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    Working on my own little build. This is how I've played my necro everytime I've made the jump from rat to pest. This season I'm going to try to really push farther and try a little harder. Would love to push really high with something a little off meta. I'm Wondering if attack speed affects how fast I can summon mages. Say if i max AS will I summon more mages per minute? I know it doesnt affect the mages AS but that doesnt matter because they are just consumed for corpses.

    My build basically works like a pestilence corpse build but I trade out blood rush for skeletal mage with gift of death and the ring that summons two.

    This is what I'm using to push right now. I hate the idea of elite sniping and doing nothing while waiting on cooldowns. Curious to see how far I can go. Still have a long way to go as far as optimizing gear. As of right now I have a couple of ancient pieces and one primal. One small augment on my weapon and I can solo gr80. Still trying to figure out the squishiness... I'm basically spamming mages and devour constantly. It seems, but I'm not 100% positive, that the rune for corpse lance also aplies to lances shot by pest 2 piece and devour combo (can someone confirm or deny). If it does work then a trag with 2 piece pest hybrid is something I may try to work out also sometime for less squishyness.


    Copse lance: brittle

    Skeletal mage: gift of death

    Decrepify: borrowed time

    Devour: ruthless

    Simulacrum: reservoir

    LoD: frozen lands


    Blood is power

    Spreading malediction

    Overwhelming essence

    Stand Alone


    6-piece pest set

    Trag fang and lost time

    Dayntees binding

    Nemesis bracers

    Travellers pledge and compass rose

    Krysbins sentence



    Corpsewhisper pauldrons

    Circle of nalujis evol (for double mages/corpses)


    Bane of the trapped

    Wilderbeast gizzard

    Zais stone of vengence


    Basically spamming mages and devour. Mages are devoured and in turn corpses consumed and lances fired. Essence stays near maxed at all times thanks to the ruthless rune. Also keeping decrepify on as mush trash as possible with the obvious goal of 100% uptime. And the obvious omniptence of simulacrum/LoD combo for elites and RGs. I'll also focus target with corpse lance but only to about 50% essence and then let it refill to 100% using devour: ruthless. I will use the sim/LoD combo to slear lots of trash if its on cool down and i find an elite pack or pylon I'll keep clearing trash till they are off CD. Sometime I will have to fight a pack while its on cd but pylons I always wait for the CD.

    Speed farming changes:


    CL: ricochet instead of brittle

    Blood rush: metabolism instead of decrepit

    Fueled by death instead of Spreading Malediction


    Steuart's greaves instead of CW pauldrons

    Spam devour and mages and keep the greaves proc'd with blood rush. Haul ass, roll face.

    zNecro? (Untested but pops a shit to of globes and does good damage)

    Devour: satiated

    Life is death instead of spreading malediction

    Reapers wraps unless you need nemesis but then you'd need the ruthless rune back on devour.

    Any advice or tips or thoughts are welcomed and appreciated, by all means let me know what you think but lets keep it classy. I work 40+ hours a week and dont have the time to really dedicate and number crunch like some do. Thanks in advance.

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