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    Hi there.
    Long term fan and player of diablo (one of my first games post-PS1)

    I have made this account to ask for help in locating a sound file.

    I have d2sfx.mpq open infront of me as I type. I am searching for the sound clip of the Town Portal being opened.
    There is over 2000 sound effects and they are numbered, so, after searching through maybe 300 with no luck, i thought i might try my chances here.

    Does anyone happen to know which sound clip i am looking for? perhaps a better way of searching them? can anyone access the game code and see what sound file plays when the portal is opened? a link to a download would be superb.

    I Will have that sound as my message alert! (current ring tone is @stay a while and listen@ on repeat)

    Also, the gem/ring drop sound and the horadric cube sound are on my list if anyone has access.

    Thank you for reading!

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