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    Hi. I agree with most of the diablo fans. The MMO part of the game and people getting around it is not what I was expecting. Word bosses can be something fun but on a diablo game? I like my Diablo single player, maybe a party from time to time but that is something that I control.

    I mine option D4 is the start of the Diablo MMO, something like GW2. It is a new way for expressions, cosmetics, mount, etc. to be sold. Will see, but one think I do really hope that does not influence in way, form or shape is the fact I need to group/party do be able to do/get everything the game has to offer, especially PVP. I really hate to be force to PVP, to have zones that you need to go to to get mats, gear or other thinks and be gank, etc. If the game force me to do that, I think I will skip this version.

    Only time will tell what the game will became. From the interviews to the dev’s is a long way to be out. Next year it is only plan to have 4 updates from the dev team, so we have much to wait until the final product

    Best, Club.

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