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    From what we have seen, and they told us: Quest areas in your campaign will be in your own instance. So, you will not encounter anyone there (in the open world). City’s / quest hubs / events will have many players for trading and gathering for quests / dungeons. PVP will be in different areas on the map. I bet they create the map in a way, that you can play hardcore without ever getting near the PVP zones or you can complete disable it. Guys its Blizzard...

    From what they showed us / told us... over 100 dungeons? All dungeons are 100% YOUR instance! How many dungeons were at the BlizzCon demo? 2-3? How big is the map? Right, you will use the OpenWorld just to get from hub to hub / dungeon / PVP zone / Public Event. That’s it! There are monsters... but you don’t care, trust me. If there are Quests... take Destiny / Destiny 2 as an example. You play Quests and so on complete solo / matchmaking with others if you want. If you are done with quests, the planet is an "open world". If you need to farm thinks... you go in a dungeon because you know there are tons of monsters of a type that you need / need stuff that drops there. You won’t farm on the open world just like that. Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 could work like quest instances. Even when you are in the open world, if you enter a lost sector, you are on your own and no one can join you except party members... Compare the core concept from D4 with Destiny 2 and there are so many similar things! That is what blizzard does, copy the best together and create a new game

    The way they want to go with the game is MMO like but still a hack and slay. I think Destiny 2 is a great example, they compared MMO with a shooter. This is new in a way. You can hate that or love that. I can say that I play lots of Destiny 2 and just played Lost Ark and both are really good, and I had a lot of fun! Both games compared with its strengths with a bit of D2 and D3 and Path of Exile... what I think they are right now actually doing... has a great potential.

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    posted a message on D4 is just D3 reskinned. Cmon.

    I just created an account to get in this conversation... dude... from what I read here... you realy did not gather information and just watched a gif file from gameplay and complains...

    You even created a profilepic with Lillith and write such stupid information... Ohh Sometimes I hate the internet...

    How can you call this a reskin? Befor you write something like this... plz gather more information and don´t just write something like this... Typical Trump voter post!

    100% NOT a reskin and the gameplay is far away from D3, even from videos you see how mutch impact skills have... not even near comparable with D3, you are not running arround and everything dies and tons of items drop... Even how they tried to change the unique items, not a single % dmg unique,... just watch some blizzcon gameplay or go to "gameinformer" and watch all the d4 gameplay... USE THE INTERNET NOT JUST FOR STUPID POST AND GAMING... i mean Google is your freaking startingpage I guess *facepalm*

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