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    Hi gang, long time lurker here. Just got back into d3 hard and my old clan was dead. would like to remake. we used to have a very popular one but members just leave or perma afk. here is the clan information


    Welcome to Boy Tips. The best tips you can get come from your boys. Like, "dude don't you think she is a bit too big." or "if you pee beside the water you won't wake up your wife at 3 am when you're grinding."

    Please feel free to submit an application. We are recruiting all new members and would like to grow our community.

    Boy Tips main focus will be seasonal SC. Pushing greater rifts, getting geared out. Anything we can get done in this vapid game.


    just a fun group of guys. add me or submit an app on the clan finder. DrugMonsters#1754

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