (hopefully more)

    + Discord

    + Eng ( Scandinavian is a big plus)

    We dont know what setup we will be playing yet, but we will figure it out together.

    comment below or sens a PM :)

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 S16 SC need +2 [ EU ]

    Need 2 more players for new season 16.

    We rather have u play Monk and Barb, but if u wanna go something else its also fine.

    We will push hard first week so be active and experienced player :)

    pm here or add Nesta1337 #2115

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