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    posted a message on D4 is just D3 reskinned. Cmon.

    My initial reaction was same as OP. I was looking forward to something a little more new and courageous with the gameplay...theyre playing it safe and sticking with the same basic formula. Fine.

    i like the open world idea as a fun factor - but at what cost to the immersion and story. D1 was intense because it was you, alone (or 1 to 2 max) descending into hell. Hows the story line going to play with 100 heroes running around - will they ignore it or will the world set that context? The trailor gave me home for a good story again, I just hope the gameplay can hold up even tho its unoriginal.

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    posted a message on Diablo Immortal

    I have no issues with mobile if it was done right or brought something unique to the table from D3.

    It is a massive letdown they aren’t even attempting to do new classes. Thats always half the excitement of a new Diablo. D3 did a terrible job bringing enough new innovation to the classes. And now this game can’t even rehash Assassin or Druid at the least? This is why this looks like a sad money grab to me. We have all the assets, lets rehash them in mobile to reach a new audience which requires minimal investment and high profit upside.

    The only thing that could save them is to do some kind of new skill advancement system like D2 had with permanent choices. Right now, this looks only like a D3 expansion on mobile, which is bad.

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