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    Cant agree enough with OP.

    Bring back D1 & D2 mechanics and remove D3 combat system.

    Let players build & cutomize characters, dont let D4 take away your choices.

    Fix the damn itemization and ressource management, dont copy that fail Character build from D3 affixes.

    Im posting here now cos it seems Blizzard still stays with childish policy, my account go silenced for one day on D3 forum for posting in suggestions saying D2 potion cooldown system works in D2 with hit recovery "you cant do shit when you are stunlocked" and saying that "its retarded that you cant get attacked when getting knocked back (stuned) in D3" and mods changed them sentences to "you cant do anything" and "its ridicolous that you cant get attacked when getting knocked back (stuned) in D" lmao.

    D3 forums has TONS of fanboys (and trolls) sticking to the new style of D3 with WoW elements, most of them claiming D2 is garbage and wanting cooldown for spells.

    If Blizzard re-does D3 on D4 i think i will not be the only player moving on to POE 2.0

    I have no hopes for Blizzard if they keep doing this kind of stuff lol, like its terrible im not the only one who got silenced.

    They ask the community for feedback and this is what you get.

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