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    Hey Folks,

    I started this clan for one purpose and it's simply to have active D3 PC players all year round. Weather you are new or a vet we accept all applicants..however we do have a requirement of 1200+ Paragons in order to join the clan but we do make exception to players invited through another member.

    We don't tolerate racism. We don't keep players inactive for more than 30days.

    We do accept positive attitude, members respecting members & people who love to help others members with lower GR or PLVL.

    We do have active players who wants to get on the leaderboard & we also have players who play D3 just for fun.

    Whatever personality you are DUFF welcomes you!

    How To Find Us?
    1: Simply searching our clan name "DUFF" in the search engine
    2: You can PM me (ProSinKP#1274) and I can invite you into our clan
    3: Post below with your ID and I can invite you to the clan.

    Happy Slaying.

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