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    I think it's fair to say that one of the greatest issues with Diablo 3: RoS is the ease to which players find massive amounts of legendary loot, that 99% of is salvaged and used as coins to feed Kanai's Cube. The loot grind, in too many ways, has become the pursuit of Death's Breath and bounty materials to spend at the casino back in town.

    In the second video of my Diablo 4 theorycrafting series, I explore how crafting and the materials needed, can help you earn the loot you are seeking, rather than gambling for it.

    I would love to hear the community feedback on these ideas and excited to share the third video in the series, War Effort, on Thursday, October 31st of 2019 - one day before the world discovers what's next for the world of Sanctuary and this franchise at Blizzcon 2019.


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    I mean, what in the ACTUAL F$$K is this supposed to be? I understand the skills, however you start the rift and two seconds into it there are ranged monsters that one-shot kill you. I will never find it "challenging" or impressive that a developer or person in charge of a game would purposely setup a system where you are supposed to "feel accomplishment" at how well you can avoid the content of the game.

    This. Is. Ridiculous.

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    You can tell Wyatt is nervous because he knows he is in a room filled with very unhappy fans of a franchise that just got a giant middle finger from the developer.

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