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    I have been looking into it as well. There are pretty much 3 options I can see for high level speed runs. Since I plan on only playing Wizard on Season 14, I will try to have a build and groups for all of the 3 scenarios

    Modified Rat run: Rat runs are entirely possible with Globe Barb, Rat Necro, zNecro and any single other class. In most cases the 3rd class does not have to really do much and you can still have relatively speedy results. In Case of wizard, there is a variation of a rat run where one Rat necro gets replaced by zWizard and the other rat necro stacks some area damage (maybe to 100-110 total AD including paragon). Problem with this is that this combo is way harder to play than standard Rat composition as zWiz needs to dance around and outside of the zNecro’s land of the dead area while grouping mobs with twister pixel pull just before zNecro freezes them in pile, all while also putting up bubbles and blackholing boss affixes with Event Horizon rune. Most used zWiz build for it is in the link.

    Mixed DPS group: This is usually something like mix of high dps classes and builds like Condemn Crusaders, Wave of Light Monks, Meteor Shower/FO Wizard etc. Common theme is that there is some way to group monsters to enable AD to help killing large packs

    Modified Meta runs: Wizard here is almost always more dps than defense oriented Star Pack Wizard along with zBarb and zMonk. 4th class would be either RGK Necro or another high DPS with added utility. Have done this with Crusader as 4th using wings of Angels to make sure group never gets stuck. There is also a change of using Frozen Orb build for this one, but I do not have much experience on that one. If there is no Necro RGK, killing the RG will take long time. These are usually GR110+

    I would love to work with wizard community on perfecting all 3 scenarios and getting feedback and ideas on this.

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