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    Please see this thread: UPDATED RULES

    There has been a recent call from the staff of the site to further clarify some of the more ambiguous rules and review some of the ones we may be missing / may not need. The rules have now been updated. Please review them to ensure that you have all the latest information.

    If you do not read the rules and commit an infraction, it is entirely your own fault. (So read 'em! It'll only take a few minutes!) :thumbsup:
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    Today we say "Congratulations" to our four new resident Moderators; Equinox, LinkX, Magistrate, and Murderface!

    (Hold for applause)

    These new promotions come in the light of a recent drop in moderator activity that we have been noticing around the site. These four individuals have stood out as particularly good candidates to us for various reasons - which we shant go into now - to supplement those Mods who have become less active and provide some new fresh faces to the team.

    I'd like you to give all of them the respect they have earned and allow them a little time to get used to their new responsibilities and tools. Please understand that it may take a little while for all of them to become totally accustomed to this new status and that, just like with any new job, they will need all the support they can get.

    So, once more, let's give a hand to our new Moderators! :D

    - Jetrall

    Expect to be seeing these avatars under Blue Names from now on. ;)
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    Please read the updated rules HERE.

    The majority of updates to the rules were in form only, not in function. We have updated the look and feel of the rules so that they are easier to read and look less like a wall of text. Please review the changes so that you can be fully aware of what the rules are and so you can follow them.

    Some rules have been tweaked, others have been added (or removed). One of the main additions to the rules has been a standardized Signature Size Limit. This is very important. Everyone (including the staff) must cut down their signature sizes to within this limit within two weeks - or they risk signature removal.

    Thank you for your continued cooperation and contributions,
    The DiabloFans Staff
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    Well, it's been quite some time now since the hubub of the big annoucement, and at last things have settled down to a level where myself and the other mods feel that the risk of server strain is worth returning Avatars to everyone.

    As of this moment, all avatar privileges are restored. There is a maximum width and height of 150x150 pixels. For now, only staff members can upload animated avatars (to help ease server strain), but this may change in the coming weeks and/or months.

    A WORD OF CAUTION: Do not abuse these privileges. This is a strictly "abuse 'em and lose 'em" situation. Should there be a rampant mistreatment of the avatar system (pornographic or insulting avatars, etc) then they will all be removed once more. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

    Enjoy, everyone! :D
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