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    I have just got back on to diablo today and before i started a new character i did the challenge rift. I noticed immediately the loading time for me to appear in the challenge rift area was longer than usual. then as i started the rift, the game was freezing then very jittery and slow especially when i came across big groups of mobs, then it would settle down but for most of the rift it was slow. My latency isn't the issue as ive checked this and its in the 40's most of the time. I started a new character and decided to get the cube first so teleported to the ruins of secheron, but the loading time took between 15-30 seconds for me to appear on the map. once i finished it i teleported back to town and again it took 20-30 seconds. Usually it takes me 1-2 seconds if not less. So there is definitely something wrong here. Also to note, i do have a VPN through AVG which was enabled at the time of the challenge rift, so i turned it off and restarted my pc and the internet and had VPN off but still i have these issues.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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