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    Hello everyone!

    First post here.

    Below is a link to my DH build. I have recently put in a bit of effort to get him a bit stronger, but am definitely hitting a wall. I feel like my low number of ancient legendaries is holding me back. Are there any tips anyone might have to try and get my character stronger? He seems pretty balanced defensively/ offensively speaking. Are there any better skills I might try, and can someone advise the quickest way to roll ancient legendaries, specifically for my rings and offhand natalya's? I've been farming GR to no avail (not for the pieces I need anyways).

    I have 5 pieces natalya (6 set bonus with ring of grandeur), 2 marauders, use RoV, Vengenance, and companian (cloak of garwulf). I feel like this allows me to take a lot of damage and still put a lot of damage out. I have 1.4m Damage, 62.1m toughness/armor, and 20.2m health (the first aid symbol stat). More can be seen in my build.

    I play on PS4 by the way. I would appreciate any advice.


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