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    posted a message on Primal Anchient droprates?

    Anyone have any new info on primal ancient droprates on season 18?

    I´m rocking my SSF softcore wizzy at 1150+ para and I only had 2 primal drops (with the lvl 70 bonus clear of course) this season. I´ve been doing hundreds of speed gr´s (85 - 100) and of course rifts and bounties. Based on my forgotten soul count and some guestimation I must have had at least around 10K legendary drops already. So this would translate to 0,0002% drop rate. I believe even the vanilla version of the game wasn´t this harsh.

    Pls confirm if I´m just brutally unlucky or has something changed, or am I missing something. Hate to see ppl rocking their perfect primal gear while I´m looking at my glorious Primal Neanderthal, wondering if I could somehow work it in to my build ;).

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