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    Enygma Clan Recruiting

    Enygma Clan are recruiting active players towards the end of season 13 looking forward to season 14 and even non seasonal if that floats ya boat.

    We currently run our clan via discord because it has proven the best way for our clan to communicate, including finding group play or general clan things.finding friends and learn or just cruise about chatting to people from WoW to Diablo to all other games.

    if you want to find out more click the link to our website it has all the info. https://enygmagaming.com/

    join up to our discord and see what we are about. Lots of active players across the season, high GR pushing across all classes and also Meta groups.

    look into the membership request section and we will take a look and your profile. :D

    Straw Hat - Enygma diablo officer

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